Zaxxon's FanFic Glossary

This is my personal data dictionary for my FanFics.

It is posted to the Web for my easy access as well as to help proof-readers in understanding the terms I use in my FanFics.

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Alpha Male
Definition: (Standard) (noun) dominant man: a man who controls the activities of a group and to whom others defer
(Fanfiction) (noun) a man, or young male, to whom others are attracted to or defer to because of his personal power in chi/ki, magic, social standing, ability, or knowledge being potentially/actually greater then their own.

Rule of Alpha: One unconsciously defers to another with a greater aura of power/authority.
The most powerful aura of power/authority in a group is the Alpha of the group, consciously acknowledged or not.

Reactions to an Alpha Male are:
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Definition: Machine that is shaped in humanoid form, usually to perform 'human' functions.

A modified classification of Androids, based in part on Armitage III series types:
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Astral Plane:
Definition: Dimension of Pure Thought.

Note: Through psionics or magical meanings one can reach this dimension. Since it is an existence of pure thought, neither matter or energy as implied by normal space, does not exist in this dimension. Nor does Newtian Physics apply available here.
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Translation: Place of Knowledge and Wonder

History: 'Atlantis' is the name of five city-states in the ancient world (pre-Roman Empire history)...

Atlantis I
The first city with name Atlantis was founded 75,000 years ago by those that would become known as the Highlords of Atlantis. Located on the isle of Atlantis, now known as Antarctica.

Atlantis II
The second city with the name of Atlantis was founded 11,000 years ago by survivors of the first after the tectonic displacement that occurred 12,500 years ago. Located in the Greek Isles.

Atlantis III
The third city was founded 8,000 years ago by the Arch-mage Arion, independent of the Second Atlantis in Tibet.

Atlantis IV
The Fourth city was founded 5,000 years ago by survivors of the Great Mage War in Tibet that destroyed the Third City. Located in what is now Washington, DC, United Stated of America.

Atlantis V
The fifth and last city with the name of Atlantis, founded 4,500 years ago after a volcano eruption "destroyed" the Second City. Mentioned in the Ancient Greek writings.
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Definition: A being that is constructed as a long-term host for a powerful godling/demon or serves as representative of a powerful godling/demon on a lower realm. Usually given some kind of access to the godling/demon's power and knowledge.

Note: Avatars are not effected by crossing World quantum levels, since they are apart of both Worlds.
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Definition: Science of replacing biological parts with cybernetic parts that behave and look like the biological replaced parts.
Also Known As: Cybernetic
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Biotech Science:
Definition: Science of using biological organism systems as technology. As known as: Organic Technology.
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Black Iron
Note: Name and basic concept comes from Magic of Recluce Sage by L.E. Modesitt, Jr..

Definition: Any iron or iron composite that is magically Ordered or technologically molecularly aligned.

Note: As such, such metal is superior to normal material in strength and magically resistance.
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Black Magic:
Definition: Magic that draws power from or invokes demons, devils, or spirits of chaos and destruction. Such magic usually also involves dark emotions, such as hate, bigotry, and greed.
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Blood Magic:
Definition: Magic that draws its strength from ki/life energy of a person. This energy is usually drawn from a separate being, and often through ritualistic torture, hence the term 'blood' magic. Blood magic is the primary source of energy for Vampires, and some demons.

Note: Most mage-schools consider, correctly, that Blood Magic is dangerous, both to the Caster and the Land. As such, most Mages are pledged to destroy any and all followers of Blood Magic that they come across.
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Definition: This magical stone takes three drops of blood from a wizard or witch and magically records onto a scroll that person's heritage, magical power level, and magical abilities.
A bloodstone is used to introduce Ancestorial Sorcery to young wizards and witches.

A bloodstone has also been used, using a standard, to measure the purity of a wizard or witch's blood. The standard commonly used is the blood of an Ancient-Blood Wizard Family.
Note: Other standards can be used, but if the Blood that is used is not purer or more powerful then the one being tested, the person that gave the sample for the standard receives a magical backlash, that can be lethal or leave that person a squib.

Note: Because a bloodstone does not adhere to Ministry standards, as well as revealing some wizards are not muggleborn, but squib-born, or some so-called purebloods are half-breeds, the use of a bloodstone on others is illegal as of the sixteen century. It is legal for one to use a bloodstone to learn of their ancestry and their abilities.
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Bloody Alchemist, The:
Definition: After gave some measures of fame after publishing the work he did with Alchemist Nicolas Flamel on the twelve usages of dragon blood, Dumbledore began working on the possible usage of blood from other species in a similar manner.
These works were not as well received, and thought to be borderline dark magic.
The Blood-Purist movement used many of these works, especially those dealing with Wizard Blood directly as the bases for their movement. At no point, has Dumbledore denied any of his questionable findings nor derided the movement's beliefs.
Note: As such, many believe that Albus Dumbledore is the father of the Modern Blood-Purist movement.

Many outside of Britain believe that the Bloody Alchemist is a Dark Lord controlling the British Ministry from behind the scenes and is responsible for the descent of quality of wizards and witches from Magical Britain.
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Bride Blood-Bonding Potion
Also called Witch/Bride's Brew
Definition: This magical potion that binds the blood and magic of a witch to her wizard husband (to be) family. Thus ensuring the continuation of a Wizard Bloodline.
Each wizard-family that can trace their family back to the fifteen hundreds as their own 'recipe for this potion, that include minor variations of the blood-binding.

The two most important ingredients to brew this potions are:
The two final ingredients of this potion are:
Note: Length of brewing time various from recipe to recipe (each Wizard Family having their own recipe), range from thirty-two days (must begin before the full moon, and end after the next full moon) to a year and a day.
Normal brewing time of this potion is the engagement/handfast period. The witch starts to brew it once engaged/handfasted, and finishes it on her wedding day.

Note: In the fifteen hundreds, this potion was outlawed because of misuse, incorrectly brewed, prejudice against New-Blood (First Generation through Fifth Generation witches).
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Definition: Computer Assistance Program,
operation system program that can help out their users completely or partially. C.A.P's usually have an user- complementary personality. C.A.P's are used with extended missions and solitaire flights, or with complicated systems. Users tend to give their C.A.P's personalized names.

