"Curses and Cures"
                              Shaule Sachs

Version 0.1

(1)	The concepts of "Ranma 1/2" belongs to Ramiko Takahashi and are used
without permission.

(2)	The characters of "Forever Knight" were created by James Parriott
and Barney Cohen and owned by Sony/TriStar and are used without

(3)	What remains belongs to Shaule Sachs. Please ask permission
before achieving.


	// It was a dark and stormy night, // Natalie Lambert thought to
herself. Natalie giggled at the idea. The expression just jumped out
of her subconscious mind. While it was stormy outside. It was not
night... in fact, the time was two o'clock in the afternoon. "So the
term 'night' is not approprate," Natalie said to herself. The darkness
was because one of the main fuses to Nick's loft had blown when a bolt
of lightning had stuck the nearby power lines.
	Natalie had gone down to the basement to find the fuse box and
see if she could fix it. Natalie had simply needed to reset the
breakers to get the power back. As she passed a trunk, she saw a piece
of cloth sticking out of it. She opened the trunk and noticed that the
piece of cloth was the bottom part of a dress. Out of curiosity,
Natalie examined the dress. She noted both its elegence and age. Her
first thought was that the dress was Janette. Dark thoughts like //Why
that...// and //If she thinks...// came to her mind although she
could not bring herself to say them out loud.
	But the dress, Natalie realized, was too large for Janette's small
frame. //Then, who's dress is it?// a part of her mind asked. She
had no answer. In mild amusement, she realized the height of the dress
would be prefect for Nick to wear...  only the hip and the chest area
were obvious met to fit a woman and not a man inteferred with
the mental imagine.

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