Ranma 1/2 / Ah! Megami-sama: "The Return of Destiny" Prelude
Written by Shaule Sachs
First Draft Started : December 28, 1998
First Draft Finished: December 28, 1998

Based on:
	Ranma 1/2 / Ah! Megami-sama : Return 
	Created by Long Ngo
	Started June 15, 1998

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	A woman was lying on a hospital bed, staring at the ceiling.
*I'm dying.* She was not afraid to die. She had lead a very joyous and
though short, a fulfilled life. Tendou Kimiko had married the man she
loved and had given birth to three very lovely daughters. What more
could she ask for except maybe to see them grow up and get married
themselves.  From the corner of her eyes, she thought she saw a
sparkle. Turning her head, she noticed a young man wearing a flowing
whirt shirt with matching pants. On his forehead appears a figure
eight on its side, slightly enlongated.

	"Tendou Kimiko?" the young man asked.

	"Hai! Is it time for me to go?" she asked. *Please Kami-sama,
give me more time. I still want to say farewelll to my family.*

	Laughing, "No, It's not your time yet and I promise
that you will have time to say farewell to your family."

	"Nani? Are you Kami-sama?"

	"No, I am not Kami-sama... just one of His children. For this
meeting, Kami-sama has allowed me to read your mind." Shaking his
head, "Forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Destiny, Fate,
Change/Chaos or Eternity. Depending on how you wish to look at
things...." The young man smiled slightly as if in applogy. he
continued, "As you could imagine, I have a number of many names... If
you wish, you can simply call me Ran. I have been sent here to you, to
grant you a wish, any wish you desire. There are limits, of course,
but I doubt they'll apply here."

	*What a very mature young man,* Kimiko thought, missing
the sudden smile that appeared on Ranma's face.

	*Young, she says, if only she knew...*

	Without thinking, she said, "I wish one my daughters could marry
someone like you." 

	The symbol on Ranma's forehead started to shine as he started to
float into the air. A bright light suddenly descended upon him as he
rose higher into the air. As fast as the light appeared, it faded and
Ran was again standing on his feet. Looking at Kimiko with a sad smile
on his face, he said, "Your wish has been approved.  Upon the day your
youngest daughter turns eighteen, your wish shall be fulfilled or void
by any member of your family."

* * * * *

	"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AKANE!" everyone shouted. Today was Akane's
eighteenth birthday. She sat at the family table with her friends and
rivals in the room. Ryouga was sitting next to her on her left with a
spaced out expression on his face. On the other side of Ryouga, Kuno
sat with Nabiki on the other side of him. Genma and her father were in
a corner playing go while Nodoka and Kasumi were seated across from
her talking about various recipes. And Ranma was on her right side,
behind him were Shampoo, Ukyou, and Kodachi, who where quietly
fighting with each other to see who would sit next to him.
	Nothing was going to spoil this day, except maybe what she was
seeing. All three of her rivals were attempting to glomp onto Ranma.
*This is my birthday! How dare he flirt with them.* Rushing Ranma with
her mallet she screamed, "I wish I was never engaged to you, Ranma!"

	Suddenly a symbol appeared on Ranma's forehead. His clothes
shifted and transformed. Blinking everyone could see that he was not
wearing his traditional red shirt and black pants. In their place a
flowing white shirt and pants. On his forehead, an enlongated, on its
side figure eight, the symbol of eternity, appeared. Everyone could
sense an aura of peace eminating from him and a vast power that seemed
only to add to his otherworldly appearance. His usual arrogant
expression was replaced with a more mature one. In a whisper that
everyone could hear, "Contract broken." Turning his head towards Soun,
"Tendou Soun, I have many names, but for simplity sake, I am Destiny.
Fourteen years ago, I was sent to your wife, Tendou Kimiko, to give
her a wish. She wished for one of her daughters to have a husband like
me. On Tendou Akane's eighteenth birthday, a member of her family
wished that contract broken and it has been granted it.  Farewell."
Ryouga, Nodoka, Genma, and Ukyou turned to dust, which a wind from
nowhere blew away. Shampoo, Kodachi, and Kuno disappeared into a cloud
of smoke. A beam of sunlight appeared in the house and absorbed Ranma
leaving a bewildered Akane, her confused two older sisters, and her
shocked father alone in their house.

	Skuld was on her computer when a message suddenly flashed on her
screen.  Reading it, Skuld got really excited. "Oneesan, Oniisan is
coming home!!"