CAP Classifications
Class 1:
Assigned to a specific craft.
Class 2:
Assigned to a specific craft-type and group of people/ users.
Class 3:
CAP is personalized to a specific people/user.
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Definition: ranking within a group or class
(in order of STRONGEST to weakest)
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Cybernetic-Human Interaction Medium
Also Known As: Cyberspace; Virtual Reality
Definition: ('Cyberspace' coined by William Gibson) Notional "information-space" loaded with visual cues and navigable with brain-computer interfaces called "cyberspace decks"; a characteristic prop of cyberpunk SF.
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Definition: Cyberspace Operative,
aka Netglider, Zone Dancer, ...
Computer-users that operate in cyberspace. They appear as archetype, "physical" manifestation in cyberspace, that may appear as the operative in real-time or as their code-names.
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Cauldron Baby (also: Cauldron Child or Cauldron Kid)
Definition: A term used to refer to a person of unnatural, magical origins usually used as an insult to state they are inferior to an actual human being of natural origins.
Such a ritual is used to create a single or group of offsprings, depending on the desire of the Ritual-Performer and the specific ritual used.
Regardless of which version of the ritual is used, the resulting person/people are inferior then if they were born through natural means.
Such rituals are usually associated with Blood Alchemy, and considered by many to be Dark Magic in nature.
Despite the disadvantages of such rituals, they are used, for example, when a couple is infertile, a couple/individual desires to design an offspring with specific traits and abilities, or mass-production of soldiers/warriors or servants.
The ritual does allow, to a degree, the genetic engineering of the offspring based on magical formulas.
The age of the resulting offspring can be adjusted within the ritual itself. Those rituals that produce infants tend to yield greater results then those that produce full adults.
Additional usages of such a ritual is said to be used by those couples that which to ensure the "blood-purity" of their offsprings.

Examples of Cauldron Babies are:
* Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter Fanfiction series)
* Queen Serenity the Second ("Travelers Return" fanfiction)
* Various Ancient Armies/Servants (Harry Potter Fanfiction series)
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Chaotic Magic
Definition: Magic that uses the forces or element of Chaos. Chaos is defined as "Confusion; disorder; a state in which the parts are undistinguished." Chaos has no form or reason to it.

Note: Pure Chaos or Pure Order can not exist in the Lower Realms (Worlds Four, Five, and Six), just as Pure Good and Pure Evil cannot either.
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Magical Checkbook
Definition: As the name implies, this is a booklet (of various forms) that contains slips of paper with one's name and bank information that the one issued the book can make payments with.
Using special, one-way secure summoning/teleportation spells/charms, created by Charm Mistress Lily Potter, the amount of the check, in any denomination required, is magically removed from one's account and is teleported to the area where the check was placed. Physical tallying of the actual account is required for the transaction to be recorded as nothing is sent back to the bank.
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Definition: Chi is Chinese for "Spirit," "air," "breath," or "spirit energy." Black Belt Magazine Martial Arts Dictionary defines it as, a biophysical energy generated through breathing techniques studied in kung fu. Ideally, chi can infuse a person with tremendous vitality and make him or or her extremely powerful in action, much moreso than power developed through the muscular system alone.

Note: Chi usually flows like a river of water for similar reasons that water do. Such rivers of chi are called ley lines or dragon lines. Areas where two or more ley lines intersect are called nodes. Most (but not all) nodes attract and capture magical energies, thus very skilled mages can tap into.
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Clerical Magic
Definition: Powers derived from a godling or a holy power, usually through prayer or special spell.
Note: A person does not require to have mage-genes in order to do clerical magic. Although mage-genes would make the process run smoother and allow for higher level spells.
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Closed/Opened Witch:
Definition: In reference to a witch, being closed or opened refers to her magic core. Witches, unlike Wizards, are born with a closed magic core, metaphysically corresponding to the physical hymen barrier. A closed witch's core can not grow or expand.
A witch can be opened by a Wizard of greater magical-power by performing a sex-magic ritual involving vaginal-intercourse with the closed witch. A magical bond is formed between the witch and her Opener. The strength of the bond between the witch and her Opener can theorized by knowing the magical power differentiation between them, the magical strength of the Wizard, the relationship between them, the House standing of the Wizard, and age of the witch.
A witch's opened magic-core can grow and expand as she ages, thus, increasing a witch's magic and magical sensitivity. Opened witches have described this magical sensitivity as the difference between day and night. Hence many opened witches look down upon closed witches, believing them to be blind and insensitive.
An opened witch's magic core can strength and enhance her offspring's magic core. Common wisdom believes that no squib can be born to an opened witch. However, while this is true, being opened does not guarantee her offspring's magical power level. Among the pure-bloods, it has been noted that even though the mother was opened by a powerful wizard and her husband was a powerful wizard, her offsprings were still near-squib level of magical ability and power. It is theorized that had the witch been closed the offspring would have been a squib, and more of an outcome of the inbreeding that pure-bloods perform upon themselves.
It is considered by many that the opening of a witch is a Life-Changing Event, hence, a witch will not forget the wizard that opened her. There are a few that believe it is the bond between a witch and her Opener that won't allow a witch to forget him.

Note: A witch must be willing to be opened in order for her to be opened, as well as the Wizard meaning to open the witch, for it to work. Thus, a witch can not be opened through regular sexual intercourse, nor through rape.
Hence, many witches mistakenly believe themselves to be open, when in reality they are not.

Note: There is a secret ritual shared among witches, that can enforce the barrier around a witch's core allowing her to manipulate the wizard's magic to be used to enslave the unexpecting wizard to her.
A witch that does attempt this ritual, successful bind the wizard or not, can never be opened. Her magic is also forever frozen at that level. There are those that believe such a witch is cut off from renewing her magic, and will eventually run out, becoming a squib.
In counter, a wizard that is a magical lord, either through inheritance or by having sworn followers (at least one), is completely immune from this attempt of enslavement. It is common wisdom that such a witch that performed this ritual and attempted to enslave a lord is enslaved herself far greater then her intended enslavement of the wizard.
It is believed by many that Jus Primae Noctis, Law of First Night, was started to ensure the smooth performance of the opening of a witch.

Common wisdom believes that opening a witch is one of the oldest professions within the Wizardry World, dating back to the very first magic-users.
Professional Openers have a wide variety of knowledge in the magical fields of rituals, healing, runes, charms, sex-magic, and potions. It is rare for a professional Opener to have no other business besides opening a witch. Many professional Openers have other talents.
Lord Charlus Potter, of House Potter, was very sought after for performing the opening ritual as he was both a magical lord of very Ancient House and a Master Enchanter. He was also noted for his discretion and care of those he opened.
Note: Since 1910, the British Ministry of Magic has sought to control the opening of witches ritual. Lord Charlus Potter has stood strongly against such a move, invoking House Rights several times in such discussion. It believed by Lord Potter and his followers, it is through the opening ritual (and other methods) that Muggleborns are assimilated into the Wizardry World, as well as the build-up of Tapestry of Houses.
Note: Ministry Openers tend to be appointed not for their skills, powers, or talents, but through nepotism and bribery. These wizards are usually very low power-wise and are just out to have sexual intercourse with various witches, whom would not have anything to do with them otherwise. As such, no Ministry Opener is not truly successful in opening a witch, but the Ministry and ignorant purebloods are conceived that they are.

