Sylia Stringray was bored. There hadn't been a rogue boomer in
almost three weeks, a new record. All the Knight Saber's equipement
and armors were up to spec and ready for action. Sales at the Silky
Doll had slowed down too. Sylia had turned on an all-news radio
station as she sat behind the counter.
	In the years to come, Sylia could never figure out why she looked
up when she had been ignoring the bell that announced people entering
the store, but she did looked up and saw something she didn't see
everday. What was unusual was the fact that there was five guys
entering the lingerie shop. While was unusal, it was not unheard of,
generally, when it did happened it was usually good for a laugh or
	Sylia noted that the five, all in their twenties, moved with a
familiarity that suggested to her that they were used to working
together, as if they were a USSD unit or something. She also noted
that while each had dressed differently, there was an uniformness to
the group which was only emphasized by the different solid color
	The first one through the door had black hair and a red shirt and
red pants that had the look of body armor and yet wasn't. The next one
wore light blue and was blonde, the one after him wore orange and had
dark blue hair, the next wore dark blue and he had light blue hair,
and the last wore green and had light brown hair. Sylia noted that
each as they enter 'check out' the place much as she herself would
	Puzzled, a group shot of the Sailormoon cast came to Sylia's
mind. The image was followed by a slight giggle. Sylia could imagine
quite easily the shocked faces of her friends if they know how much of
a fan of Sailormoon Sylia was.
	True she had been a dutiful daughter while her father was alive,
but when it came to Sailormoon... well everyone needs to believe in
fairy tales and magic from time to time. Sylia could still remember
how her father tried to dissuade her about Sailormoon...  'Magic isn't
real' and 'It's impractical,' were his two favorite lines. Still
Doctor Stringray bought all seven hundred episodes of Sailormoon for
her as the last birthday present she ever got from him. On her own,
she even got the rare, one hundred, mature episodes.
	Those would probably cause a greater shock.... Not to mention the
hentai anime collection she had or the Sailormoon costume she still
had (which still fit her). They would especially won't like the idea
that she sometimes think of them as Sailor Senshi, Priss as Sailor
Mars, Linna as Sailor Venus, and Nene as Sailor Mercury.
	Sylia sighed as the thought of Sailormoon passed. She was still
looking for her Prince Endymion...  Now slightly depressed and having
nothing better to do, Sylia practiced her covert intelligence
gathering skills on the five men.

	The one in green said, "I don't know about this, Ryo..."
	The one in red, obviously Ryo, replied, "Come on... It's a great
idea, Sage."
	Sage turned to the one in dark blue and asks, "Well, Rowan, what
do you think?"
	Rowan thinks for a moment, shrugs, and replies, "Everyone needs
	The one in orange adds, "It's a great idea! See, even Rowan
agrees with me."
	"Of course you think it's a great idea, Kento," the one in light
blue replies. "You thought of it."
	"Ah, Cye," Kento says to the light blue one. To the group, he
responses, "I didn't see any of you thinking up a gift for Mia..."
	At which point they all realize that choosing a pair of underwear
isn't going to be as simple as they thought it would be. After all,
men only had to chose from boxers or briefs...
	After viewing all their options, which the Silky Doll Lingerie
shop had a wide selection, the five men were at a lost as to what type
of underwear to get until Cye suggested to Sage, "Well? You *know*
Mia best... What type of underwear would *you* like to see her wear?"
	Sage blushed which clashed with his green outfit. Sage thought
about it for a moment and walked over to where the high-cut, silk
panties were kept.
	"They should be green," Kento said as they near the bin with the
	"Yeah, that way she'll know who it's from," Cye added with a
	After a few moments of silence, Rowan asked Sage, "Do you know
what *size* Mia is?"
	"Ah, no," Sage replied. With a shrug, he added, "Does it matter?"
	The other four men looked at Sage as if he was crazy, which he
was. Sylia tried unsuccessfully to hide a smirk.
	"Man are you in trouble," Kento exclaimed. "With a capital 'T.'"
	Cye added, "Yep, Sage... If you buy a size too large, Mia will
think you think she's fat..."
	Kento continued, "And if you buy a size too small, she'll think
she is fat..."
	"In either case, you're toast, Sage," Ryo said with a smile.
	"If you all knew that," Sage asked, "why are we doing this?"
	"Because some of us come prepared," Cye replied. He takes a piece
of paper from his pants' pocket and hands it to Sage.
	Sage looks at the piece of paper and asks, "How... Where did you
	"I got it from Kale," Cye replies evenly. Seeing the look on
Sage's face, he adds, "He got it from Lady Kayura..."
	Sage sighs and said, "Oh in that case..."
	Turning to Ryo, Sage suggests, "Why don't you get Kayura some
underwear too?"
	Ryo looks pained for a moment but answers, "because she doesn't
wear any..."
	The other four facefault at that.
	Quickly Ryo adds, "She told me so... Said it got in the way..."
	"I'll bet," Sage responsed.
	"Anyway, Sage, grab a pair and lets go," Ryo stated evenly. He
walked away from the group towards Sylia. For a most, she was worried
that he had caught her silencing in but he just walked over to the
wall, leaned against it, and closed his eyes as he seemed to listen to
the radio.
	Although Ryo's eyes were close, Sylia didn't for a minute think
that he didn't know what was going on around him. It was at this point
that the music Sylia had been originally listening to was interupted
with a bulletin that the green line of the meglev trains were out, due
to power-failures.
	After the radio-host added about 'an unrelated' robbery at the
Muesum, Ryo said softly, "Everything is related... we just don't
always see the connections..."
	Which caused Sylia to frown since she had similar thoughts.

[=== End of Part 1 ===]

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