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[Ranma][Fist of the North Star] "Star of War"
By: Dragonlord
Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5 A     Part 5 B     Part 6 Coming...
Summary: Using an Amazon magical artifact, Mousse, Ryouga, and Tatewaki banish Ranma, where he is rebirth as a five year old on the world of Fist of the North Star.
Back in Nerima, there's an evil that the Musk Dyntasty had been guarding that's now lose upon the World...

[RS][Ranma] "Valheru's Legacy"
By: Dragonlord
Summary: Ranma found himself deeply involved in the Rift Wars, now the Rift War is over...

[Sailor Moon][Highlander][Ranma][Others] "Eternity"
By: Dragonlord
Summary: The Gathering is near...

[Ranma][X-Men: Evolution] "Evolution"
By: Dragonlord
Part 1
Part 2 Dragonlord: "dedicated to Yanslana.
She helped me a lot with it but I was so rushed to finish it that I forgot to name her and publically say that it was dedicated to her for her great help.
Summary: A Ranma/X-Men crossover...

[Harry Potter][Sword of Truth] "Seekers"
By: Dragonlord
Summary: While in the Temple of Winds, Richard Rahl looks on to the World of Harry Potter...

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