Council of Masters:
Definition: A group of seventy craft-masters that survived the Fall of Atlantis and serves as the highest governing body of magic-users throughout the world.
Requirement for membership into this council is that the member has to be an acknowledged master of his craft for more than one hundred years.
A president or war-chief is elected by members of the council, and can only serve for seven years (a minor cycle), and can not be considered for re-election for another fifty years (a major cycle plus one).
Decrees and laws of this council are inter-woven into the fabric of magic itself, thus Law-Enforcement of the Council is done mostly through Magic itself or those their Law-Keepers.

Note: It was the Council of Masters, after the Fall of Atlantis, that divided the world into three major kingdom/empires of the Ancient World: Xin (Asia), Egypt (Africa), and Avalon (Europe).
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Creative Physics:
Definition: Area of Physics involved in non-standard space-time continuum where standard Laws of Physics do not apply or have not set met set/finalized, such as in an infant or immature Universe.
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Definition: a entity with one or more of the following attributes:
  1. An evil supernatural being, who uses mortal souls as a means of substance, or as a source of mystical power.
  2. A supernatural being who acts as an empathic leech, drawing strength from emotions of pain, fear, hate, etc. and from death.
  3. A spirit that embodies death, darkness, chaos, that is not a god.
  4. Any supernatural monster.

Devils are a "super"class of demons that are usually bonded to their realms.

In ranking of power from the strongest to weakest, the order of classes is
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Doctor Smith's Perm-Color Hair Dye:
Expansion of old Anime Fanon Concept to explain artistic license with various character's hair colors which were not natural , such as purple, blue and green-color hair.

Definition: A 1930s company created a hair dye called "Doctor Smith's Perm-Color Hair Dye", which worked better than advertised. This product permanently (lasting a year) changed one's hair color, whereas other products only lasted for a couple of weeks at most. This product colored one's hair and roots.
This product was very popular in the 1950s in America, Europe and Asia.
With this product, one could have any imaginable hair color: blue, green, purple, apple-red, silver, gold, etc..
The more one used the product, the longer the effect lasted.
After seven years of usage, other hairs besides those that were dyed would obtain the same coloring as well. This was marketed as a time saver. Just dye one's eyebrows or parts of one's hair on top of one's head, and within seven years, all your hair would take on your chosen color, roots and all.
What was not known until the 1960s was that this product actually affected one's DNA, thus making one's changed hair color heritable and permanent.
The new Perm-Color simply replaces the original hair color of a person. If their hair color was dominant-gene, the changed hair color was visible in all generations. If it was recessive-gene, it's affects might not be seen for several generations.
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Definition: Machine that performs a task. Form decided by function.
Droid Classifications
Class 1: Mobile unit of a Mainframe unit that is Stationary.
Class 2: Semi-autonomous unit that is linked to a Mainframe.
Class 3: Autonomous Unit.
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Enchantress Control Act of 1490
Definition: It is believed that given the goddess-complex that most Enchantresses seem to have, and the vast destruction caused by the quasi-centennial outbreak of Enchantress Wars, the Wizengamot created and enforced the Enchantress Control Act of 1490. Said Act forbade closed-witches from owning or studying any material on enchanting, while an opened-witch may study enchanting if she was bonded to a Wizard, or member of House in good standing.
Any closed witch found with books are enchanting are to be executed immediately, as an extreme threat to the Wizardry World.
Two notable Enchantress Wars are those of 1136 and 1438. Both wars cause a huge decline in the wizard population, which many believe that the Wizardry World has not ever recovered from.
The Enchantress War of 1136 is noted for the perceived lost of the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff lines, as well as the death of over eighty percent of all the single wizards in Western Europe.
The Enchantress War of 1438 is noted for the almost destruction of the Slytherin and Gryffindor lines, the death of approximately one quarter of the single wizards of Magical United Kingdom, and the slippage of this Enchantress War into the Muggle World, prompted one of the largest Witch-Hunt in magical memory, given rise to the International Secrecy Statue.

Notable Enchantresses Are:

Note: The House Potter is exempt from said Act.
Note: While Merlin is considered the Prince of Enchanters, members of the House Potter are the Monarchs of Enchanting. Object enchanted by House Potter or Merlin are very sought after within the Wizardry World.
It is common knowledge that Merlin studied enchanting under House Potter.
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First Ones
Definition: The name of the very first beings created within the Cosmos who are the Primordial Forces. They number seven and are more commonly refer to as Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit, Space, and Time. The first four, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, are considered female in gender and the last three, Spirit, Space, and Time, are considered male in gender.

Note: The First Ones are named after the classical elements who's names differ for region to region. They are so named because they are the source of these elements.
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Founders' Children
Definition: A catch-all that refers to the first class of students to attend Hogwarts, and each of the Founders sought out students similar to themselves. These students were either first-time magic-users that were ignorant of magic or non-inheriting children among the existing magical enclaves of those days. These first generation Hogwarts students were considered by many to be the magical heirs of the Founder that brought them to Hogwarts.
Those Houses that were established through them or sponsored by the Founders initially are consider to be the foundation of "modern Magical United Kingdom."

Note: Just because one Founder sought out a particular House, does not mind that family is limited to that Founder's House. For example, the House Black was sponsored by Founder Rowena Ravenclaw, and yet, in the past hundred years have been sorted into Slytherin House. On the other hand, House Weasley and Longbottom were sponsored by Godric Gryffindor and have remained within that House for the most part. House Bones was sponsored by Helga Hufflepuff, but has been equally sorted throughout the centuries into all four Houses.

Note: House Potter pre-dates Hogwarts, and several members of House Potter were among the first members of Hogwarts' facility.

