by Shaule Sachs


	What started out as a typical day in the Joketsuzoku village soon
became something unusual. Usually, the modern world had left the
Joketsuzoku women alone... but not today. Today, the Post Office was
	The strange truck came into the village at a slow, leizurely pace. The
driver, a young girl of eighteen to twenty years of age stepped out of the
truck and looked around. The Amazons simply stared at her. The reason for
the staring was two-fold. First, the girl was a stranger... and the second,
she had red-hair, a rarity in China. Only once before, almost a year ago,
did a read-headed girl enter the Village from outside. The Village had been
plagued ever since.
	Seeing that none had approached her, the red-head said in perfect
Chinese, "Is there a 'Perfume,' here?"
	An old woman appeared begore the girl and said, "Yes...?"
	"Could you sign this, please," the girl asked as she thrusted a
clipboard at Perfume.
	"Sign?" Perfume was confussed.
	"Please..." the girl begged. Seeing that Perfume has not moving she
begin to cry slightly as she said, "Please, please! If you don't sign
this... I can't deliver the package.... Then... I have to go back with
it.... The *boss* won't like that! I'll miss my date...."
	As the young girl continued to babble, Perfume decided that there
would not be any danger to the Village if she did as the girl asked and a
danger of a flood in the girl continued as she was. Once decided, Perfume
took both the clipboard and the pen out of the girl's hands and wrote her
name where the girl showed her to. All the while thinking of the strange
customs of the Outside world.
	"Thank you! Thank you!" the girl said as she went to the back of the
truck. Then she opened the back door, walked in, and came out with a crate
almost the same size as the girl. As she settled the crate down, the girl
said, "There you go!"
	"But.... What do we do with //it//?" someone asked.
	The girl shrugged as she entered the truck. As she drove away, she
shouted, "It's your problem now!"

	After a couple of hours of discussion, the Elders decided that they
should open the crate to see what is inside. After several attempts, they
managed to open the crate.
	Inside the crate was Cologne, the oldest and most powerful of the
Village Elders, bounded and gagged with an angry expression on her face.

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