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	Onna-Ranma was running. She was running away. She was running
scared. There was blood on her hands, and none of it was hers. There
was blood on hers hands and some other stuff too. She didn't want to
think about it. She was running. She didn't care where only that it
was away. This, of course, wasn't typical Ranma behavior, but everyone
has their limits. And today Ranma reached his.
	The day had started typically. He got up, sparred with his
father, dunked him twice, got splashed once, had breakfast, argued
with Akane, got splashed again on the way to school, stopped off at
Tofu-sensei's to get some hot water, was late for first period class,
fought Kuno who was in the way, stood in the hallway with a pair of
buckets of water with Akane staring angrily at him, had some more
boring classes, had lunch, more boring classes, fought Kuno after
school, and started to walk home with Akane. A typical day...
	Only Ryouga finally found his way back to Nerima that day.
Claiming he had found the ultimate martial art technique to finally
defeat Ranma once and for all and make him pay for all the misery and
pain he had caused him. Ranma yawned, told Akane he'd met her later,
and told Ryouga to show him what he got. Ranma's dismissing nature
infuriated Ryouga so make that he skipped his usual opening moves and
went straight to his new ultimate technique. 
	Ryouga began, "Rin, pyou[1]..." as he started to wave his arms
arounf wildly. He pulled a piece of paper out of somewhere and
continued, "Tou, sha[1]..." He waved the paper up, down, to the left,
and to the right as he said, "kai, jin[1]..."
	Ranma had enough, so he grabbed Ryouga by his shirt collar and
said, "That's the most stupid martial arts technique I have ever
	To say that Ryouga welcomed Ranma's comments about his new
ultimate technique would be to say that the sky was falling. Which is
to say, since the sky is just a collection of gases, he didn't. In
fact, Ryouga's battle aura grew darker. In a berserk-like rage, Ryouga
attacked Ranma in a more traditional Ranma-Ryouga match. Only this
time, Ryouga didn't limit himself to just insulting Ranma himself. No,
he included Ranma's other fiancees, Shampoo, Ukyou, and Kodachi, his
father, Genma (which Ranma agreed with Ryouga's remarks), and then
Ryouga made the big mistake of insulting Ranma's mother. As the
insults to his mother mounted, Ranma's sanity began packing.
	Simply put, insulting Ranma's mother was the straw that broke the
camel's back. Let's face it, Ranma was insane since his father tried
to teach him the Neko-Ken, only through shear willpower did Ranma
appear normal. It was only a matter of time. Unfortunately for Ryouga,
he was fighting Ranma when Ranma's sanity snapped. When Ranma's sanity
snapped, Ryouga's bones began to snap too. After all, Ranma was just
turning the favor....
	Basically, Ranma was seeing red. Red as in Ryouga's blood and
guts. But he didn't care. In fact, he was enjoying himself greatly as
he beat Ryouga into a bloody pulp. He rained down more punches with
more power in those few moments than he had in his entire life. Ranma
had beaten Ryouga within an inch of his life and had every intention
of crossing that inch when, fortunately for Ryouga, Nabiki found him,
unfortunate for her.
	Nabiki had sought Ranma out in order to do a photo shoot to get
some more money for the household and to get herself a new outfit for
her upcoming interview. As far as she was concerned, Ranma was as
predictable as the seasons. So in her right palm, with plenty of room
to spare, was the outfit she wanted onna-Ranma to wear. Truthfully,
she would have preferred that Ranma, himself, posed for her, but those
photos took longer to sell (she kept copies for herself). As soon as
she saw Ranma, she threw the outfit at Ranma, who instinctively caught
it and she began her little speech she usually needed to say to get
him to cooperate with her.
	Only this time, instead of the usual shame and passiveness she
would have seen in Ranma's eyes, she saw fire and death. A smart
person would have ran away at this point, and true Nabiki was a smart
person, but also true as the fact that Nabiki's ego and pride were as
large, if not larger, than Ranma's. Nabiki had always prided herself on 
surviving in a martial artists world with very little knowledge of the
Art. Until now, she had been able to talk her way out of anything. And
she thought that this time would be no different. This, of course, is
the mistake of Pride, the second mistake Nabiki made that day. The
first was miss seeing Ryouga's bloody condition and the blood on
Ranma's hands.
	When Ranma advanced on her, she tried to brown-beat him with her
words, something that had until then, worked. Only his time, Ranma
gave better than he had ever given before. With each victory, Ranma
took another step closer to her and within a few moments, Ranma was
practically on top of her. Nabiki's third and some will say final
mistake occurred when she brought sex into their "martial art
oral-combat match" for soon mere words became action.

	It was Nabiki's begging that brought Ranma back to sanity, well,
more correct, a lucid state of mind. It was Nabiki's screaming for
"more" and "don't stop" that startled him back to himself. Of course,
Nabiki was saying "more, don't stop" to Ranma, but Ranma heard it as,
"stop, no more." Like most dreamers awakening from their dreams and
nightmares, he took stock of where he was and discovered that his fly
was open, his manhood was erect and deeply buried in a completely nude
Nabiki, who was covered completely in sweat and their emissions.
Nabiki's face was contorted by her twentieth orgasm, but Ranma, being
Ranma once more, thought he was hurting her so he tried to disengage
	Somewhere around her twelveth orgasm, Nabiki had become a being
who's existed solely for pleasure. So when she felt that Ranma was
actually going to leave her when she was so close to her twenty-first
orgasm, her begging turned to threats, then to pleas, and finally to
surrender, if only Ranma would stay and finish her off. 
	She promised him everything, her soul and herself as his eternal
sex slave, if only he would give her just one more orgasm. Ranma, not
understanding what was going on, began to panic. In his rush to
escape he accidently fulfilled Nabiki's pleas. There was a flash of
light, lightning, and then it began to rain.
	Onna-Ranma had never before been so happy for her curse. Thus no
longer "connected" to Nabiki. She backed away and saw Ryouga's bruised
cursed form, who was passed out. Seeing the bloody pig and the
pleading, nude Nabiki, onna-Ranma did the only thing she could. She
screamed. And began running.