Note: Salazar Slytherin is noted for finding many of the children that would make up Hogwarts's alumni, both that lived with mundane and magical villages.
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Note: Concept of Gen-Factor comes from Image Comics--Wildstorm

Additional genetic code obtained by Dr. Tsung from Sigma that allows multiple dimensional access, thus giving a person psionics powers or other talents.
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Genetic Construction Engineering:
Definition: The study and practice of building organism to perform to a specified task or tasks from scratch or major alteration to existing organism.
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Genetic Medicine:
Definition: The practice of using the body's own healing method in an accelerated state induced and controlled by medicine.
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Definition: a humanoid magical elemental being

The origin of such being is known only to themselves, but believed to be the work of the First (Omega-Class) Enchanters, after the Fall of Atlantis, known as the Time of Chaos. They were said to be created to be living wands for the First Enchanters.
Enchanters have found that the younger female muggles and older witches make the best genies, while Enchantresses found that only young wizards, before pubity, make good genies.
As with a wooden-wand, not all Genies are compatible with a enchanter/wizard. Although bound to their Master's will, the Genie can interpret their wishes/magic into harmful ways. Hence the old sayings, "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it."
As a being of magic-element, a Genie can assume any humanoid shape.
Although made solely from magic-element, a Genie has no magic core like a witch/wizard, nor can she use her own magic. Only an witch/wizard can use their magic as they would a wand. Their Master can use their magic by stating verbal wishes or focusing their magic as one would use a wooden-wand.
Originally a Genie could only be bound to an Wizard/Enchanter, but King Solomon the Wise found a way to bind a Genie to an object or place.
A Genie survives by living off the magic of that which they are bound to, be it an individual Wizard, a Wizard Family Line, or a Magical Place.
Genies are virtual immortal, they can only be killed by special type of Soul-Magic or the destruction/death of that which they are bound to. A Genie can also be killed if they are released from their bond, or rejected completely by their Master.

Genies are the social status symbols of the most powerful of Wizard Families. House-elves have been referred to as a poor wizard's genie..
Only a true (Alpha-Class) Enchanter can create a genie.
The Ministry requires that true Enchanters be registered with them, and have passed laws on the creation of Genies. Several criminals, too powerful to be jailed, have been forcefully made into Genies. There are forms a witch can fill out if she wishes to become a Genie.

Harry Potter Fanfiction Note: Merlin has been said to be the Prince of Enchanters, this is because he studied under the Kings and Queens of Enchanters, the Potters.
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GI Jane Rebellion
Definition: In the early days of the twenty-first century, a secret feminist supremacist group positioned itself to take over the world. They did so through overt military might and covert political assassination and bio-warfare.
As the military members were the most overt of this secret group, the nick name of "GI Jane", the female equivalent to the nick GI Joe, was used to describe all members. Most times, the term is shorten to just Jane in most conversations.
In the first hundred days of the world-takeover, the Janes eliminated over eighty percent of the world's male population and about twenty percent of the world's female population.
Many of the techniques the Janes used against males, of any age, were brutal and extreme. Janes had a very misandric view, and only allowed weak, subservient males, known as Jane-boys to survive under tight controlled situations.
Janes also targeted every man-made structures they could destroy as well.
An example of the Janes' policies was the over-crowded prison problem, the Janes' solution was simple: all female prisoners' sentences were reduced to time served, while all male prisoners, prison-guards, prison-staff, and visitors were brutal murdered. It is said that the lucky ones took a month to die.
The Janes reign of the world lasted only for approximately six months. Their fall came from both from internal strife and opposition factions that avoid the Jane's multiple purges.
The Janes' Fall left the world in chaos, which some believe was worse then the Janes' Rise, as both genders suffered greatly in the anarchy.
Several warlords fought for supremacy during the chaos. Several of the warlords were female, were either surviving Janes or acted as such.
A coalition of pre-Jane businessmen, military leaders, warlords, and freedom-fighters restored order to the world, and established a world-wide government.
Five years after the Rise of the Jane, many began to believe that any woman with power was evil and dangerous. As such, several women's rights were abolished and women were considered to be property of men. This attitude started and was enforced by the women themselves.
A problem that quickly arose was the simple fact that ninety-five percent of the world population was female. Of the males that did survive, majority of them were Jane-boys, who lacked the mentality to lead.
It was the women themselves that policed and regulated themselves. Rumors of a woman that was a Jane or suspected of harboring Jane-like attitudes where lynched by mobs of women, horrified by the Janes' Rise.
Majority of women wishing to avoid Jane-like appearances or truly believe that that women should not be allowed to be independent wished to be the property (slaves) of men. However, the rarity of males had that to be impractical. Thus, majority of these women, over ninety percent of them, are considered to be owned by various corporations or governments. These corporations are, in turn, owned in some fashion by a man or group of men. All leadership roles in government are, officially, held by a man, but the reality is that that is physically impossible given the great shortage of men.
While a great desire to be enslaved by men is common among majority of the surviving women and their children, there are a very small group of women wishing to remain free. These Free Women were able to do so with the support of a group of men that recognized that an entire slave population (even a vast majority) is not practical. These Free Women are allowed to be free under sponsorship and direct supervision of an individual man.
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Definition: A being that fits one of the following:
  1. ) Beings who are worshiped at one point in time.
  2. ) Beings with a non-temporal life span.
    i.e. Do not exist in a temporal-forward line fashion.
  3. ) Being whose power is based on a "universal" level.

Note: To be able to "kill" one must ...
  1. ) lose all worshipers and be forgotten.
  2. ) defeated completely by an equal or greater power.
  3. ) total atomic disruption of will/ being.

Godling Classifications
(in order of STRONGEST to weakest)
Note: To each class, there are, at least, three sub-classes,
which are (in order of STRONGEST to weakest
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Government of Harry Potter's World
Definition: The government for Harry Potter's World in my fanfictions is:
After the Fall of Atlantis, the Council of Masters was established as the governing body of all magic-users. Under the Council of Masters are the smaller local governing bodies: Wizard's Council (those with magic-cores), Witch's Council (those that use earth-magic), and the Sorcerer's Council (those that become one with magic).
Under these councils are: the Guild Council, Warlock Council, and (in modern time) local Ministries.
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Highlords of Atlantis:
Definition: First World beings who are the 'offsprings' of the 'First Ones.'

Not much is known of the Highlords before the Founding of Atlantis for which they are known for, even less is known about individual Highlords. Since they founded and taught from Atlantis, they are as known as: Council on High, Primal Elementals, Giver of High Magic

Note: The Names given here are in accordance to the Book of First Atlantis.They are listed by age, may not be accurate

Names Zaxxon Zaxtaz Zaxgon Vatxon Vattaz Vatgon Galxon Galtaz Galgon Arxon Artaz Argon
Came From Fire and Time Fire and Space Fire and Spirit Water and Time Water and Space Water and Spirit Earth and Time Earth and Space Earth and Spirit Air and Time Air and Space Air and Spirit
Gender male, oldest male female male female, deceased male female, deceased male female, deceased female female male, youngest, deceased

Note: When a Highlord 'dies,' they simply become dormant and assume the 'shape' of an Orb. Called Orbs of Argon, first Highlord to 'die,' they are object of great power (slightly less than the power of a 'living' Highlord).

