Lessons Learned
by Shaule Sachs
Part 2



[Park outside of Seacouver
11:45 am, September 5, 1996]

	"I'm back," the Commodore said. In his arms were three bags. He
handed one to Jo Ann. He was wearing a trench coat, Jo Ann noted.
	"What?" Jo Ann asked.
	"The current style is not StarFleet regulation uniforms," the
Commodore replied. "Unless, you're to a Star Journey convention."
The Commodore smiled.
	"Okay. Do I want to know how you know my size?" Jo Ann asked.
	"No comment," the Commodore laughed.
	"Rick..." Jo Ann began.
	"It's Richie here. The 'Rick' part won't come for another fifty
years," Richie cut in.
	"Fine. Rich*ie*, where do I change?" Jo Ann asked.
	"Behind Data, if you're modest," Richie answered. So saying, he
removed two outfits from the other bag and handed one to Data, who
proceeded to change facing Richie. Both Jo Ann and Data had simple
coats, shirts, and pants.
	After finishing changing Richie put the two uniforms into the
first bag and the tricorders and phasers into the second. From the
third bag Richie pulled out a bottle of cosmetics.
	"You shouldn't have," Jo Ann said as she reached for the bottle
but Richie just brushed her hand's away.
	"I didn't. This is to make Data look more Human. There are no
golden skin humans around you know," Richie said as he started to
apply the makeup to Data's face and hands. "The makeup is water proof,
even though Data doesn't sweat, it might rain, and should last a
couple of days."
	After some time, Data looked slightly pale but normal human-pink
skin instead of a metallic gold color. A pair of contacts changed his 
eyes blue and a wig of blonde hair completed the disguise.
	"Even Doctor Soong would have trouble identifying you as a synthoid,"
Richie said. A look from Data cause Richie to add, "We're not starting
*that* argument while we're on this *mission*. *That's* an order,
Lieutenant Commander Data."
	"Very well, Commodore Ryan," Data responded.
	"Good." Richie Ryan nodded. "I've got us a couple of rooms at the 
local hotel to serve as our field headquarters. Let's go people."

	Data took the three tricorders out of the bag they were in and
set them up on the table in the hotel room. After making some
connections, he turned to Richie and said, "From this elevation we
should be able to scan the entire city and slightly past the borders."
	"How long until a full scan of the city will be completed?"
Richie asked.
	"With only three tricorders and no starship mainframe to link to,
our processing power is cut down to a tenth of the normal away mission
capacity. I estimate that the time required to process all the data
will be two hours, thirty-three minutes, and twelve seconds," Data
	"Okay... Jo Ann and I will scout around to see if we can find
anything. Data, you'll stay here and continue the scan," Richie said.
After dying the gray out of his hair, he handed Jo Ann her phaser and 
comm-pin while placing his own in his pocket.

	"Where to boss?" Jo Ann asked with a smile.
	Richie thought a moment and said, "Duncan's in Toronto with Joe
for the week, Connor's in New York, and Amanda and Methos are in Paris.
The closest Immortal is west of here in Seattle. So why here and why 
now? Doesn't make sense. Unless...."
	"Unless what?" Jo Ann asked. "Where were you now?"
	"Huh? Oh, me, I was in Los Angles. Motorcycle races and the like
for about a month. So what's Ray after?" Richie asked no one in
	"I don't know, but that's what we're here to stop," Jo Ann said.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Joe's Bar
10:00 pm, September 10, 1996]

