Excerpts of the Book of Galactica

[Translator's Notes:  Any comments necessary for better understanding will be
placed within braces like this.  Words and names that are important to
understanding will not be translated but they will be followed by comments to
explain their closest meaning.  In order to standardize this work the
following symbolism shall be used:  words between the forward slash '/' are to
be considered to be in italics, words between asterisks '*' are to viewed as
boldface, and words between underscore '_' are to be understood as underlined.]


     It is said that the Book of Galactica is a book of both Hope and Spirit.
There are many legends to when the Book of Galactica was first written.
Experts in the Field have various opinions:  the first is that the Book of
Galactica was written by the Creator at the same time as the Other Books of
Human History were written, others suggest that the Book was started with the
Birth of the Galactica, herself, yet others claim that it began with the
Children of Kobol, and finally, there are others who believe that all this is
but fantasy thus unworthy of their time and studies.  We will ignore this last
opinion for obvious reasons.

     We will try to include as much as the original sense of the Book as we,
the future, can understand what our ancestors went though.  It is said that
hindsight is a mixed blessing.  It is the hope of this Historian to use that
Hindsight and this Book to explain what has happen to the Galactica and those
who follow her name.

= = = = =

Excerpt from Chapter 1 of the Book of Galactica

"And G*d created man in His own image, in the image of G*d created He him;
male and female created He them.."  
				Pentateuch, Genesis 1:  27

"And the Lord G*d said:  It is not good that man should be alone; I will make
him a help meet for him."  
				Pentateuch, Genesis 2,18

"Therefore the Lord G*d sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the
ground from whence he was taken."  
				Pentateuch, Genesis 3:22

"The Lord looked into the Fire of Life and said "Come forth."  From the Flames
arose two Birds of Fire, the Phoenixes.  And Adam called the male, Zaxxon, and
the female, Galactica."  
				Book of Eternity, Chapter 3

"It came to pass that Kobol decided to leave his brethren and settle a new
 				Book of Kobol, Chapter 2

"And the Children of Kobol named their land for their father.  The different
children of Kobol settled into different tribes taking the family names,
Terra, Capican, Aeries, Gemon, Virgo, Scorpio, Leo, Picon, Sagitar, Virgon
Taura, Sagittara, Pisci, and formed thirteen tribe.  Each tribe contributed 
making the whole greater than its parts."  
				Book of Kobol, Chapter 3

"As peace grew on Kobol, the knowledge of the Universe, its mysteries, its
wonder, and its puzzles, also grew.  Death, sickness, and hungry, once thought
of as the Enemies, were understood and controlled.  The people of Kobol were
content with Life."

"It came to pass that the Phoenixes came to the people of Kobol in accordance
with the Will of the Creator and showed those who would listen a part of the
true nature of Man.  Thus began the Way of the Phoenix.  Of all those who
would listen, Do learned the most.  For Do took the Phoenixes teaching of Fire
and applied to Earth, Water, Air, and Spirit.  And Do changed his name to
/Doa/ meaning *he who listens [to the Lord's servants]*.  
				Book of Kobol, Chapter 4

"In the metuin[+] 6 of the yahren[++] 1872, the Dreadlords first appeared.
They attacks were both diabolical and unjust.  They destroyed all in their
paths, regardless of rarity or sanctity.  Lord Doa and his followers of the
Way of the Phoenix were the only ones able to repel these demons of the Other
Worlds.  The First War against the Dreadlord lasted 80 yehrens long.  Upon the
end of the War, Lord Doa realized that it would take a greater number than
himself and his follower to defeat the Dreadlords again.  So he started to
train his guards and other that wished it in the Way of the Phoenix, the
mastery of the Body and Mind, these were the first of the Warriors of Kobol.
The few that could attain the mastery of the Body, Mind, and Soul were called
/Jia/[+++].  It was the /Jia/ was fought the Dreadlords and drove them back to
their anti-matter worlds.  The Second War against the Dreadlords took 1001

[+ It is unknown how long a metuin is but it has been suggested that a metuin
is equivalent to one thousand, twenty four standard years.]  
[++ A yahren is said to be equal to 1.1 standard year or the time it took for
Kobol to complete one full orbit of its star.]  
[+++ /Jia/ can mean either Celestial Guardian or Immortal Guardian] 
[It is noted that the /Jia/ were considered some more than human but less 
than divine.]  
				Book of Kobol, Chapter 7

Excerpt from Chapter 2 of the Book of Galactica

"It came to pass that the People looked to the /Jia/ for leadership and
protection, thus did the elders of the /Jia/ came the Lords of Kobol."  
[It is unclear which came first if the /Jia/ were the first to be addressed
as the Lords of Kobol or if the civilian leaders were.  In either case the 
title of "Lord of Kobol" was enchangable.]  
				Book of Kobol, Chapter 9 
"For their Deeds and Valor, the Lords of Kobol were upon their /deaths/ 
carried to Heaven by the Archangels.  Thus when a mere mortal asked for a 
favor of Heaven, the mortal would ask a Lord of Kobol to intervene on 
their behalves just as mortal invoked the Saints."  
[The difference bewteen a /Jia/ Lord of Kobol and a Saint is unclear in the 
Book of Kobol, and hence in the Book of Galactica, but it was said that a 
/Jia/ Lord was omce a Warrior, who mastered the Body and Mind and then went 
on to master their Soul while a Saint knew the secrets of the Soul and 
through them learned to master their Mind and Body.  As indedicated above 
there was little difference between the two to the populace.]  
				Book of Kobol, Chapter 9