The Highlords, before leaving Earth, created some Objects of Power
Names Zaxxon Zaxtaz Zaxgon Vatxon Vattaz Vatgon Galxon Galtaz Galgon Arxon Artaz Argon
Object Book of Eternity Pool of Truth Orb of Elemental Fire Book of True Futures Pool of Shape Orb of Elemental Water Book of the Past Pool of Destiny Orb of Elemental Earth Book of the Present Pool of Gates Orb of Elemental Air
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Definition: Independent Magnatech Program,
any type of program that can exist outside of hardware-dependence unit. Imps can enter and leave any electronic system including bionic or cybernetic organism system. they are system-independently written. They are contained within a Magnatech EM Field, and the fields must be recharged after twenty-four hours of use outside of a hardware system.
Note: Imps are given file names as would any other program have. However, most programmers tend to give Imps file names of magical creatures, such as elves, gremlins and such.
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Definition: Beings who fit one of the following:
  1. ) Beings with a long lifespan and are hard to kill.
  2. ) Beings whose power is based on a "galactic" level.

To be able to "kill" one must ...
  1. ) defeated completely by an equal or greater power.
  2. ) total molecular disruption of will/ being.
  3. ) rendered non-resurrectible [Brust]
    • Body not available for seven days,
    • Spell against resurrection,
    • Burn the body or chopped off head, etc.

Immortal Classifications/Levels
Class 1:
Skin, bone and muscle augmented to make it stronger and harder than human; impervious to injury to a certain extent.
Class 2:
Skin, bone and muscle retain human durability but body is able to heal near-lethal injuries by regenenerating cells to a limited extent.
Class 3:
Skin, bone and muscle augmented to make it stronger and harder than human; impervious to injury to an extraordinary extent
Class 4:
Able to regenerate injured tissue and brain cells to an extraordinary degree; but not able to regenerate missing limbs or organs
Class 5:
Able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, and virtually all toxins, corrosives, punctures, and concussions without sustaining injury
Class 6:
Able to regenerate injured or missing brain cells, tissue, limbs or organs
Class 7:
Able to withstand all injury short of a direct nuclear explosion
Class 8:
Able to heal all injury short of a direct nuclear explosion
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Note: Name and basic concept comes from Star Wars and is owned by George Lucas.

Definition: A individual with mental and physical powers derived from a link with the Life Force.
Note: The term 'Jedi' is also used to refer to a group of such individuals.

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Ki is Japanese for "spirit". Black Belt Magazine Martial Arts Dictionary defines it as, the mental and spiritual power summoned through concentration and breathing that can be applied to accomplish physical feats. This centralized energy, possessed by every person, can be manifested through the practice of just about any martial discipline.

Thus, I define ki as internal, personal spiritual energy, versus, chi as external, worldy spiritual energy.

Note: Many martial artists can, and do use, ki to enhance their physical performances and can use ki as a projection weapon called ki-attacks. A good example of this is Ranma Saotome's Moko Takabisha from Ranma 1/2.

Note: Some Mages use ki and chi in combination to help focus their magic and to help funnel it into specific patterns.
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Knowledge Crystal
Definition: This artefact, made with magic or chi/ki, is a storage device for Lore, knowledge and memories in a crystalline form, or placed within an existing crystal.
Upload and download of information can be triggered by touch or specific condition, depending upon creation of the crystal. Information can be sent in bundles or in its entirety.

Note: Person(s) that receive the download from a knowledge crystal need to have strong sense of self and mental disciple, otherwise, insanity, death, or lost of information might occur.
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Life Force
Life Force is the energy that is produced and used by Life/Living Beings.

Ki is the Life Force/Bio-Energy of a being, internal to them.

Ether Stream is spiritual plane that is filled with free floating life-force and mana.

Dragonlines (also called ley-lines) are rivers that flow on the concentrated, free-floating life-force energy of the planet.

Chi is the planet's life force.

The Force is the life force energy of the entire Universe.
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Definition: Generic term for a magic-user and a person with mage-genes.
Expression: Mage-born, who is born with his or her magic active, versus, other mages who come into their power(s) sometime after puberty.

What type of magic a person uses is based on whether the mage uses internal or external power to the Soul and internal or external foci to the Soul.
Naming of Mage
Name (m/f) Foci Power Class
Warlock/Witch External External 1
Magician External Internal 2
Wizard/Wizardress Internal External 3
Sorcerer/Sorceress Internal Internal 4

Note: Higher level mages can use lower level spells but lower level mages cannot use higher level spells.
Note: A magic-user must have a Soul in order to create magic.
Note: Other beings can only take existing magical energies in the area and weave them into a spell.
Note: Magic-user MUST HAVE the mage-gene to be able to work magic of any Level. Powerful Demons and Powerful Godlings can give individuals a median to work their (Demons' And/Or Godlings') Magic. This is called Clerical Magic.
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Definition: The study, practice, or use of arcane knowledge of an Understanding of the Universe in a non-physical form.

Note: Magic is the practical/active aspect of mysticism, which is the theorical/scholastic study of the Divine.

Note: Magic is used in general as a catch-all phrase for anything a layperson doesn't understand.

Type of Magic:
Black Magic, Blood Magic, Chaotic Magic, Clerical Magic, High Magic, Low Magic, Shamanism, White Magic, Wild Magic
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Magic, High:
Definition: Magic that is non-localized or effects multiply planes
Note: In order to assist his students, the Highlord Zaxxon created a pocket dimension filled with modified Second World energy. This plane of power is only accessible by those studying under the Highlords, called Disciples, or by the Disciples' descendants. Access to this plane can only be revoked by the Highlords themselves.
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Magic, Low:
Definition: Magic that is localized or effects only one plane.
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Magical Girl Syndrome:
Definition: Many Magical Girls develop attitudes of elitism and misandry because of their magic, which they gain without any true effort on their part, although power-ups might come from training or merely experience, very little training or research is done by the magical girl.
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Definition: Science of manipulation of almost-solid and solid electro-magnetic fields to perform certain task(s).
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Martial Arts Level:
Definition: The grouping of martial arts from simplest to most complex.

Student, White Belt to First Dan Black/Red Belt
Knows basic knowledge/lore of the style.

Master, Second Dan Black/Red Belt to beyond
knows higher knowledge/lore of the style.

Weaponmaster, expert with one, specific weapon.

Blademaster, expert with a specific group of weapons.

