This is a TimeLine for the Wheel of Time

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Wheel of Time Timeline

          Age of Legends
                    War of Power
                    War of the Shadow
                    Breaking of the World
                    Time of Madness

	Current Age

circa 200 AB             Covenant of the Ten Nations
active 335-336 AB        Raolin Darksbane, false Dragon
1000 - 1300 AB      Trolloc Wars
circa 1300 - 1308 AB     Yurian Stonebow, false Dragon

FY 000                   End of the Trolloc Wars
FY 351                   Davian, false Dragon
FY 939 - 943             Guaire Amalasan, false Dragon
FY 939 - 943        War of the Second Dragon
FY 943 - 994             Artur Hawkwings' Empire
FY 992                   Hawkwing sent armies across Aryth Ocean
FY 994 - 1117       War of the Hundred Years

000 NE                   End of War of the Hundred Years
500 NE                   Goaban fade away
968 NE                   Travels of Jain Farstrader first
972 NE                   Tigraine disappeared
976 - 978 NE             Aiel War
978 NE                   Birth Year of Rand, Mat, & Perrin
994 NE                   Jain Farstrader vanished
997 NE                   Logain, false Dragon
998 NE                   Mazrim Taim, false Dragon
998 NE                   Assassination of King Galldrain of
999 NE ?                 Fall of the Stone of Tear.

                    Tarmon Gai'don (Last Battle)

AB   =    After the Breaking of the World
FY   =    Free Year, Freedom from Trolloc Threat
FF   =    From the Founding ( of Artur Hawkwings' Empire
NE   =    New Era, Current Age