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Power Cosmic --+-- Force Mystic
Life Force --+-- One Power
Electromagnetic --+-- Other Planar


Force Mystic Opposes Power Cosmic
(Cosmic Beings, Marvel Comics)

Life Force Opposes One Power
(Jedis, George Lucas)
(Aes Sedai, Robert Jordan)

Electromagnetic Opposes Other Planar
(X-Rays To Long Waves)
(Hyperspace & Subspace, Star Trek)

Power Cosmic (Marvel Comics)
Level Example
1. Planetary Silver Surfer
2. System Watcher
3. Galactic Galactus
4. Universe Master Order and Lord Chaos
5. Multiverse Phoenix Force
6. Omniverse Living Tribunal, Eternity

Note: Numbers Represents Levels of Power, Least To Greater Letters Represents Simple Subdivisions

One Power
Earth (Considered a Male Power)
Air (Considered a Female Power)
Water (Considered a Female Power)
Fire (Considered a Male Power)
Spirit (Considered a Neutral Power)
Note: Abilities To Use The One Power For Specific Task Are Called TALENTS.

Some Talents Are ...

In elemental terms


Note: Numbers Represents Levels of Power, Least To Greater Letters Represents Simple Subdivisions

EM Spectrum
i.e. X-Rays Through Long Waves

Other Planar
A) Hyperspace Spectrum
  • Warp Fields, Phasers
    b) Subspace Spectrum
  • Subspace Radio, Transporters

    Note: Numbers Represents Levels of Power, Least To Greater Letters Represents Simple Subdivisions

    Life Force
    • Individual Gifts
      1. Heraldic
        • Mindspeech
          • Thoughtsensing
          • Thoughtsending
        • Empath
          • Emotionsensing
          • Emotionsending
        • Fetching
          • Fetching (Telekinesis)
          • Firestarting
        • Sight
          • Forsight (See Into Future)
          • Farsight (See Far Away)
        • Mage
          • Personal Energy
          • Node Energy
      2. Bard
        • Creative (Make a Song)
        • Singing (Make the Voice Felt)
        • Music (Make the Music Felt)
      3. Healer
        • Body
        • Mind
        • Soul
      4. Wild Talent
        • Mixture
        • Unknown
  • Planetary (Apprentice)
  • System (Knight)
  • Galactic (Master)
  • Universe (Adapt)
  • Cosmos (Elder)

    Force Mystic
    aka Magic
    Class Source
    Focus Power
    Witch External External
    Magician External Internal
    Wizard Internal External
    Sorcerer Internal Internal
    Note: The Term "Mage" Can Be Used From Any Magic-User Above Apprentice Regardless of Class

    Note: Any Higher Leveled Mage Can Use Any Lower Mage Stuff.

    Other Being: God/goddess, Demons, Dragons, Elves, Elementals

    Note: Other Beings who do not fall into the listings above are separated due to their powers is from their nature to draw on The Force Mystic of Another Plane rather than manipulation.

    Note: Magic-Users are divided into Four Groups
    1. Blood Path -- Using Power of Death/Life
    2. Clerical Path -- Using a Godlings or Demon's Power
    3. Low Magic -- Using Localized Magic
    4. High Magic -- Using Non-localized Magic
    Note: User MUST HAVE the Mage-Gene To Be Able To Work Magic of any Level. Powerful Demons and Powerful God/ Goddess can give individuals a median to work their(Demons And/Or God/Goddess) Magic. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Mage Examples:
    • Witch -- Uses Food To Get Demons Help
    • Magician -- Milamber (Raymond E. Feist, Magician: Master)
    • Wizard -- Dr. Strange (Marvel Comics)
    • Sorcerer -- Belgarion (David Eddings, The Belgariad)
    • Priest -- Power From Godlings
    • Dragons -- Shapechangers (Mercedes Lackey, Elvenbane)
    • Elemental -- Apart of Nature; From Inside
    • God/ Goddess, Demons -- Apart of Nature; From Inside
    • Elves -- Weaving of Nature

    Spells Examples:
    • Internal Power (Magic-User Spells)
      • Helps Internal Focus, Mental Picturing
      • A Concentration Device
      Original Dr. Fate (Lord Of Order)...
      "By The Power of Order, I Cast Thee Out"
    • External Power (Magic-User Spells)
      • Calling Upon Some Power
        1. Source;
        2. Direction;
        3. Action;
        4. Reason,(Optional)
        • 1. By Nature's Hand, By Craft, By Art,
          2. What Once Was One,
          3. Now Fly Apart.

        • 1. Three Suns Align,
          2. Call Forth Their Light,
          3. Fill The Archer's Bow With Might.

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