1. ) Backstory

    1. ) Pre-Silver Millennium time frame was ruled by the Titans

      1. ) Titans are Kronus (King) and Rhea (Queen), Iapetus and Themis, Oceanus and Tethys, Hyperion and Theia, Crius and Mnemosyne, and Coeus and Phoebe.

      2. ) This was a "Golden Age/Millennium"

      3. ) The Titans were/are Class 8 Immortals. They're still around...

    2. ) The Titans gave birth to the Olympians (human) Class 3 Immortals and "Monsters" (non-humans) Class 5 Immortals.

    3. ) The Olympians, spoiled children, wished to rule themselves.

    4. ) The Titans, to teach their children a lesson, decided to let them to their own devices. "Monsters" remain loyal to Titans.

    5. ) All Titans, save Kronus, left... seeking "Higher Plains" that their Parents, Gaia and Uranus, went to. They felt a number of powerful artifacts, on purpose, behind (to help their children). These artifacts, combined with Silver Millennium-magic, created the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Saturn was named in "honor" of Kronus. Sailor Uranus was named in "honor" of Kronus' father, Uranus. Other Senshi named after Olympians.

    6. ) Kronus took on a the "guise" of Chronos to 'secretly' help their/his children.

    7. ) With Chronos's help the "Silver Millennium"-era began.

      1. ) Terra/Gaea is named after the Titan's mother and is considered Holy/Neutral Ground (not apart the Silver Millennium Kingdom(s).

      2. ) The world of Pluto was original a "dead" world, in that talking to the Dead, etc was highly practiced there. Therefore, original, Sailor Pluto was the Senshi of Necromacy/Dead... with the ability to communicate with the Dead to get their secrets, etc -) Chronos felt pity for Setsuna, who dealt with the dead so much, many thought of her as a vampire, that he spent a lot of time with her... Setsuna fell in Love with Chronos.

      3. ) The world of Saturn, named after Kronus, is a world of balance. Those Sailor Saturn, the Healer, is also the Destoryer, for balance...

    8. ) Wanting a powerful heir, Queen Serenity drugged and raped Chronos... producing Princess Serenity/Usagi/Sailor Moon

    9. ) Chronos warns Queen Serenity that her actions considering a "recent" uprising against her will lead to the downfall of the Silver Millennium.

      1. ) Princess Beryl involved...

      2. ) Setsuna is forced to choose between her lover, Chronos, who sides against Serenity.

      3. ) Serenity looks only at the short-term 'picture'

      4. ) Setsuna blindly follows Serenity

      5. ) Chronos/Kronus allows Serenity to think she killed him when he confronts her.

      6. ) Chronos "leaves" behind his "time-staff" which Setsuna take up, becoming Senshi of Time.

    10. ) Chronos's "prophecy", as it becomes called, is fulfilled through Beryl joining the Negaverse

      1. ) The prophecies deal with the Fall of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Moon, who doesn't in the SM, and Crystal Tokyo...

      2. ) Princess Serenity/Usagi, despite attempts otherwise, learns of her father. She learns that Chronos and Kronus are the same person. She feels that Serenity, her mother, is only a pretender to Kronus's Throne...

  2. ) Present Story

    1. ) Sailor Senshi are fighting "element monsters"

      1. ) The first monster is made up of Water, with a control sphere of radius one meter.

        1. Mercury detects control sphere within few minutes

        2. Mars, Jupiter, and Venus vaporize it

      2. ) The second monster is made up of Fire, with a control sphere of radius one millimeter.

        1. Mercury takes almost 30 min.s to find control sphere

        2. Mercury, Neptune, and Sailor Moon combine their powers, Moon as a booster, to dose the monster.

      3. ) The third monster is made up of Earth, with a control sphere the size of a electron.

        1. Mercury can't find control sphere, too small

        2. Monster re-generates after Senshi attacks

        3. Monster absorbs dirt, steel, concrete, etc

        4. Leading monster (al la MKR) to lake, only produces mud. (Venus: 'free mud facial')

        5. Tuxedo Kamen's rose, little effect, but grows

        6. Senshi get their asses's kicked

        7. Monster avoids Tuxedo Kamen, while concentrating on Sailor Moon, especially when she's near Tuxedo Kamen

    2. ) While fighting Earth-Monster, Energy Wave "comes in"

      1. ) Ami's computer detects in during fight

      2. ) Ami tells all the Senshi to "power down"

      3. ) Wave exists on all frequency and is composed of EM, Magic, Sub/Hyper-Space...

