Index Number Being(s) (Source/Credit)
100 G-d/Creator of All
First World
First World is where the Creator stands alone. No other can enter this world.
Second World
Second World deals with the Creation as a whole. Creation as a whole is refer to as the Cosmos.
96 Primal Ones
[Air (f), Earth (f), Fire (f), Water (f), Space (m), Spirit (m), Time(m)] (Adventures of Zaxxon)
Highlords of Atlantis (Adventures of Zaxxon)
Third World
Third World deals with the Division of the Omni-verses.
Note: There is little to some interactions between Major Omniverses.
Note: This types of beings are builders and shapers. They are the construction workers that the Creator has set up.
58 Lords Of Order/ Lords of Chaos (DC Comics)
55 Lord of Nightmares (aka Dark Golden Lord) (Slayers)
Bhelliom (Ellenium by David Endings)
"The Source" (DC Comics)
"Nameless One" (Marvel Comics)
Fourth World
Fourth World deals with the Major Division of the Multiverses into Universes.
Note: There is some to mild interactions between Major Universes.
Note: These type of beings serve as Judges and Guardians for their realms as a whole.
48 Living Tribunal (Marvel Comics)
45 Eternity (Marvel Comics)
Infinity (Marvel Comics)
Fifth World
Fifth World deals with the Universes as a whole.
Note: There is mild to large interactions between Major Universes.
28 Master Order and Lord Chaos (Marvel Comics)
Phoenix Force (Marvel Comics)
26 The New Gods (DC Comics)
Asgardians (Marvel Comic)
Godling/Goddess (Mythology/Ah! Megami-sama)
23 Dragongod Shen Lon (Dragonball)
Ki Dragon (AZH)
Sixth World
Sixth World deals with the Universes as a parts.
Note: There is large interactions between systems.
10 Lorien (Babylon 5)
Galactus (Marvel Comics)
"Q" (Star Trek: Next Generation)
08 Shadows (Babylon 5)
Vorlons (Babylon 5)
Guardians of the Universe (DC Comics)
07 Ascended (Stargate: SG-1)
Ironheart (Babylon 5)
05 Para-Normals/Meta-Humans
04 Humans
03 Monkeys, Dog, Cats, etc
02 Multi-Cell Organisms
01 Single-Cell Organisms
00 Non-Living

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