	"So how's the 'Methos' project coming?" Charles asked Adam.
	"Not bad," Adam answered. "I found a possible sighting of Methos 
in the Jean-Claude Chronicle. It was recorded in 1754. Jean-Claude's
Watcher believed that Methos, not Jean-Claude, defeated Mikal Zinoski
instead of what Mikal Zinoski's Watcher wrote. Jean-Claude had just
turned five *hundred* years old and Mikal was five years shy of two
*thousand* years. Jean-Claude is good, but ...."
	"Yeah," Tom said, "Jean-Claude's my assignment. I've seen him
fight. He could have taken Mikal."
	"Maybe," Adam repeated, "but Methos did not want to take the
chance... I guess."
	"But what was Methos' interest in such a *young* Immortal,"
Charles asked. "Raise you five, Tom."
	"From what I've read of Jean-Claude's Chronicle, I guess Methos
may have had Jean-Claude's mentor as a student. And you know that
mentor-student bonds are the closest Immortals have to a family," Tom
said. "I'll see your five and raise five more."
	"Too rich for this hand," Zax said. "So, Adam, you tracked
Methos down to 1754 France. Anything more current?"
	"No. Although Kalas seemed to think Methos was real and in Paris.
He killed two Watchers to find me.... To see if I knew where Methos
was. At that point, all I could've told him was that I had a lead that
he may have been in the Crusades." Adam said. "I meet your five more
and call."
	"Round goes to Adam, again," Charles said disgustedly. "So
Doctor, how's the Origins Project going?"
	Adam looked interested in what Zax would say and he was
disappointed when Zax said, "Poorly. Backtracking all known Immortals, 
who are under fifty years old, we discovered that none of them have 
actual birth records. Their adopted parents usually make those up in 
their own names so that was a bad lead."
	"Are you saying that Immortals aren't born? Aren't Human?" John
Xing asked excitedly.
	"No, I didn't say that," Zax said. "All the bodies that we've 
taken to study, we've taken a genetic sample of. Three different, 
independent labs could not find any *major* genetic deviations from 
homo sapien normal."
	"So you're saying Immortals *are* human?" Adam asked quickly.
	"Yes, Immortals are human with minor genetic anomalies, that we
know gives an Immortal a much greater immunity system than normal," Zax 
answered. "Natural mutations that's our current theory. Two cards, please."
	"Could this 'minor genetic anomalies' be duplicated? Giving us,
'normal' humans, longer lifespans like the Immortals?" Charles asked.
"I'll take one card."
	"Doc gets two cards. My husband, who's not sharing his fortunes
with his wife, gets a card, and dealer takes two cards. Me, I'm happy 
with my allotted time. Things are more precious when there's a finite 
amount to them," Mary said.  "How many cards, John?"
	John sighed and said, "Three cards, please. I agree with Mary,
all the people in the history books are Mortal. What have Immortals
	Tom answered, "Of direct historical significance, none.
Indirectly, quite a bit. Darius, for example, not only taught
Immortals but he also taught some Mortals as well, through the
centuries. Victor Paulus was one and there were others that came to 
him for help and understanding. Two cards, please."
	"Two," Mike said. "When Joe gets back in two days, let him deal
with the books. I hope Horton gets what's coming to him."
	"Huh?" John said.
	"It was Horton and his 'gang' that killed Darius. Called
themselves the 'Hunters.' Renegades, oathbreakers, and insane, one
and all. Most of the Immortals that know about us was because of
Horton killing Darius and those other Immortals," Adam stated. "No
	"But Dawson hadn't go make friends with one of *them*," Charles
	"Damage control," Zax replied. "Would you want Duncan MacLeod of
the Clan MacLeod to think we all are killers, who *interefere* and stalk 
	"Well... no," Charles said.
	"There you go. Besides, most field agents get lazy after a time
so there must have been slip up before," Zax said. "Raise five."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Local Hotel,
11:00 am, September 11, 1996]

	"Well, one possibility is that Ray's after Methos, who's here
when he should be in Paris, or he's after Jean-Claude who's looking
for Mac for some reason. Methos's five thousand plus and Jean-Claude
is over seven thousand and both are good swordsmen. I don't know if Ray
would think he could take either of them," Richie said. "And MacLeod 
will be back tomorrow afternoon with Joe."
	"The fact that Methos is not where History recorded him should
indicate that minor changes to the Timeline have already occurred.
Should not that be our starting point?" Data asked.
	"He's got a point. According to Adam Pierson and Sam Martin's 
reports, Methos should be in Paris with Amanda at this moment in
time," Jo Ann said.
	"If we find out what the change is, maybe we can find Ray,"
Richie replied.

[=== End of Part 2 ===]

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