Armsmaster, expert with all weapons and unarmed combat.
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misandry (mis'-an'-dre^-) /noun/:
misandric (mis'-an'-drik^-) /adjective/:
hatred of men
  1. the attribution of negative qualities to the entire male gender.
  2. the claim that masculinity is the source of human vices; such as domination, violence, oppression, and racism.
  3. a sexist assumption that
    1. male genes, hormones, and physiology,
    2. male cultural nurturing,
      produce war, rape, and physical abuse.
  4. the assignment of blame solely to man for humanity's historic evils without including women's responsibility or giving men credit for civilization's achievements.
  5. the assumption that any male person is probably domineering, oppressive, violent, sexually abusive, and spiritually immature.
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Note: Concept of Mord-Sith comes from Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind

Definition: Woman trained in the art of giving pain, and breaking a mind in order to get answers.
Mord-Sith are chosen as little girls, and the nicest ones make the best Mord-sith.
A Mord-Sith is broken three times during her training. The first time, the girl is tortured until her spirit is broken, the second time, she must watch her mother be killed to break her empathy, and the third time she must kill her father to break her fear of hurting another, all with the very same Agiel.
A Mord-Sith has the ability to capture the magic of one who has the gift, rendering it useless, and giving the Mord-Sith the ability to use that person's gift to cause pain.
Definition from Terry Goodkind :: Appendix (Index of People, Places and Things)

They are used, primarily, as torturers and information-gatherers. As such, their normal mode of dress is (blood) red leather outfits so their victim's blood would not show.

Note: Mord-Sith is both the name of the individual member and the group name.

Note: They can also be used as bodyguards and quote bed-warmers unquote.

Note: If their Master is a mage, they can use magical pain-sticks called Agiel. As well as they can use any magic used against them to control any mage.

Note: The Mord-Sith must be of the opposite gender of the Master's gender. (No male Mord-Sith are known to exist.)
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Note: Concept of Morganti comes from Adventures of Vlad Taltos by Steven Brust

Definition: A weapon created by the Serioli that can eat/destroy a soul, usually in the form of a blade (swords, knifes, etc). There are seventeen extremely powerful Morganti weapons with Intelligences and they're called Great Weapons.
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Mutants/ Metahumans:
Note: Concept of Mutants comes from Marvel Comics
Note: Concept of Meta-Humans comes from DC Comics

Definitions: Humans who posses the X-Factor/Metagene that give them powers/ abilities not associated with 'normal' people.

Traits are defined as
If they are non-localized 'changes' to a specific biological systems (in other words, changes throughout the entire body) or non-standard human biology.
If they are localized 'changes' to a specific biological system
Note: Secondary traits usually support or protect a mutant/meta-human from their primary traits.
For example, the primary trait of being able to fly (having wings; non-standard human biology) is supported by the secondary trait of hollow, re-enforced bones (specific biological system; skeleton system).

Mutant/Meta-Human Classifications
Possesses multiple primary traits
Possess single primary traits with secondary traits that 'support' the primary ones.
Possess only secondary traits
Dormant genes
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Definition: A Netglider is a Cyber-space Computer User.
Also Known As: Zone Dancer, Web Surfer,
Note: Some Expert Netgliders, who that think in binary, can operate at Computer Language Level 2.
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New World, The
Definition: A revolutionary virtual-reality (VR) role-playing game (RPG) that quickly became a huge, global phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.
The creators of The New World are unknown to the public and its players.
Also unknown to the public is that this VR-RPG is very advance Technomancy, at its best, combining bleeding-edge technology and very advance, planear-level magic together into a cohesive whole.
The New World is set in a typical Sword-n-Sorcery environment, with human, non-human, and demonic beings. Players are encouraged to see to expanding and refining the New World game world: creating new character classes, empires, histories, races, and skills.
Character creation takes a week, as it has to be approved, and customed tailored by magic to the player.
Player's forms within the New World are anatomically correct, and sexual acts are performable, as such, the official minimum age to play is 18 years old. However, the policy is ignored by most. Slavery, even sexual, is permitted, with it's own class of characters.
When/If a character is killed within the New World, the player is banned from the server for a month, and a completely new character must be created.
Various elements of bleed into the Old World (the real-world), such as guilds, hierarchies, magic, martial arts, and character personas.
Character Levels are defined by skill, ability, and knowledge, Level 0 is the starting level. Level 1 is intermediate, and Level 2 is a Master. Higher level can only be obtained upon mastering different skill sets. Over ninety-percent of players are Level 0, with six percent are Level 1, three-percent are Level 2, and only a handful are above Level 2.
Players wear crystal pendents in the Old World, which are, in fact, data crystals and the technomagical interface to the New World. Each crystal is color-coded by level: Level 0 is clear, Level 1 is white, Level 2 is red, Level 3 is orange, Level 4 is yellow, Level 5 is green, Level 6 is blue, Level 7 is purple, Level 8 is brown, and Level 9 is black.
Players can look up other players by their levels, save the Pantheon and the Ancient. The Ancient is the only Level 9 Player, but he is unlisted. Reijin is the only Level 8 Player. There are no Levels 5, 6, or 7 Players. There are a dozen Level 4 Players, the most famous being Moonblade. There are several dozen Level 3 Players. 90% of the remaining Players are Level 0, 8% are Level 1, and the remaining 2% are Level 2 of the hundreds of millions of Players in the New World.

Known Players (alphabetical order):
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Operation(/Project): Black Bag
Definition: "Operation: Black Bag" or "Project: Black Bag" is the catch-all name for all United States of America military operations and projects to defend the USA from the supernatural.
Operation: Black Bag was created and headed by then-General George Washington of the Colonial Army, to combat demons and vampires upon US soil. Upon Washington's Presidency, Operation: Black Bag was established using "Minute Man protocols" with each State having its own counter-demon militia, somewhat independent of each other.
Under President Lincoln, Operation: Black Bag was re-organized to be a more cohesive, centralized, and independently-funded, for a more affective operation.
Operation Lore has it that the operation/project was named for the fact that Bram Stoker's Abraham Van Hellsing would use a "black bag" to carry and store his demon hunting equipment.
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P2L (Portable Potion Laboratory):
Note: Idea is based on of the world of Harry Potter.

Definition: The Portable Potion Laboratory, refer to as "P2L" is just as it sounds like. The P2L is a Portable Potion Laboratory that can be carried upon a person easily. The PPL consisted of a single room with several areas to brew up to six potions, and storage bins to store common and non-common potion ingredients.
The Portable Potion Laboratory was the invention of House Potter, some time before the rise of Camelot. Rumor has it that the P2L was created to avoid needless interruptions and to protect various potions from meddling busy-bodies.
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P2M2 (Portable Potion Master Mansion):
Note: Idea is based on of the world of Harry Potter.

