A malfunctioning hyperdrive while in transit was the stuff of even the most seasoned spacefarer's nightmares. Those who are not killed out right, died because of their blind panic and inability to deal with unique nature of hyperspace.

But this was no ordinary crew.

This crew was made up of three Jedi Masters and fifteen full-pledged Jedi Knights. All were calm and collected. With easy of life-long training and friendship, the crew was able to pool their resources together and salvage what they could. As was the Will of the Force, there was a liveable planet close enough for them to crash land on.

Knowing it would be a very long while, if every, of the possibility of a rescue, the crew built a dwelling for themselves out of local material and parts of their ship. This dwelling became known as the Shrine of the Jedi. Slowly, as to not scare the native, the crew learned the culture and language of their new world.

The concept of 'Jedi' was alien to the natives, so in their ignorance the natives thought of them as priests, warrior-priests able to call upon their kami, 'the Force,' to perform mighty miracles for them. That their bushido proved to be very powerful allowed them to maintain a degree of isolation and peace.

It was said that their bushido was so strong, that a single man could defeat an entire army. While not completely accurate, it was proven to be close enough to the truth that most daimyos were wise enough not to attack the Jedi directly. Those that thought themselves clever by hiring Ninjas, soon learned the error of their ways. For the Jedi had ways of making even the most devoted Ninja Master to speak the truth and delivering Justice onto the Ninja's employers.

As their bushido was strong, so too was their hearts. Those that entered the shrine of the Jedi sicky, left in health. Diseases, sickness, and conditions untreatable by the best Healers of the land would come to the Jedi and be helped, if not physical, then definitely spiritually. Those that helped the Jedi, where in turned helped. Those who cursed, themselves cursed.

Many sought the teaching of the Jedi, but only a few were accepted. The few that left the shrine, were weaker than those that remained. Yet these weak wanderers were stronger than their neighbors. Those that took advantage of this were dealt with by the Jedi. Knowing this many daimyos sent their sons to be trained by the Jedi and their daughters to marry, thus having the saftey of the sons' protection until the stronger grand-sons could rise.

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