Ranma Saotome woke up with a splitting headache. However, he
wasn't a stranger to pain. He knew how to deal with it. So with a
conscious effort, he was able to calm his aching head to a tolerable
level.  After which, he discovered the first surprise of the morning,
which was the fact that he was completely naked. The second surprise
of the morning was that not only was he naked, but his manhood was
'within' someone. The third surprise was that the person he was
'inside' was Akane, who was equally as naked as he was. The fourth
surprise was the huge smile on her face.  The fifth surprise was the
feeling of a pair of naked breasts in his back.  A quick, careful look
showed that the breasts belonged to Nabiki, who was as naked as Akane
and he was. The look also sawed that Nabiki was grabbing Akane's ass
as if to pull her closer to Ranma. The fifth surprise was that it was
Kasumi's hands on his ass and that she was equal as naked as the rest
of them and that she was on Akane's other side. If he didn't know
better, he and anyone else who looked upon them, would assume that
Kasumi and Nabiki were pressing Akane and him together.
	Ranma didn't know how he had ended up in Nabiki's bedroom, for
that was where they were. His memories of the previous night were
dim...  Something that he would of thought impossible given his new
form's immunity to drugs and potions. But he did remember that it was
important that Nabiki had been begging first. Leading he to speculate
that she had gotten him up into her room on a some kind of
challenge... He dimmly remember that he and Nabiki had had sex. He
also remembered that he and Kasumi had fucked, hard and fast. But it
was to Akane that he had made love to.
	Regardless of the how they had ended up together, Ranma knew
there was a very good possibility that, at least, one of them was
pregenant.  He knew that Ryu No Kami told him that he would be allowed
to leave 'a part of himself' behind... He had hoped that what he left
behind would be pleasant memories of his time with the Tendos... but
it seems that Ryu No Kami had decided for him that what he left behind
would be a child... although, he didn't know which of the Tendo
Sisters would carry his child. A moment of panic gripped him with the
thought of the possibility that all three sisters were pregenant...
but Ryu No Kami had said a 'part,' singular.  So there should be only
one child...
	A child... The thought numbed his mind for a moment. Did that
mean that he wasn't returning from the task that Ryu No Kami was
sending him on?  It was a possibility that had caused him to distance
himself from the others, the Kunos, Shampoo, and Ukyou... Which after
a week of such 'attitude' had caused them to 'help' him by placing
'medicines' into the Tendo and Saotome dinner last night.
	Last night was a party marking Ranma's return last week from a
three months training trip, which had started by a challenge from
Herb...  Once he confronted Herb, he discovered that him hadn't sent a
challenge to him. They both learned that the 'challenge' had actually
came from Ryu No Kami.
	In fighting Herb and Saffron and more importantly winning, Ranma
had attached Ryu No Kami's attention. The 'challenge' was actually a
test to see if he was worth of Ryu No Kami's 'gift.' This 'gift,' he
was told, would cure him of the magic of Cursed Spring of the Drowned
Girl.  Which, admitly, it did... The gift did so by returning him into
an actual dragon.  A dragon the size of a small airliner.
	Being a dragon wasn't that bad... As a dragon, he was a natural
shapeshifter. Thus, he could for the time remained to him on this
world, appear normal... for 'normal' for Ranma Saotome. Although, as a
dragon, his ki levels were vastly greater than his human form. And to
top it all off, as a dragon, he had a natural affination with Magic.
It had taken him three months to learn to control his new form, the
abilities that accompanied it, and the preparations for his 'Destiny.'
	And now, he was back... to say good-bye.

	When the others got up, he expected to get clompled by, at
least, Akane, if not the other two for taking 'advantage' of them in
their drugged-state. Instead, Akane and Kasumi got up, kissed Ranma
very passionately to go to their own rooms to get ready for the day.
Nabiki also kissed him even more passionately than the other two. She
even suggested they could 'play' while she got dressed for school.
	Ranma was surprised to find that he actually was very tempted to
stay with Nabiki and 'play' with her... but he knew that his time was
short and he had to 'fix' a number of his problems before he left. So
he declined and headed into the Dojo until breakfast.
	Once in the Dojo, Ranma relaxed slightly and sat down into a
mediation trance. A blue aura surrounded him as he floated off the

