Character's Relative One Power Strength

Note: Groups are listed From Strongest to Weakest
Listing within lines are arbitrary, although attempt at placing people stronger before weaker people.
ie Nynaeve is stronger than Moghedien

Group 1
Rand al'Thor (Lews Therin)
Note: Robert Jordan, himself, as stated that the Dragon is in a group by himself.

Group 2
Ishamael, Lanfear

Group 3
Sammael, Rahvin, Be'lal, Aginor, Graendal, Mesaana,

Group 4
Logain, Balthamel, Demandred, Mazrim Taim, Nynaeve, Moghedien, Semirhage

Group 5
Corlan, Dashiva, Asmodean, Moridin

Group 6
Jur Grady, Damer Flynn, Fedwin Morr, Hopwil Eben, Average Asha'man
Aviendha, Egwene, Elayne

Group 7
Cadsuane, Nicola, Someryn

Group 8
Elaida, Garenia, Lelaine, Moiraine, Romanda, Siuan, Therava

Group 9
Alanna, Amys, Bera, Galina, Kiruna, Kwamesa, Leane, Myrelle,

Group 10
Reanne, Sheriam, Theodrin, Verin

Group 11
Alviarin, Anaiya, Beonin, Carlinya, Movrin

Group 12
Faolain, Melaine, Average Aes Sedai

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