While re-watching Bubblegum Crisis OAV Ep 6 "Red Eyes", the following
scene (reconstructed from Jeanne Hedge's Synopsis [parts of which are
denoted by '<' and '>'] and actual dialogue) caused the following

-Actual Scene--------------------------------------------------------------

Priss: This is humiliating! Shit!
Priss: Is this it? Is this the end?
Largo: You will carry this humiliation to your grave, worm!
[Largo and boomer close in on Priss]
Priss: I want power... power enough to lay this bastard low...
[Priss tries to make a fist, fails]
Priss: Greater, stronger power!
[Out of the fire comes a new motoroid]
[Motoriod's eyes grow]
Largo[to boomers]: Go!

Largo: No! It can't be!
Priss: Here I come, you monstrous bastard!

Priss: What incredible destructive power... If he's actually connected...
Largo: So the worm is a worm after all.
Largo: With my next attack, I'll send you to Hell.
Priss: I won't run.. I won't run away again!
Priss: Anri... Sylvie...
Priss: Give... me... STRENGTH!

Largo: DIE!




	Realizing that her hardsuit is useless, Priss starts searching
for something to use as weapon. //Anything,// she thought. //Beggars
can't be choosy.//
	During her search, she sees movement in the shadows, the head of
her Motoroid emerges into the light, so she smiles knowing that her
fight isn't over yet.... The smile dies, as does her hopes of revenge,
as she sees that the head of her Motoroid is being carried my one of
Largo's boomers. Despair engulfs her.
	Knowing her end is near, she mutters, "This is humiliating! Shit!"
	Largo begins to gloat.
	Sadden, Priss cries out to the Heavens, "Is this it? Is this the
	Largo smiles as he and his boomer approach Priss, he says, "You
will carry this humiliation to your grave, worm!"
	Enraged at Largo and his plans, she prays, "I want power... power
enough to lay this bastard low..."
	She coughs. She tries to make a fist, she turns her head to
look, but sees she can not.
	Angered at her seemly weak body, she adds, "Greater, stronger
	Humored, Largo replies, "What do you, worm, know of Power? You
want power.... let me show you my *power*!"
	With that Largo aims the orbital laser satellite at Priss and the
particle beam strikes her. Laughing at Priss's screams, he proclaims,
"You began as dust, dust *I* will *returned* you to."
	With great pain and effort, like the Phoenix of old, Priss rises
up and stands erect. The remaining pieces of her hardsuit and
softsuit, which is worn underneath, falls off her body.
	Surprised and troubled, Largo exclaims, "No! It can't be!" as he
looks on the impossible.
	He increases the power setting to the pulse beam until the
satellite overloads and self-destructs.
	Priss, her body covered completely in multi-color flames,
screams, "Here I come, you monstrous bastard!"
	She runs towards Largo but is intercepted by his boomers. She
literally rips through them in her haste to reach him. She charges
Largo, who answers her charge with one of his own. Their fists meet --
Priss's right to Largo's left -- with Largo screaming, "DIE!"
	The impact resounds like thunder. Blue lightning fly up both
combatants' arms. There is a flash and Largo's left arm explodes.
	Priss has a ferocious smile on her face. She pulls back slightly
in order to deliver a round-house kick to Largo's head, which dents his
right side of his face in. She punches through his chest and pulls out
what passes for a boomer's heart. She then proceeds to rain down
punches and kicks on him until only a pulp remains as she screams over
and over again, "This is for Sylvie! This is for Anri! You bastard!"
	Tired, she takes a few steps away from what remains of Largo, and
then collapses on her face. She hears a sound coming towards her. Too
tired to do more than move her head she sees an advanced-looking
Motoroid coming towards her. It stops an half a meter away from her
and takes up a defensive stance above her, protecting her. 

	Three minutes later, the rest of the Knight Sabers arrive. They
see Priss's new Motoroid standing guard over her naked body and the
carnage surrounding her. Sylia shrugs to Nene and Linna's unspoken
question of what happened there.
	Mackie and the KnightWing arrive a few moments after the Knight
Sabers did. Linna helps Nene getting Priss aboard while Sylia collects
the Motoroid. The KnightWing takes off as AD Police sirens are heard
in the distance.

The End?

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