	Onna-Ranma ran. But how far can you run from yourself? After what
seemed like forever, onna-Ranma finally stop and looked at her
surroundings. She didn't recognized anything. She couldn't even tell
which way she had gotten there. She was as lost as Ryouga was...
Thinking about Ryouga and what she had done to him... onna-Ranma began
to cry.
	After a few moments, two strong arms rapped themselves around her
and a gentle, familiar female voice said, "Let it all out, Ranma."
Onna-Ranma turned around and saw his mother. She just pulled
onna-Ranma into her embrace and made soothing sounds at her child.
	Onna-Ranma tried to tell her mother what had just happened, at
least what she remembered of it, but each time, Nodoka would place a
finger on her lips, indicting that she should be silent.
	After a some time, onna-Ranma didn't know or care how much.
Nodoka began to talk, "I suppose now, my son, there's a few things I
need to tell you.... Where to begin? Where to begin?
	"Hmmm... Well, I suppose I should start by telling you that I
had been married previous to Genma, your father, although it was a
long time ago....
	"I was married to Adam. We... We didn't get along that well. He
always wanted to work... I... I didn't. When he thought we should go
right, I... I wanted to go left. We couldn't agree on anything... So
we were divorced.... and Adam... got a new wife, Eve. The slut. But
that's neither here or back there. The important thing was Adam was
happy.... Right?"
	Ranma looked at his mother and noticed that she was trying very
hard not to cry. Instead she sniffled, cleared her eyes, and
continued, "And I... got someone else. Of course, Samael...  loved
me... as much as he could... and for awhile he made me happy. He even
caused that bitch to fall from grace...
	"Time passed, although I never got over completely over Adam, I
did move on with my life. I did a little this... a little of that.
Although the sex with Samael was great... but after a while it got a
little routine... boring... So we decided to separate.
	"After a while, I fell in love with Wotan, even had a daughter by
him. But then he and others like them had to go... and, of course, he
took our daughter with him. For a while I just bummed around for a
	Nodoka paused a bit. Took a deep breath, let it out, and
continued, "bored, I took an assignment from the High. It was then
that I found your father, Genma. He was about your age now, then. To
over-simply it, my job was to corrupt him and prevent him from
becoming the best martial artist in the whole."
	"That wouldn't have taken that much work," Ranma remarked
off-handedly, only half-listening to what Nodoka, his mother, was
	With a sigh, Nodoka answered, "True. Your father has a weakness
for food. And yet, even with that weakness, he still one of the top
ten martial artists in the world."
	"Maybe," Ranma replied more for his mother's sake than any
opinion of where Genma actually stood in ranking of the world's
martial artists. 
	Nodoka became thoughtful and said, "After seeing my assignment
fulfilled, I suppose I should have left then. But somewhere along the
way, I fell in love with him. Although I couldn't have my Adam, I
could, at least, have one of his descendants... Anyway, I observed
Genma for a while. Learned what he liked in women, where he liked to
go, and most importantly, what foods he liked the best. I spent the
next ten years learning how to cook, keep a home, make an Japanese
identity for myself, and learning other things I thought I might need
to know. Finally, I was able to set my 'plan' in motion...
	"One of the 'advantages' of our race is that we don't need to
sleep all that much. So I put that advantages to good use by spending
an entire week cooking all your father's favorites. And there were a
lot of them."
	Ranma could see the slight smile on his mother's face as talked
about her 'courting' his father, she continued, "As I said, I spent a
full week cooking for Genma, and he consumed it all in under three
hours. But it was all worth it. After he relaxed for a bit, he
proposed to me and I, of course, accepted.
	"After being married for a few years, we became slightly worried
since I had yet to conceive. Each of us was worried for different
reasons. I, mostly, because I was afraid that the lack of children
would drive Genma away from me. So I did something I hadn't done in a
long time, I prayed to the Creator. I prayed for an entire year until
I got an answer... It wasn't the answer I was hoping for, but it was
an answer. I could have a child, but only if I was prepared to let
your father take you away from me for a time. I also couldn't tell
you, until it became necessary, or your father, ever, my true
	"Since you're here, my son, you can guess that I accepted the
condition. It was because of that condition, that I allowed Genma to
take you away from me for those ten years to train you in the martial
arts like he wanted to do. But I figured, at least in the beginning,
what's ten years compared to all the time you and I would have
together? How little I knew... Those ten years were the hardest and
longest ten years in my entire existance!"
	Nodoka hugged Ranma closed to herself as she said, "But now,
you're here and we can be together... and nothing, short of the
Creator, himself, will separate us again, my beloved son."
	To say that Ranma was confused after listening to his mother's
story would be like saying the Pacific Ocean was a drop of water. He
noticed that at some point during his mother's story, he had been
changed back to his male form. And that he was dry even though up
until be began listening half-heartily to his mother it had been
raining. Keywords started floating through his minds, such as, "Adam
and Eve", "Adam's first wife", "Samael", "Wotan", "true nature", "our
race", and the like.
	Ranma barely noticed as Nodoka guided him into their family home,
although the inquitive part of him wondered how they had gotten there.
He had thought the place where he had stopped was pretty far away...
and yet, in a short time period, his mother was tucking him in -- just
like she should to do when he was little. As soon as his head hit the
pillow, he fell into a deep sleep.

[1]	"Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. Akuryou taisan!"
    - Sailormars's anti-evil attack.

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