[=== End of Prelude ===]

Ranma 1/2 / Ah! Megami-sama: "The Return of Destiny" Prelude
Written by Shaule Sachs
First Draft Started : December 28, 1998
First Draft Finished: 

Based on:
	Ranma 1/2 / Ah! Megami-sama : Return 
	Created by Long Ngo

= - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =

	A sunbeam touched the courtyard of the Temple, as most sunbeams
do. Only from this one, a young man appeared. He was wearing a white
lose-fitting shirt and matching pants. On his forehead there was a
symbol, a figure eight on its side, enlongated. On his face was a sad
little smile. The smile brighten momentarily as he viewed the Temple.
After pausing to collect himself, he walked towards the Temple. The
sad little smile returned to his face.
	Halfway to the Temple proper, he was tackled by Skuld who
screamed, "Oniisan, I've missed you."
	Ran just smiled and said, "I've missed you, too. Where are your
	Without releasing him, Skuld answered, "Oneesan is in the
kitchen..." At Ran's look she added, "and Urd is out somewhere."
	Ran sighed and said, "She does love you too. We all do. Now, lets
go see Bell-chan."
	The two walked into the temple. Skuld hanged onto her oniisan as
if afraid he would disappear the moment she let go. As they went
towards the kitchen, they passed the dining room where 
Keiichi sat. Keiichi had his eyes closed and he was muttering
something to himself.
	Although Skuld tried to pull him into the kitchen, Ran sat down
next to Keiichi. After five minutes of trying to get him to move,
Skuld sat down too on the other side of Ran. After a very more
additional moments of silence, Ran broke it and asked, "How are you,
	Keiichi's eyes flew open and saw Ran. He opened his mouth a
number of times but nothing came out. Ran just smiled and said, "So
you're the one that captured my little sister's heart."
	Keiichi began to make his impression of a fish. Occassionally,
the word "sister" came out in a questioning manner.
	"Yes, Urd, Belldandy, and Skuld are my younger sisters. Depending
on how you view how I carry out Father's instructions. I'm Destiny or
Fate. I've also been called Father Time or Eternity too, either makes
me fell old. So you're better off just calling me Ran, if you like."
	"But, the Norns," Keiichi tried to ask.
	"We have the same father, all four of us, although in my case, my
father is also my mother, which just shows how old I actually am.
While my sisters have different mothers," Ran explained. "Job-wise, my
sisters handle the day-to-day matters, each in accordance with their
area. I handle the setting up and the long-term stuff.  Especially the
stuff that crosses over into more than one of my sisters' area. In
other words, my sisters, the Norns, deal with the short-duration
events, while I handle the long-term events."
	"Oh..." Keiichi said.
	"And setting people up is your speciality, Oniisan," Urd
exclaimed as she enter the dining room.
	Ran sighed and said in a sad voice, "Urd, I love you dearly, but
not now...."
	Urd fumed but kept silent.
	A silence fell on the room with Skuld sending Urd an upset look
which Urd sent to Ran. Keiichi couldn't help noticing that Skuld's and
Urd's look were identical and clearly marked them as siblings.
	Before things could get to uncomfortable for Keiichi, Belldandy
came out and set dinner on the table. She served Keiichi first, then
Ran, who she smiled at in welcome, then Urd, and finally Skuld. At
which point, she sat down and happily said, "I've missed you, Oniisan.
I'm glad you're back with us."
	Skuld and Urd echoed their sister's settlements. Keiichi noticed
that Ran seemed hestiate to eat his sister's cooking. Which didn't
make any sense to him. He also noted that Ran seemed surprised at it.
	Ran spoke, "I see your cooking has improved, Bell-chan."
	Belldandy blushed and whispered, "Oneesan helped me...."
	Urd looked surprised for a moment then shot Skuld a victorious
smile with her tongue sticking out.
	"Urd," Ran repoached his sister as he looked at her.
	"Sorry, Oniisan," Urd aplogied. In a small voice upon seeing that
Ran was still looking at her, "You too, Skuld."
	The five of them ate in silence for a few moments until Belldandy
curiously asked, "Oniisan, how did your assignment go?"
	"Yeah, Oniisan, how did yur assignment *go*?" Urd threw in
	Ran's face took a pained expression which caused Urd to soften
hers and said, "It's done, for now..."

[=== End of Part 1 ===]

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