"Going Home"
                             by Shaule Sachs

                         A Star Trek: Voyager FanFic

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	The crew of the Federation Starship Voyager was bored. For the
past several days, there was nothing outside of the ship's daily
routine to do. Even with Warp Drive, Space was still vast, with areas
of it that lacked anything of interest within. Seating at the helm,
Lieutenant Thomas "Tom" Paris was going over various maneuvers
programmed into the helm console, making notes where improvement could
be made in the various helm programs. Ensign Harry Kim was rewriting
some batch files he used with the operation console to improve his
response time while Tuvok was doing similar rewrites to his security
console. Commander Chakotay was seating in his seat, right of the
center seat, filling out the reports he as First Officer had to do.
Basically, everyone had something to do except Captain Kathyrn
	Since this had been going on for a while, it was prefectly
understandable that Captain Janeway's thoughts had boiled down to,
"It's too quiet... Something is bound to happen."
	And so it did.

	"I'm picking up a distress signal coming from mark three oh nine
mark three two," Ensign Kim reported.
	"Confirmed," Tuvok followed. With an arched eyebrow, he added, "It
appears to be a Federation style distress signal." 
	"Federation?" Chakotay exclaimed. "Identification?"
	"The signals to weak," Ensign Kim answered.
	"Mister Paris," Janeway began.
	Intisipating her orders Paris said, "Changin course to
intercept, full warp..."
	Janeway nodded and asked Kim, "Distance?"
	"Estimated time of arrival," Ensign Kim replied, "is thirty
	"Bridge to sickbay," Janeway said as she tapped her communicator.
"We've received a Federation distress signal... We will arrive in
thirty minutes..."
	The Emergency Medical Hologram replied, "Acknowledged. Kes and I
will have sickbay staying by."
	"Acknowledged," Janeway responded. "Bridge out."

	Five minutes away from the source of the distress signal Ensign
Kim reported, "Identified as the shuttlecraft Hobble... I detect two
life signs onboard. Both are weak..."
	"Can you get a lock on them?" Janeway asked.
	"Affrimitive," tuvok replied. "Transporting directing to
	"Doctor?" Janeway inquired.
	"We have them," Kes replied. "The Doctor is busy healing them."
	"Understood," Janeway responded. To Ensign Kim she asked, "Can we
beam the shuttlecraft onboard?"
	"Possibly," Ensign Kim answered. "It's larger than a standard
shuttlecraft. It should fit in our cargo hold..."
	Janeway nodded towards Ensign Kim to signal that he should go
ahead and beam the shuttlecraft onboard.

	After twenty minutes of waiting the announcement by the Doctor
came over the intercom, "Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay, and
Lieutenant Torres, please report to sickbay."
	Janeway arched her eyebrow at Chakotay, who shrugged and headed
towards the turbolift, started towards to the turbolift herself as she
said to Tuvok, "You have the bridge."
	Tuvok simply nodded, stepped down from his console and sat in the
Captain's chair.