Excerpt from Chapter 10 of the Book of Galactica

"In the metuin 9765 of the yahren 625, Doctor Noah the Terran came to the
Council of Science and said:  "Look at these reading of our World, in
approximately 375 yahren our World will no longer be able to support life."
The Council hear the words of Doctor Noah, the Terran, had commissioned other
to look into his finding to see if they were true.  For the Council knew that
their Terran brethren were a people of mysticism and tend to make magnify
problems of the World.  But it this case Doctor Noah, the Terran, was
				Book of Kobol, Chapter 21

"And thus did the Lords of Kobol sent out Explorer-class craft to look for a
new home for Humanity."  "It was decided that each tribe would have its own
world to settle to allow maximum growth of Humanity.  Thus the Explorers'
search for worlds for the various worlds that would allow the tribes to be in
easy contact with their brothers and sisters."  "The Explorers could not find
a worlds close enough to satify the leaders of the tribes."  
				Book of Kobol, Chapter 22

"The People realizing that their time was closing asked about constructing
their perfect world."  "The Lords of Kobol heard their People's cries and
worked to create a new home."  "The Tribe of Terra through their Speaker, Lord
Adam of the /Jia/, said, "This is /creating/ an unnatural star system, that
could house us all on separtate worlds, is against the principles of the
Creator.  So we will of Terra will not live in these worlds but search for the
World that our father Kobol came from.  There we will live.  However, we, the
Children of Kobol, are one.  So we, of Terra, will help our brethren in
building their worlds in this artificial solar system."  "And some yet stayed
on Kobol, they who would call themselves the "True Children of Kobol" and they
would not be moved my their brethren please to leave with them.  The Lord
Rion, a follower of the True Children, stayed with them since he felt that to
be a Lord of Kobol one must be on Kobol."  
				Book of Kobol, Chapter 21

"A Stargate was formed that run near Kobol to the new worlds to make transport
easier and safe from the Dreadlords should they attack."

"Thus were the artificial solar system with twelve habitable worlds was
formed.  It was formed by combining three separate solar systems into one huge

"The worlds of this new system were called "the Colonies of Kobol" so they,
their descentants, would known of were they had come from."

"When the Colonies were finished the Tribe of Terra and the Lords of Kobol
blessed the Colonies.  And left to find the Birthworld of Man.  Only a few of
the Warriors of Kobol remained with the Colonies."  
				Book of Kobol.  Chapter 22

Excerpt from Chapter 18 of the Book of Galactica

"And word of the success of finding the Birthworld, which the Book of Eternity
calls Earth, was brought to Lord Rion, who in his bitterness of betrayal took
the information to his grave."  
				Book of Kobol, Chapter 23

"The first millennium of the Colonies were hard despite the preparation most
of the higher learning and the secrets of the Way of the Phoenix were losted
to the Colonies."

"In the second millenium of the Colonies the troubles of the first were dealt
with and Life was good in the Colonies.  The establishment of Colonial
Warriors, in the tradition of the Warriors of Kobol, was done to maintain
peace and hormony in the Colonies."

Excerpt from Chapter 19 of the Book of Galactica

"In the sixth millennium, the Colonies began to seriously explorer their new
area of the Galaxy.  To do this large shipships were constructed.  The
Galactica, the Pegus, the Atlantis, and the prototype the Star of Kobol were
the first Colonial Deep Space Explorer class vessels to be built."

"Forty yarhen into the sixth millennium, the Colonies discovered the Cylons.
The Colonies orinially ignored the Cylons' acts as propaganda until the Cylons
attack the Hasari, who were allies of the Colonies.  After the defense of Hasari's
homeworld, the interest in Cylon actitivies increased.  On the ninth day of
the fourth month of the yarhen 6040, the Cylon attacked and destroyed the
civilian planetoid of Celsi killing all living beings there.  Thus began the
Colony-Cylon War."

"On the fifth yarhen since the beginning of the Colonial-Cylon War the
Explorer Galactica was refitted and re-commissioned as a Battlestar.  The
other Colonial Deep Space Explorers class ships were recalled and refitted
like the Galactica into Battlestar.  They were to serve as the front-lines
main arsenal and carrier of intercept craft."

Excerpt from Chapter 21 of the Book of Galactica

"In the seventh millennium since the founding of the Colonies, the Colonies
were destroyed by the Cylons through the treachery of the merchant-count
Baltar.  All but the Battlestar Galactica under the command of Commander Adama
survived of the Colonial Fleet."

"Under the protection of the Battlestar Galactica, and some say the Protect of
the spirit of its namesake, the Galactica excourted the last survivors of the
Colonies in a ragtag fleet of 165 of ships that were fitted with hyperspace
drive for travel between the stars."

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