As Akane Tendo laid in her bed, she couldn't imagine having a day
like she did. It all seemed so... unreal. And yet, the proof lay
besided her.
	The day started out as a typical Sunday... She ran her daily five
mile jog but when she got back her father had called her and her
sisters together for a family meeting. At the meeting, she and her
sisters learned that their father had engaged one of them to the son
of his best friend, some guy named Genma Saotome and the son's name
was Ranma.
	She was both relieved and slightly disappointed when 'Ranma'
Saotome and a panda arrived just as her father finished explaining why
he did what he did. Why she was disappointed that Ranma turned out to
be a girl, she couldn't say. But the disappointed left her when she
discovered that Ranma knew the martial arts and had agreed to spar
with her.
	Sparring wasn't the word Akane would have used to describe what
had happened then. Teasing would have been a better word. Ranma,
obviously the suprior martial artist, basically avoided all of her
efforts to hit her. Not only that but the remarks Ranma made only
confused her... They were the type of things she would have expected a
boy to made... And yet, Ranma was obvious a girl, or so she thought...
Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.
	After sparring, Ranma leaded for the baths while the three Tendo
sisters talked about Ranma. 

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