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It started as a rather stupid teaser on the Fanfiction Mailing List, which snowballed in a spectacular fashion. What if some of the Ranma cast went onto the world of the Wheel Of Time? This story was inspired by John Walter Biles' "Parallel Lives".

For those who don't know, The Wheel Of Time is a series created by Robert Jordan. Read it at any cost! It's a very deep fantasy series that I [Louis-Philippe Giroux] frankly find very difficult to describe in a short paragraph. If I [Louis-Philippe Giroux] remember good links to WoT pages (there's always the Tor site), I'll [Louis-Philippe Giroux'll] put them here and you can find out about the series by yourself.

The ideal way to find out about the universe of the Wheel Of Time is still to simply read it, though. There are eight books so far, and it's still going strong.

1 - The Eye of the World

4 - The Shadow Rising

7 - A Crown Of Swords

2 - The Great Hunt

5 - The Fires Of Heaven

8 - The Path Of Daggers

3 - The Dragon Reborn

6 - The Lord Of Chaos

9 - Winter's Heart

The Story

Differing Powers 1 (Revised on June 17th, 2000) - 145 K

Differing Powers 2 (Revised on June 18th, 2000) - 186 K

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