Computer Languages Levels

Number Language Comments
Level 1 Hard-coded Program (Microcode) Machine's Switches are PHYSICAL SET to Positions that when energized produce a series of encoded tasks to preform.
Level 2 Assembly Language Computer's Manual on Operations.
Level 3 Operating System ("OS") low-level software which handles the interface to peripheral hardware, schedules tasks, allocates storage, and presents a default interface to the user when no application program is running.
Level 4 Cybernetic-Human Interaction Language ("CIL-#") Very low-level human/computer language used by Netgliders to construct archetypes for use in CIM.
Level 5 Cybernetic-Human Interaction Medium ("CIM") or Cyber-space Majority of Netgliders operate at this level.
Note: Some expert Netgliders, who can think in binary, can operate at Level 2. Other experts can operate on Levels 3 and 4.
Level 6 Low-Level Computer Languages Lettered-Named Languages
Example: "C" Computer Language, Pascal, Fortran
Level 7 Medium-Level Language Example: COBOL
Level 8 High-Level Language Example: QBasic
Level 9 Layperson Interaction System -- Audio ("LISA") Vocal command terms only used with Vocal Response Computers ("VRC") like a Vocal Diary or Vocal Dictionary.

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