"Choices: Kate Madigan"

                           Crossover Story 
                            involving the

                     _Adventures of Zaxxon Hunter_
                          _Bubblegum Crisis_

                            Shaule Sachs


Version 0.1; Mon Jul 21 13:50:13 EDT 1997

Author's Notes:

	(1)	"Bubblegum Crisis" and character does not belong to
		me and is used solely for the enjoyment of its fans.

	(2)	Zaxxon Hunter, Highlords of Atlantis, and Primes are the
		original material created by Shaule Sachs. Please do NOT
		use without permission.

	(3)	Conventions that shall be used....
		Words that are italic will be between // //. 
		Words that are bold will be between * *. 
		Thoughts will be italicized.


	//Genom Tower... a world onto itself, someone once said.// 
	The thought beloned to Katherine "Kate" Madigan. The truth of the
statement never seemed to fully impacted until now. Now, the Vice President
of Genom, in charge of Intelligence, Information, and Secuirty, Miss
Madigan, herself, was tired. As such, she was in the elevator that took
Genom employees to the living quarters within the Tower.
	In addition to the obvious business offices and such, the Genom Tower
had living quarters, shopping stores, a school, a park, and other
'socially' need things. In theory, everything one needed was available
within the Tower so that one would ever have to leave the Tower. At least, in 
theory.... In actuality, at any given time, there would be only a handleful
of off-duty employees still within the Tower. Either they were on their way
out or had nowhere else to go.
	Vice-President Katherine "Kate" Madigan, the most powerful people
after Chairman Quincy, belonged to the second group. That fact that she had
nowhere else to go only dawned on her this evening.
	Kate did not think of herself as an intropective person, but this
night she could not seem to stop looking back over her life. What events
had brought her here to the place, Genom Tower... Vice Presidency within

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