Crossover Fan-Fictions

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

[Wheel of Time][Ranma]"Differing Powers" by Louis-Philippe Giroux
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[Wheel of Time][Various][SpamFic]"A Sneeze Is No Bar To My Call" by Louis-Philippe Giroux

[Wheel of Time][Ranma][Hakkenden]"Dogs of the Saotome" by Chess Combites

[Wheel of Time][Ranma]"Forsaken" Prologue by Jonathan C Tsoi

[Wheel of Time][Ranma]"Pegasus Cycle [Site]" by Strider Richards
Steepened in the darkness,
Lives a being of the Light.
And when the Dragon rears his head,
The Winged Horse shall Fight
Upon the rocky mountain-tops,
To Gaze across the sea.
Awaiting for the Dragon,
The Winged Horse runs Free.
Wild and Free he lives to fight,
With Chaos in his mane.
In the Dragon's darkest hour,
The Stone-Heart shall he tame.
  - Prophecy of the Pegasus,
    Lost page of the Karaetheon Cycle.

[Wheel of Time][Ranma]"My Baka Gaidin"  by Kukuru
From the Author's Site:
The Weel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, and Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose and a hand pucks the pattern. Chaos and distruction rages the land and one young Martial Artist weaves into the great pattern with another wondering soul.

[Wheel of Time][Ranma]"Parallel Lives" by Ranma Al'Thor
From Ranchan Totally Crossed Out: "This time after Ranma is rescued from the Wheel of Time universe the Nerima gang accidently leaves poor Akane's male form behind on accident!! If that wasn't bad enough both Ranma and Ukyou go to rescue Akane by sepreating their cursed forms! See Ranma as an Aes Sedai, Ukyou as her warder, and Akane as the savior of the world!!? One of the most detailed and in character crossovers ever to be written."

[Wheel of Time][Slayers][SpamFic]     "Serpent" by Richard Beaubien       Complete
Rand Al'Thor goes in search of the "Serpent".

[Wheel of Time][Ranma]"Ta'averen One Half, Tales of the Ronin" by Jeremy 'Loki' Blackman

[Wheel of Time][Ranma]"Tapestries" by Jeffrey Vasquez

"Untitled" by Jonathan C Tsoi

[Wheel of Time][Ranma]"Weaves of the Dragons" by Arthur Hansen No Email Address Found
What happens when Ranma and Akane are thrown into the Wheel of Time, ending up in a time far from their own.? A serious adventure. Continuation/Crossover.
[Wheel of Time][Ranma][Fist of the North Star]"The Dragon Is Reborn"
by Zsych
Author Summary: During Hawkwing's time, Ranma came to Randland. And things changed... Primarily a Wheel of Time story.