Definition: The Portable Potion Master Masion, refer to as "P2M2" is just as it sounds like. The P2M2 is an expanded version of the original Portable Potion Laboratory, that had been used in many a wizard's trunks. The PPL consisted of a single room with several areas to brew up to six potions, and storage bins to store common potion ingredients.
Auror-Potion Master James Potter and his wife, Charm Mistress Lily Potter, required sometime more then the standard PPL. Together they created the P2M2.
The P2M2 is a mansion is the full sense of the word, yet through charmed-space, can fit into one's pocket, no larger then a playing card or within a cupboard under the stairs. The P2M2 includes, at a minimum, a grand Master bedroom, seven grand guest-rooms, four permenantly set seasonal gardens, seven gardens with different ecological settings, two highly-secured potion storage room, three medium-secured potion storage rooms, and four regular potion storage rooms, a full kitchen, regal dining room, four potion brewing rooms, two experimental potion brewing rooms, a holding pen for animals used in potions, a laundry room, wash room per bedroom, and restrooms per floor, as well as per bedroom.

Being filled with just about any possibly needed potion ingredient and shear amount of magic involved in its construction, only three Potter P2M2 (P3M2) were ever made. The Prototype is currently in the possession of their son, Harry, one of the production models serves as a template for construction more, although, further production models are unlikely, and the other production model was said to be a gift for a close Potter family friend(s), whom have not been identified by the Minister of Magic.
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Definition: Human who acquires abilities or talents other than the one he/ she was born with.
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Definition: Beings created by Primaries (Second Worlders) to deal with Lesser Beings on their own level.


Note: One Prime's power do not work against a Primary and nor can a Primary effect a Prime with their powers.
Note: The term prime comes from the fact that they are the derivatives of the their Primaries.
Note: Primes (as derivatives) do not have to pay the cross over fee that others beings have to in order to cross a World.
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Definition: The study, practice, or use of mental energy to perform task(s).

There are four (4) type of Psionics:
From FUDGE (Free-form, Universal, Do-it-yourself Gaming Engine) Chapter 7.31 Psionics Powers
  1. ) Psi-Senses
    • Astral Projection
    • Tele-sense (Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Locate Object, Locate Person, Sense Aura)
    • Temporal Revelation (Post-cognition, Precognition, and Psychometry)
  2. ) Psychokinesis
    • Control Animate (Healing, Levitation, Metabolism Control, and Shape-shifting)
    • Control Inanimate ( Force Shield, Photokinesis, Sonar-kinesis, Telekinesis, and Transmogrify Object)
    • Electro-kinesis ( Alter Electric Current, Control Electrical Devices, Cyber-psi, and Electric Blast)
    • Temperature Control ( Cryo-kinesis and Pyro-kinesis)
  3. ) Telepathy
    • Empathy ( Emotion Control and Emotion Sensing)
    • Mind Shield
    • Mental Communication ( Mind Reading and Thought Sending)
    • Mental Control ( Alter Memory, Persuasion, Prevent Clear, Thinking, Send Violent Energy, and Tele-hypnosis )
    • Psi-Vampirism ( Borrow Skill, Drain Psychic Reservoir, Drain Health, and Drain Energy )
  4. ) Teleportation
    • Teleport Self
    • Teleport Other
    • Teleport Object
    • Planar Travel
    • Open Dimension Portal
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Realms/Worlds of Creation:
Definition: Division of Creation (a 'Day' of Creation)

For an examples of each realm goto Level of Being List

Note: All realms are interconnected. However, it is easier to move through consecutive realm..

To move between Worlds takes a considerable amount of power, regardless of which direction.
One traveling from the Fifth World to the Sixth World is said to descend, while, one traveling from the Sixth World to the Fifth is said to ascend.

The amount of power required to descend into a lower quanta level world is a derivate function [f'(x)].

The amount of power required to ascend into a higher quanta level world is an anti-derivate function [F(x)].

Note: An estimate of a World's quanta level value can be derived by taking one over the value of the World. (i.e. An estimate of the Fifth World's quanta level value is one over five (1/5) or 0.2.).

One must travel through all adjacent Worlds and 'perform' all derivations (or anti-derivations depending on direction) for crossing over each world.
Note: One cannot go beyond the First World or past the Sixth World, since those two are only connected by the Creator.

Example: A Fifth World Demon with a Power of f(x) = (mx + b), within the Sixth World, this demon would only have a Power of f(x) = m. Where m is a value less than (mx + b). In order for this Fifth World Demon to ascend to the Fourth World, it would need to have the Power of F(x) = (1/2mx2 + bx + c), which but be greater than (mx + b).

Other Realm(s):
Earth Realm:
Definition: Part of Space/Time that the planet Earth occupies in the Multiverse, include the over-lapping planes/dimensions such as parts of the astral plane, godling plane, etc...
Definition: A section or pocket dimension of the Universe outside the usually Space-Time Continuum or has an independent time flow.
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Definition: Catch-all category of magic that involves the power of spirits, souls, and the other four elemental forces (Air, Earth, Fire, Water).
Note: Also refer to as Earth Magic, Elemental Magic, or simply as magic.
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Note: Concept of (Vampire) Slayer comes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.
Slayer Lore: "Into every generation, there is a chosen one. One girl in all the world. She alone will wield the strength and skill to stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness; To stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. She is the Slayer."
Definition: A mystic-powered human female with the strength, speed and agility to go one-on-many vampires/demons.
Only a girl that has gone through puberty can be Called, and according to Slayer Lore, a girl cannot be called after the age of 25.
Classification of Slayers
Slayer Prime
This is the girl who holds the Slayer Essence. There can only be one Slayer Prime at any given time.
Slayer Beta
This is a former Slayer Prime that lost the Slayer Essence, some how, but continues to be a Slayer.
Slayer Alpha
This is a former Slayer Beta who has learned to full harness the Slayer Magic that she opposes.
All Slayers have the following abilities (Levels May Differ from Slayer to Slayer)
Slayer Prime also have
Slayer Beta also have
Slayer Alpha also have
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Sorcerer Supreme:
Note: Concept of Sorcerer Supreme comes from Marvel Comics.
An Interpretation by The Sorcerer Supreme entitled, "What is a Sorcerer Supreme" has influenced me as well.

Definition: A Sorcerer/Sorceress Supreme is the single most powerful and skilled sorcerer in his/her dimension. Most Sorcerer/Sorceress Supremes can access their realms' magical energies giving them an almost unlimited amount of power available to them.

A Sorcerer/Sorceress Supreme is his/her Realm's Agent of Cosmic Balance. A Sorcerer/Sorceress Supreme also serves as a mystic defender of his/her Realm.

One becomes a Sorcerer/Sorceress Supreme by either being the Disciple of the previous Sorcerer/Sorceress Supreme, or by being chosen by the Entities of Cosmic Balance.

