Ranma 1/2

Three weeks after Dr. Tufo left (Last seen in Manga 13.2 [Viz GN
#11.6]: Moxibustion), a horny Kasumi (who's been having sex with Tofu
for the last three years) decided to "help" Ranma learn about the
opposite gender (emphasis on sex), both for Akane's sake and to deal
with her horniness. 
At first, Kasumi leads and after a few months starts getting wild and
kinky with Ranma, in both forms.  Eight months or so after the first
time, Ranma "learned" enough to "lead." Kasumi becomes "addicted" to
Ranma and fallen in love with him.
After some incident, Akane "disolves" the engagement, Kasumi "picks"
it up.
After Saffron's attack (Manga Volume 38), while Ranma does love Akane,
he enjoys Kasumi (both sexually and non).

Addittional possible conficts:
	(A)	Nabiki learns of the "arrangement"
		(i)	Nabiki joins in
		(ii) Nabiki learns of Kasumi's "dark side" first-hand
			(i.e. Kasumi "breaks" Nabiki
	(B)	Akane learns of the "arrangement"
		(i)	Akane breaks with Ranma (leaving him with Kasumi)
		(ii)	Ranma "marries" both Akane and Kasumi

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