"Burning Touch"
by Shaule Sachs
(c) 1997

This is an ALTERNATE Universe that contains SOME of the elements and
characters but not all of Forever Knight, X-Men, Babylon 5, and
Highlander. This story does not fit into any of the mentioned Universes 
time lines. This universe began with "Days of Future and Past" and
continued in "Journeys."]

(1)	Forever Knight and its Characters are the property of Tristar. Marvel
Universe and its Characters are the property of Marvel Comics. Babylon 5 
and its Characters are the property of PTEN and JMS. Highlander and
its Characters are the property of Rysher. No intentional copyright 
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(2)	The concept of Natalie "Inferno" Lambert belongs to Tracy Morris and
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(3)	The concept of Nick "Crusader" Knight and Don "Dionus" Schanke are mine, 
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	My story begins on April 14, 1962. The reason why my story 
starts there and not later in life, like other people, is because I 
was born different from others. I was born with the x-factor. The 'X' 
in x-factor is a series of genes in a human cell that gives that person 
who possesses the x-factor, such as myself, powers or abilities 
outside the human norm. Since we carry this extra gene, we are called
	In order to better understand Mutants, the various mutations are 
classified into three groups. The first grouping is simply those
mutations that remain dormant within the body unlike the other two
which become active around puberty. The second grouping is those
mutations that only effect localized biological systems or organs like
instead of normal skin, a person has scales. The third grouping is
those mutations that are not not localized to a single biological 
system or organs. Such examples as the mutation to create energy
beams, adapting the entire body to flight, and enlarged appendages and
muscle mass for increased dextrity and strength.
	These groupings are then related to three classifications. The most 
common class is the gamma-class. It is estimated that about thirty-
percent of all humans are gamma-class. Most do not even know they are 
gamma-class mutants since the genes in them are dormant. The next class 
is beta-class, they posses mutations of the secong grouping. Betas make 
up about eight percent of the world's population. The third and last
class is alpha-class. The class I belong to. Alpha-class has mutations
in both the second and third groupings. Usually, most Alphas'
mutations that are localized, either protect or support the
non-localized mutation. We Alphas represent only a half of a percent of 
the world's people. 
	Professor Charles Xavier and Doctor Moria MacTaggrt, the two
world-recognized authorities on genetic mutation and Mister Sinister, 
one of the X-Men's greatest enemies and mad-scientist, proposed that a
fourth group of mutants exist. Called omega-class, Omegas are theorized 
to possess of an x-factor containing two or more distinct primary 
'mutant' characteristics. So far, no omega-class mutants have been 

	The first indication of my being a mutant came when I was five. It
was then that my Mother and I discovered that my skin is heat resistant. 
Even when my major mutant ability is inhibited, I can withstand amazing 
amounts of heat. I scared my mother very badly when I, impatiently, 
reached into the oven and pulled out a cookies while the rest of the 
cookies were still cooking. Still love those not quite baked. They taste 
best when they are not as gooey as batter, but not yet baked hard. 
	Having done it before when my mother was not looking, I thought
nothing of it. My mother, on the other hand, nearly had a heart-attack
when she noticed that my hand was perfectly normal and not burnt like it
should have been. After she calmed down, she told me not to do that 
again. That I should have waited until the cookies were completely
baked. While I knew I that I had upset her, I simply put it down to my 
eating a cookie before having dinner.
	While I grew with others complaining of the heat of summer and the
cold of winter, I did not seem to notice the gradual temperature
changes of the seasons. I could feel sharp contrasts in temperatures.
Usually the greater the change, the more I could feel, but the feeling
never lasted long. I had worn coats during the winter in Toronto more 
out of respect for my mother and fashion.
	It was when I was twelve, again in the kitchen with my mother,
when my primary 'mutant' characteristic showed. I do not remember what
we were cooking, only that we need the frying pan. Unfortunately our 
old stove was slow to light up, so, once again my impatience took over 
and I lit the burner. Boy did I ever light the burner. The flashing
flame leapt from my finger to the burner, and then rose to set the 
curtains on fire. The curtains then fell into the pan of cooking oil 
which splattered everywhere.