	Outside of the entrance to sickbay, Lieutenant Torres joined up
with the Captain and the Commander, and asked, "Why was *I* called
down to sickbay?"
	With a smile Chakotay said, "Shall we step in and find out?"
	With that, the three of them entered sickbay and walked towards
the Doctor. Upon reaching him, the three noted the prone figure laying
on the bio-bed. The difference in uniforms was obvious, while the
standard black pants where present, there was a strip of gold running
out of the standard issue boots up to the hips where the strip seemed
to spread up the sides, continue along the sleeves, and form a band of
gold across the chest of the person wearing it leaving the shoulders
black in color like the rest of the uniform. On the top, left breast
was a stardard issue communicator pin that looked like it was sown
into the uniform. They also noted that the injuried being was a young
female and had the pointed ears and eyebrows of a Vulcan.
Unconsciously, the three noted the lack of rank insignia on the collar 
of the female Vulcan's uniform and baisely placed her as a
non-comissioned personnel.
	Lieutenant Torres was puzzled, pointed to the unconscious Vulcan,
and asked, "Why was *I* called down... I don't know her..."
	The Doctor looked up from his patient and said with a slight
scowl, "The reason why *I* called you down, Lieutenant Torres, is over
	Looking to where the Doctor pointed, the three moved over to the
other person laying on another bio-bed wearing the same style of
uniform as the Vulcan, except where she had gold this person had red,
was B'Ellana Torres.
	With wide eyes, Lieutenant Torres asked, "How?"
	Calming Janeway asked, "Doctor... I assume you've run some tests
to confirm..."
	Annoyed, the Doctor replied while pointing to the second bio-bed,
"Yes. Yes, I confirmed that this is Lieutenant B'Ellana Torres. While
the bio-reading aren't identical, and they should be, I am certain
this is B'Ellana Torres."
	"But... But," Lieutenant Torre began. "I'm standing here!"
	"Yes, you are," the Doctor agreed. "And laying there too."
	"Not impossible!" Lieutenant Torre cried.
	"Apparently not," Chakotay said.
	Looking at the Doctor, Janeway asked, "You said that the
bio-reading were identical..."
	Sighing, the Doctor replied. "A person's bio-reading naturally
changes from minute to minute. All biological beings change... grow...
as time goes on and can even be predicted to a certain degree of
	"And these changes indicate what Doctor?" Chokotay asked.
	Point to the second bio-bed Doctor replied, "That this B'Ellana
Torres is from our future... about twenty-five to thirty years."
	"Doctor!" Kes exclaimed. "The Vulcan is coming around!"
	The Doctor moved back to the Vulcan and began running a
bio-sensor over her. Smiling the Doctor said, "It appears this patient
will be fine..."
	The Vulcan sat up, saw Torres, and asked in a slightly calm
voice, "Are you alright, Captain?"
	Both Janeway and Chakotay had amused expression on their face
waited Torres's reply, but before she could reply the Vulcan said,
"You're not Captain B'Ellana..."
	At that moment, a moan from the another bio-bed at which the
Vulcan leaped to her feet and went to her Captain who asked, "What hit
us? I haven't felt this bad since that time I got plastered at Harry's
	"Without further information, ma'am," the Vulcan replied. "I
couldn't specualate..."
	"That's okay, Commander," came the reply. "It was a retroical
	"Ahh, I see," the Vulcan answered.
	Gently, Janeway asked, "B'Elanna... Could you tell us what
happened? How you come here?"
	Angrily, B'Elanna replied, "What? What are *you* doing here,
	Surprised at the venom in her voice and being addressed by her
first name, Janeway replied, "It's normal procedure for the Captain of
her ship to be on it..."
	"What? But..." B'Elanna began confused. Sitting up, she saw
Janeway, Chakotay, and a wild-eyed Lieutenant Torres looking at her.
Narrowing on Lieutenant Torres she said, "Now, you're something I
don't see very often... except in the mirror. Although, I don't
remember ever looking so... young."
	Looking over at Janeway, Captain B'Elanna continued, "Sorry...
Never was much of a morning person... Last thing I remember was, me
and Commander T'Sa were running field tests for the new transwarp
drive for the long range shuttlecraft and then... waking up here. I
assume I'm on Voyager right?"
	"Yes," Janeway said calmly acceptting Captain B'Ellana's apolgy.
"You're on Voyager... in the Delta Quadent."
	"Delta Quadent?" echoed Captain B'Elanna. "That way some
explosion then..."
	"Oh?" Chakotay asked.
	T'Sa replied, "We're conducting our testing at near Starbase
Julius Nine Eight..."
	Seeing the confusion in the Voyager's officers Captain B'Elanna
added, "That's in the Aphla Quadent... although it is near the border
to the Delta Quadent so it wasn't that far."
	"Still..." Chakotay began.
	Seeing that Captain B'Elaana wasn't going to offer any more
information, Janeway remarked, "Why don't we continue this in the
morning department briefing..."
	Captain B'Elanna nodded her head at which Janeway, Chakotay, and
Lieutenant Torres headed out. Once in the hall, Lieutenant Torres
stopped, thought for a moment, and started heading in an opposite
direction from the other two.
	Upon seeing this, Janeway asked, "Lieutenant?"
	Torres stopped, turned around, and said, "Yes, Captain?"
	"Where are you going?" Janeway continued.
	"If that's really me in there," Torres replied with a thumb jerk
towards sickbay, "then, I'll want the shuttlecraft's logs as soon as
possible... So since I can... I might as well get them and give them
to her... I mean me... I mean..."
	Janeway nodded and said, "Carry on, Lieutenant."
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