Chinese Mythological

Compass Associations

In Chinese Mythology, they associate the following together:
Direction Guardian Animal Season Element Heavenly Body Human Organ(s)
East (left side) Seiryuu, the Blue (or Green)[1] Dragon Spring Wood Planet Jupiter Liver and Gall
South (Front) Suzaku, the Red Bird Summer Fire the Sun; Planet Mars Heart and Large Intestines
West (Right Side) Byako, the White Tiger Autumn Wind; Metal Planet Venus Lungs and Small Intestine
North (Back) Genbu, the Black Tortoise Winter Cold; Water Planet Mercury Kidneys and bladder

  • Good Influences
  • Bright
  • Warm
  • Active
  • Life-Giving
  • the Sun [which gives off shen (soul substance)]

  • Bad Influences
  • Darkness
  • Cold
  • Inactive
  • Earth Earthy
  • the Moon

[1]Note: The colors green and blue are considered interchangable in China

Source: China and Japan (Myths and Legends Series) Donald A. MacKenzie

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