	The firemen who came to talk to my dad and mom wondered why the 
poorly designed kitchen did not catch fire before this. While my 
father and the firemen believed the fire was simply accident involving
our old-fashion stove. My mother and I knew differently. Fortunately,
the fire was small plus the firemen responded quickly so the long overdue 
remodeling of the kitchen was simple. We replace the curtains and the old,
dangerous oven with a safer, modern one. The rest was untouched by the 
fire. For a long time after, my mother could not look at the new oven 
without giving me a funny look.
	Four months and several flare up of my mutant ability that my 
mother suggested that a special, private school would be better for me 
than the Toronto public schools. My father objected at first since he
did not see the need of having me in a private school while my little
brother, Richard, could go to Public school. Somehow, Mom convinced my
father that I should attend Jefferson's Private School for Girls in 
Upper-state New York. It seemed a little strange to be going to a
school in the States. There were a few schools in Toronto that I could
have gone to. Jefferson's was far enough away from home that I rately
saw my family. I found out late that Mom had some help with her
decision of which school I should attend.
	Despite being a private school Jefferson had an exclusive student 
body. The student body was made up with rich or important American, 
Canadian, Mexican, and a few European girls. How I, a daughter of a 
common Canadian worker, got in to the School I would not find out for 
awhile. Most of the classes were boring with the exception of Science. 
Biology led to my fascination with the human body, its complexity, and 
its healing with Medicine. 
	It seemed odd to be enrolled in a private school, especially one
in the States. In talking with Professor Erik Lehnsherr I discovered
the reason. It was the Professor Lehnsherr, himself, that sponsored my
entrance. It was he that helped my mother convince my father that I
needed /special/ guidance in order to deal with my powers and being a
mutant. Professor Lehnsherr showed me that I was different from
everyone else and that I had a responsibility to learn to control my
powers. For Professor Lehnsherr is a mutant too. At times, it seemed
that Professor Lehnsherr was the only one who understood what I was 
going through with my mutant powers. He was the one who showed me how 
I could control my powers through my mind. 
	I had just finished my Master of Medicine in the Summer of 1985
and was debating whether or not to continue onto my Doctorate work or
take a vacation when I first met Doctor Charles Xavier. Erik had 
mention his close friend Xavier from time to time and had described 
him to a "T," so I saw him before me spotted me. I was surprised to 
met Xavier since Erik had always called him an workoholic. After 
introducing himself, he invited me out for dinner so we could talk 
privately. Over dinner we talked about little things, school,
life and such. When we finished, we went for a walk, or rather, I walked
and Xavier pushed himself in his wheelchair. Xavier mentioned that he 
knew that Erik had shown me how to use my mutant powers and that Erik 
and he had shown others to use their powers as well. It was the first 
time I had heard the words 'mutant' and 'x-factor' used. After reaching 
a secluded place in the park, Xavier explain how he and Erik had 
gathered six youths together, each who possessed the x-factor, and 
formed a team to combat the fear of 'evil' mutants like the ones who 
attacked that army base that was in the News last year. Apparently,
some terrorists using high-tech weaponry tried to take over an Army
base that had nuclear weapon stored there. The terrorists were stopped
by another group strangers using unknown means. Xavier told me the
strangers were his and Erik's X-Men and that was their first field
	I admit I was fascinated but, as when Erik had suggested it
before, I did not see myself being some kind of Captain America. Xavier 
told me about the success the X-Men had, and the few failures. How
Erik, my friend and mentor, was the media-dubbed "Master of Magnetism,"
Magneto. How Erik led the X-Men in the field while Xavier 
oversaw operations from their base and coordinated their activities 
with the state and federal agencies. I could see that. Erik had 
repeatedly told me, "with great power comes great responsibility."
	Xavier then told me how all but the one he called Cyclops was
captured by a living island out in the pacific and he was forming
another team of X-Men to go rescue the first team. At first, I admit,
I did not realized that Xavier wanted me, a simple fire tossing
mutant, to join the rescue mission. He explained that he knew I could 
do more than a lighter imitation and with my continuing education
while not saving the world, I could serve as the team's field medic.
Reluctantly, I joined.
