Outline for Rekka

  1. Background
    1. After Neko-ken training, Ranma "runs away"
    2. Ranma "runs into" a Warrior-Monk on his 'travels'
      1. Warrior-Monk's name (and title) is 'Sensei'
      2. Sensei's Order is dedicated to protecting Humanity from supernatural forces
        1. Demon Hunting
        2. Ogre/Oni Slaying
        3. Keeping the peace between Demon Hunter Clans
        4. Supervising over other Humanity's defenses against supernatural forces
      3. Sensei is familar with the Neko-ken
        1. The Neko-ken is a very powerful style that is learned after decades of studying cats
        2. The 'manual' that Genma got/stole was a 'dummy manual' left out in the open to protect the 'real' one...
        3. The few that 'survived' the 'dummy manual' go insane... Sensei knows know to heal the insanity
      4. Sensei and Ranma try to find Genma
        1. Genma has either stole or alienated every place that Ranma and Genma went to
        2. Thus Ranma and Sensei learn what Genma is truly like
        3. Ranma learns that the Musabetsu Kakuto "Anything Goes" Ryuu exists solely to steal underwear... without a 'solid base' Musabetsu Kakuto Ryuu corrupts its practicer (a la Happosai and Genma)
        4. Ranma denouces Genma and 'Clan Saotome,' and vow to 'redeem' Musabetsu Kakuto Ryuu
        5. Sensei agrees to 'adopt' Ranma (now nameless) and makes him his heir
    3. Sensei trains his Apprentice in his art form and other areas
      1. Sensei is a master of all forms of combat, healing/medicine, magic, ki manipulation, access to the world's chi, etc
      2. Sensei takes his Apprentic all over the World
    4. Sensei and Apprentice stop an Amazon/Musk battle/war
      1. Cologne meets Apprentice who impresses her greatly
      2. Cologne realized that App. is using Seven Veils of the Hidden Buddha
        1. Seven Veils is a high-level ki-manipulation tecnhique to control one's ki
        2. Seven Veils conseals one's ki level by incrementing levels
          4%, 7%, 11%, 14%, 18%, 21%, and 25% == 100%
          1   2    3    4    5    6        7     Veil
      3. Sensei was involved w/a girl, but she broke his heart, Cologne knews this and has vowed to do 'something bad' to the girl if she ever mets her
      4. Cologne thinks that Sensei's App. would be an excellent 'mate' for Shampoo, her heir
      5. Cologne was a former student of Sensei's
      6. Sensei 'forces' treat btwn Musk and Amazons
        1. Annual tourmament, winner gets choose of spouse
        2. create forum to talk about problems
      7. Sensei and Apprentice 'forge' a ki/magical sword for App.
      8. Sensei 'retires' to the Order's main temple
      9. Sensei gives App. a new name, "Rekka" (Wild Fire)
      10. Rekka hears of practicer of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryuu in Nerima Ward of Tokyo, the Tendos... and the angry tomboy Akane
        1. corrupt females can transform into 'hannya' (female Oni)
          1. There is a prophecy of doom that will come from seven hannyas
          2. Hannya can 'mate' and produce Oni
          3. Corrupt males must die to become Oni
          4. Onis can 'hide' be appearing in female form
        2. Rekka must 'test' to see if the Tendos are corrupt
          1. if corrupt, they present a 'clear and present danger' to the World and must be destroyed
          2. if not, they must be 'steered' into a new direction
    That's what I have so far...

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