	Genma was not a happy camper when he discovered himself and his
wife on the futon that they shared completely naked. It was obvious,
even to the dim-witted Genma, what had taken place last night between
them, especially with that stupid grin on Nodoka's face. Now, it
should be noted that Genma hadn't married Nodoka for her looks or her
bedroom skills, both which were had only improved with age. No, he had
married Nodoka simply because she was the best cook he knew of.
	Genma had dedicated his entire life to the martial arts, just as
he dedicated his son's life to it as well. In fact, Ranma wouldn't
have been born at all, if he had any say in it. Although, after the
fact, having a son wasn't as bad as thought it would be. In training
Ranma, Genma, himself, had improved.
	But the fact remained, Genma's idea of marriage was simply two
people together... one to cook... the other to eat, and he was the
eating part of the marriage and Nodoka was the cooking part. Anything
else...  well that was unnecessary... like children...
	Genma still wasn't sure how Ranma was conceived... he never paid
any attention to anything not related to martial arts like health
class or sex education in school when he was young. He did remember
that night nine months before Ranma was born that Nodoka had cooked a
huge quality of food, so much in fact, there were left-overs
(something extremely rare where Genma was involved) and the following
morning, Nodoka had the same smile on her face as she did now.
	Thus, Genma, who wasn't a complete baka, noted that, one, Nodoka
had the Smile, and two, that there were left-overs on the dining room
table from last nights supper. Therefore, he concluded that in nine
months time... 
	While, Genma's conclusion was correct, in fact, in nine months,
Ranma would have a younger sister, obviously, his reasoning was not.
But Genma never cared for the means, just the ends. Either way, he
wished to get his mind off the topic of sex, so he sought out Ranma.
	The irony involved was lost on Genma, just as the fact that he
found Ranma in the Dojo floating was too. Instead, what he saw was
Ranma simply sitting in the Dojo doing nothing... And since Ranma was
doing nothing but sitting, he thought it would be an excellent time to
ambush Ranma to show him that he should always be guard, least his
future-wife wake up with a smile like Nodoka did this morning.

	At least, that was Genma's plan. He had luanched a perfect flying
kick directly at Ranma's head. Only he never connected, instead, he
some how missed Ranma completely and ended up connecting with the
opposite side's wall. So Genma, being Genma, tried again. And again.
And again.  And again. And again...
	After the ninety-first try, Genma finally began to realize that
something was going on... although what, he didn't know... After all,
Ranma never moved.
	Genma was going to try the ninety-second time when Ranma stood
and walked outside. Genma followed and tried to get his son's
attention so they could spar... but he just ignored him.
	Once outside, a typical Ranma-Genma sparring match conmended when
Genma ending up in the koi pond by the time Kasumi called everyone to

	Breakfast was an interesting affair. The four females present,
Akane, Nabiki, Kasumi, and Nodoka, all had identical smiles on their
faces which puzzled the three males, Ranma, Soun, and Genma. Of the
three, Genma had a very sick feeling as he wondered if the smile and
the left-overs affected other females like they did Nodoka.
	One would think that Genma would be happy to see that the Tendo
girls were pregenant, except that, one, Genma never linked his
'involvement' in reproduction, and two, he remember all the problems
that had occurred when Nodoka was pregenant with Ranma... Thus, the
thought that Ranma had anything to do with the Tendo girls 'condition'
never acrossed his mind. All he was thinking that it might be a good
idea to 'disappear' onto a training trip for the next year or so...
	Ranma, on the other hand, thanks to his friends and 'modern'
schooling knew what was involved in reproduction. He just didn't
understand the 'glow' of happiness that surrounded his mother... even
if it was the same thing that surrounded all three Tendo girls, which
he figured, at leasr, one of whom, was pregenant. It was only as
Nabiki and Akane walked with him to school -- for once, he was walking
like a 'normal' person instead of his usual fence-walking -- that the
possiblity that the drugs and potions which affected the Tendo girls
could have affected his mother too. Thus, Ranma concluded correctly
that his mother was pregenant too.  Which was both strange and a
relief to Ranma.
	Strange because he would have a younger brother or sister that he
might never meet and he was relieved since whichever Tendo girl was
pregenant she wouldn't have to go it alone.

	School went in a typical fashion for Nerima, there were four
fights during lunch, the paying off the bets when Ranma would return,
and needed construction after the lunch fights was completed before
the school day was out.
	If anyone noted that during the fights that Ranma showed a higher
level of fieroty, they also noted the higher level of grace and power
in Ranma's moves as well. There were, of course, whispered about the
fact that Ranma had sent all four of his opposites to the hospital.
These whispers were answered by others that Ranma's opposites only got
what they deserved.  Still, by the end of the day, most students gave
Ranma a wide berth when he passed them.
	When Akane suggested to Ranma and Nabiki that they walked home
together, he declined and was slightly surprised that neither sister
asked why or questioned what he was up to. Both simply shrugged her
shoulders and walked home together.

	Ranma, on the other hand, head towards the Neko Haten.

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