      4. ) Wave over-loads Earth Monster

      5. ) Wave "super-charges" Mamoru

      6. ) Rei, Setsuna, and Usagi are rendered unconscious

        1. Rei is psychic/empathic, Wave "boosts" her to telepathic

        2. Setsuna is psychic/chronic-sense, Wave "boosts" her to foresight/temporal-sight

        3. Usagi is the only mage-born of the Senshi, Wave "activates" Usagi's natural powers that her Sailor Moon powers damp, so she can control them.

        4. Mamoru carries Setsuna over his right should, Rei over his left shoulder, and Usagi in his arms. (Ami notes that Mamoru is carrying all the women he's loved/or been loved by.)

      7. ) All other Senshi are badly hurt

        1. Venus/Jupiter, Mercury/Saturn, Neptune/Uranus help walk.

      8. ) Senshi and Mamoru head towards Rei's Temple, closest

      9. ) Wave destroys varies artifacts of Magical origin, nuclear waste, and other things

        1. World panic lasts a week

        2. Point of origin of the Wave is Mount Phoenix, China

    3. ) At the temple, Senshi can NOT power up

      1. ) Ami's computer (which she's been holding) is out of power

        1. Runs on a magical power source which was "powered down" to protect it and solar energy. Two hours to recharge.

      2. ) Senshi "rest up" for some time while waiting for Ami's computer to recharge.

        1. Makoto cooks a meal

        2. Minako sings a song

        3. Michuru and Hariku check out how everything else is

      3. ) Ami's computer notes that Mamoru is "super-charged" while the henshin sticks are "powerless"

        1. Ami has Mamoru, only standing on his own, to hold her henshin stick while she examines it with her computer.

        2. Both computer and Minako point out that as Mamoru holds the henshin stick, it's being "recharged" (absorbing some of Mamoru's excess energy)

        3. One henshin stick takes one hour to "charge"

        4. Two henshin sticks take two hours to "charge"

      4. ) Mamoru "charged" henshin sticks, side-effects

        1. When first transformed, Senshi appears in a form-fitting tuxedo.

        2. Second "stage" tuxedo changes to sailor fuku with tuxedo vest and coat

        3. Final stage, normal Senshi outfits

        4. Senshi's powers increased, those Senshi without weapons, get weapons... Ami/staff, Minako/sword, Makoto/sword, Rei/bow+arrows

      5. ) Rei "awakes" first... Mamoru/Prince Endymion is able to help Rei deal with telepathty.

      6. ) Setsuna "awakes" second... Mamoru and Rei help her "adjust"

      7. ) Usagi "awakes" last... No knowledge of "current events", thinks she's still in the Moon Kingdom. Doesn't believe others... differently until they take her outside at night to see the moon. Stuck as Princess Serenity.

    4. ) Ranma battles Saffron

      1. ) Ranma saves Akane.

      2. ) Ranma and Saffron in final confrontation "kill" each other.

        1. Saffron, being a Monster/Immortal, "dies" and returns to "egg-form" with a white/blue flash.

        2. Ranma's body "seems" to absorb some of Saffron's egg's energy and "re-awakes" weak (as a kitten).

      3. ) Akane and Shampoo (temporary truce) help Ranma home.

        1. Akane has been changed after her 'near-death' experience...

        2. Shampoo knows that Ranma loves Akane, but, she can't return to her home without Ranma (Amazon law). Akane feeling sorry for Shampoo invites her to stay with her and Ranma.

        3. Akane/Shampoo don't get along. Different backgrounds.

      4. ) After battle, Ranma starts to glow white and blue at times for no apparent reason.

        1. Ranma can "control" his curse.

        2. Ranma experiences foresight, psionics, and magical powers/sight.
[That's as far as I've typed/planned.] Key Points: Questions: In this un-named fic, all the answers are 'Kronus'...

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