	My new teammates and I became the second group or second string 
of X-Men. We were a very colorful group. Ororo was from Africa. Since
she could control the weather we called her Storm. Her control of the
weather came at the price that the weather control also controlled her
thus the weather would literally influence her moods and vice versa.
	Nightcrawler already had a code name when he joined the team. Kurt
Wagner was a circus performer in Germany for years under that name. His 
high spirits mirrored his acrobatic actions. He reminded me of a blue fuzzy
version of Errol Flynn when he practiced his fencing. The only problem I
and the others had with Kurt was when he teleported somewhere he left
behind the smell of brimstone.
	Piotr ("Peter") Rasputin was an artist who wished to make the
World a better place. He missed his younger sister, his older brother, 
and his parents that he left behind in Russia. We called him Colossus, 
because of his height and the fact that he could cover himself
completely in an organic steel. Yet for all the destruction on the
battle that Peter caused, he had a gentle heart, an overgrown teddy
	Sean Cassidy, an old friend of Xavier, joined us. We named him 
the Banshee cause he could use his voice as a sonic weapon. Despite 
the pain that came from loss of his wife while working for Interpol,
Sean still used those connections to help us out of some tight jams.
	We never really got to know Thunderbird very well. His sacrifice
during our second mission has never been forgotten. To this day, I
regret that I did not take the time to get to know him better.
	The last to join us before we went after the original X-Men was 
Logan from my own country of Canada. How to describe Logan? It was
Logan they had in mind when they thought of animal magnetism. He was
the oldest of the team, both in physical age and experience in the
field. Code named Wolverine for his animal attitude and his
indestructible claws and skeleton, Logan would have made a great field
leader if was not such a loner. In the beginning of our relationship,
I wanted something more than his friendship but as time went on I
realized it was simply the sense of danger that Logan gave off that I
wanted back then. Eventually, Logan married his long-time girlfriend
Mariko Yashida and spent half his time in Japan with his wife. After 
burning down the training hall, Logan and the others started calling
me Inferno. It was a fitting name since I could control and create 
fires of various intensities.
 	A few weeks after rescuing the original team, Thunderbird was 
able to stop Count Nefaria from escape at the cost of his own life.
Soon after, the team began to grow closer to one another. Like the 
original team, we had become a family. No longer did we hide behind 
our code-names, Storm became Ororo, a friend who went shopping with 
me. Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler, and I discussed religion. Piotr Rasputin,
the idealist Russian, would paint us and show his work to us. Banshee, 
Sean Cassidy, would tell us stories of his homeland of Ireland and help 
us with our training. We looked after ourselves.
	From the original team, Iceman, Angel, Quicksilver, and Beast
decided to take some time off since they been active since the
Vanisher attacked the Army base. Magneto and Professor X decided to 
place Scott, aka Cyclops, and Jean, aka Marvel Girl with us. Since 
Magneto was injured in the rescue and wished to spend some time with
his children, he and Quicksilver took some time off to be with the 
Scarlet Witch of the Avengers, Magneto's daughter and Quicksilver's
twin sister. Professor Xavier and Magneto decided to place Scott as 
our field leader.
	On our third outing with Scott and Jean, we ran into Sentinels.
The Sentinels are three-stories high, artificially intelligent robots,
which we later discovered were created by the United State Government 
to combat the "mutant menace." Their size, intelligence, and 
adaptability make them most dangerous foes the X-Men have faced.
Although surprise was on their side, we were only able to defeat them 
through Scott's leadership and teamwork.
	A few weeks after our initial confrontation, the Sentinels
returned, prepared. They showed their intelligence by not falling of
the same tricks twice and by taking Scott out first. Without Scott's
leadership, Logan went off on his own, Sean tried to organized us but
failed, and to make a long story short, we were captured. 
	We were imprisoned in an experimental space station. We were able 
to escape with the help a radiation storm that disrupted the systems.
Unfortunately, that same storm also made leaving the station next to
impossible because of that same radiation. We decided that Jean Grey 
had the best chance of successfully piloting the only remaining 
shuttle that only had a radiation shelter in the bay. The rest of us,
packed into the lead-shielded radiation-shelter. Jean was able to use
her telekinesis to shield herself from the radiation and she used her 
telepathy to keep in contact with Scott who was a pilot, and Frank 
Taylor, an NASA expert that Professor Xavier knew of.
	The experience drained Jean and the rest of the team. It was one
thing to know that the ignorant feared us but to know that the U.S.
Government had feared us enough to construct the Sentinels was
another. The dynamics of the team changed with that knowledge and as
we matured. These chances were reflected in the changes of our 
uniforms. Gone was the blue and gold uniforms that everyone wore.
Instead we chose or own uniforms. The changes in uniforms arranged 
from minor like Scott's, who simply up-graded the technology in his
uniform, wore yellow shorts over a blue spandex, and yellow gloves, 
to Storm's, who's uniform consisted of silver, knee-high boots, black 
biniki top and bottom, and a large cape that covered her when she was 
not flying. The new uniform I made for myself was a red outfit and
black boots with a red mask in the shape of two flames. Xavier's 
reaction to the changes was mild compared to Erik's. When Erik found
out, he lectured us on uniformity, obscurity, and the need to protect our
families. Jean went a step further by changing her code-name from
Marvel Girl to Phoenix as well as changing her uniform to a red 
outfit with green seams and green sash which emphasized her narrow 
waist, and on her upper chest was a golden phoenix emblem on black

	Time went on, as it must. We spent our time by saving humanity 
from itself. Since our official cover was that of Xavier's School of 
Higher Learning, the professors compelled us to study for degrees in 
our chosen field. I did not complain, my medical studies gave me 
something more to contribute to the tem. When we were not saving the 
world and studying, we were learning to control our powers better. We 
were all amazed at the level of control that Jean had developed with 
her power when she was able to handle Firelord by herself, but then 
Spider-Man had been able to defeat Firelord by himself too and he was 
not a mutant. 
	So much happened during that year that it is impossible to list 
them all. Only some the events remained in my mind. Such as when the 
X-Men went out into outer space and saved the universe, the Shi'ar 
Empire, and the M'Kraan Crystal. We were captured by Mesmero, placed 
in a circus, and were freed by Magneto. Professor Xavier left us to 
join his beloved Lilandra on the Shi'ar Throneworld. Erik took over 
the base side operations with Cyclops still the field leader. We 
battled Alpha Flight for Logan's freedom. We fought Proteus, Doctor 
MacTaggart's son, when he went wild.

	We welcomed the New Year's 1987 with Katherine "Kitty" Pryde
joining us with the code-name Sprite. We called her Sprite because of 
ability to turn herself intangible. Since Kitty was only fifteen,
I took it upon myself to be her friend and to be a sister to her.
Ororo's maternal instincts were raised when she saw how young Kitty 
appeared. While there was only about ten years separating me from
Kitty, there was almost thirty years separating Kitty and Storm.
In addition to Kitty joining us, Allison Blaire, the famous singer 
called Dazzler, joined us too. 
	One thing in Life that is constant is change. With Sprite and
Dazzler's addition to the roster, Jean and Scott had decided to take 
some time off. In addition to changes in the team, there were changes
occurring in the world, such as the unsuccessful assassination attempt 
on Senator Kelly's life that we, X-Men, stopped. The disbanding of 
Alpha Flight that forced us to expand into Canada as well. Of course, 
there was the constant battles with those who would cause destruction 
or tyranny such as the Juggeraunt and Doctor Doom. 
	With all the thrill of the life of an X-Man also came the chills.
The biggest chill came when we, X-Men, found out that vampires do
exist. Not only that vampires in general exist but the Count Dracula
of legend and lore existed too. Count Dracula is one of the most 
ancient and therefore powerful vampire. Our knowledge of the Count
came when Dracula had come to make Storm his bride. 
	According to Storm, thousands years ago he had tried to find a 
bride. He pretended to be a healer as he searched throughout the Roman 
Empire for a woman who's evil would match his own. In the late first
century. Dracula, then known as Qa'Ra the Ancient, found such a woman,
or rather a girl. Divia was the beautiful daughter of some Roman
General. Divia had everything that Dracula wanted in his bride, except

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