Note: As with all Mages, a Sorcerer/Sorceress Supreme's lifespan is increased, although, by a higher factor than an average Mage.
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Spell Classification:
Definition: Magical spell are classified by their complexity.
Spell Classifications:
Class 1:
A simple one-dimension spell
For example, a simple ball of light
No complexity
Class 2:
A simple one-dimension spell plus a 'stick'
For example, a simple ball of light bound to a stick, henceforth known as a light-stick
Complexity 2: There is interaction between the binding spell and the stick, the binding spell and the ball of light.
Class 3:
A light-stick plus a 'trigger-activate'
Complexity 5: There is interaction of Class 2 (2), plus interaction between 'trigger-activate' and ball of light, 'trigger-activate' and stick, and 'trigger-activate' and binding spell (3).
Class 4:
A 'trigger-activate' light-stick plus a 'trigger-dormant'
Complexity 9: There is interaction of Class 3 (5), plus interaction between 'trigger-dormant' and ball of light, 'trigger-dormant' and stick, 'trigger-dormant' and binding spell, and 'trigger-dormant' and 'trigger-activate' (4).
Class 5:
A 'on/off' light-stick plus floating spell
Complexity 14:
The point is that a class n spell is more complex than the class (n-1) spell, sometimes by a large margin.
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Level 1 Spellcard: Journeyman-Level Spellcraft
Level 2 Spellcard: Master-Level Spellcraft
Level 3 Spellcard: Adapt-Level Spellcraft

Definition: A spellcard is a piece of parchment or specially-treated material of a size of 3 by 5 inches that contains a spell(s) that is activated by a trigger-spell.
All spellcards require, at least, three spells in their construction.
  1. The first Spell is the actual desired spell for the Card.
  2. The second Spell is the Binding-Spell that seals the Actual-Spell to the Card itself.
  3. The third Spell is the Trigger-Spell that activates the Actual-Spell on the Card. The trigger can be a keyword, physical action, or time-setting.

Level One Spellcards only have the required three spells.
Level Two Spellcard has an addition Preservation-Spell, or a Guardian-Spell upon the Card itself. (No interaction between Actual-Spell and additional spell(s).)
Level Three Spellcard has multiple Actual-Spells, multiple Trigger-Spells, multiple interaction Spells upon the Actual-Spell and the Card itself, or combination there of. It is the interaction and integration of Spells that make Level 3 Spellcards so complex and powerful.
Spellcards are an easy way to have a spell on hand, and can be used by anyone able to use the trigger for the spellcard.
Note: Spellcards have a shelf-life determined solely by the amount of energy is within the Actual-Spell and the wear and tear on the card itself, ranging from properly stored spellcards of "Ball of Light" can last a decade, while a spellcard of "Dragon Slave" would only last a month without addition Preservation-Spells upping the Spellcraft to Master-Level.
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Definition: Artificial Entity Unit (AE) constructed in humanoid form and humanoid behavior with complex emotions/ feelings.
Synthoid Classifications:
Class 1:
a) Dependent on Artificial Entity Unit Mainframe (A.E.U.M.).
b) Serves as mobile unit to an Artificial Entity Unit Mainframe that is stationary and as an interface with humanoids and their environment in real-time.
Class 2:
a) Can operate separately from Master Artificial Entity Unit, having some Independent Artificial Intelligence of its own.
Note: The Synthoids Entity is probably less than the Master Artificial Entity Unit.
b) Serves as mobile unit to an Artificial Entity Unit Mainframe that stationary and as an interface with humanoids and their environment in real-time on field missions and make repairs to Master Unit.
Class 3:
Independent of any Master System of any external unit. Unit is self-autonomous.
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Temporal Science:
Definition: The study of time as a physical and variable dimension.
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True Weapon:
Definition: An enchanted object, whose maker puts their heart, blood and soul into its creation. This object is then used over a long period of time by those that make this object an extension of their bodies, by pushing their ki, magic, or spirit into it. The residue of all this ki, magic, or spirit merges into an unique spirit for the object. From this spirit, an intelligence develops. This sentient, spiritual object is a True Weapon.

After achieving sentience a spiritual bond is formed between the object and its users.
'True Weapons' cannot be used against their users.
A 'True Weapon' can possess its user to protect him/her or to train. User's with mind-magic or mind-chi ability can absorb past-users' abilities and knowledge stored within the object.
It is impossible to distinguish between the owner and the 'True Weapon' on a spiritual/soul-level.

Note: A True Weapon differs from a 'Rune Weapon' in that its intelligence didn't exist prior to the weapon's creation, whereas, a Rune Weapon has a trapped soul in it. In other words, the True Weapon's intelligence was created either by its maker's blood, sweat and tears or through intense use by Masters that put themselves into their weapons.
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Definition: (Standard) (noun) One of the maidens of Odin, represented as awful and beautiful, who presided over battle and marked out those who were to be slain, and who also ministered at the feasts of heroes in Valhalla.

Japanese Valkyrie (Senshi Civil War/noun) One of the maidens of Ranma Saotome, represented as awful and beautiful, who are Mistresses of Battle and Chi-Sorcery and defend New Nerima and its Ways from the Forces of Crystal Tokyo, and who also serve Ranma completely and faithfully in all manners.
Note: Japanese Valkyries are trained in the traditional female shinobi methodology among other methodologies, which is brutal as it usually involving rape, torture and mental/physical conditioning.
Of those that followed Ranma during the time of New Nerima, only the Valkyries never betrayed him and always supported Ranma unconditionally.

Only a handful of the hundreds of girls that are accepted for the training survive it.
Among the Japanese Valkyries, the Elite of the Valkyries, the Valkyrie of Valkyries are refer to as "Angels of Death." They are among the most powerful, most loyal and most obedient of the Valkyries in any of the Time-loops that Neo-Queen Serenity caused.
Many of these Angels of Death are former magic-girls, who were rescued from Crystal Tokyo, and given the opportunity to serve Ranma. The greatest of these was the former Sailor Pluto, Setsuna Mei'oh. Her training and conditioning was carried over in several Time-loops, and ultimately led to the breaking of the Time-loop and her defection to Ranma's side permanently.
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Well of Urd
Definition: This magical artefact, mentioned in Norse Mythology, is a collection of various people's memories/experiences, knowledge, and emotions. Unlike a Pensieve that merely stores static memories, this Well allows a person not only to review a memory, but to interact with memories and experience them first-hand. Also unlike a Pensieve, the Well is meant to be used by multiple people, ideally over multiple generations, allowing echoes of those that have used the Well to interact and assist the current user(s).
Note: Unless the user has strong mental shields in place, before use, their memories/experiences will be incorporated into the Well as well.
The Well of Urd is magical version of the Jedi Holocron, although, most Wells (there are more then one) are not as portable as a Holocron.

Note: Muggle Norse Mythology calls this the Urdarbrunnr or "Well of Urd(a)", which is said to be located beneath the root of the World (Ash) Tree Yggdrasil, where the Asgard godlings would meet. The Well was said to be guarded by the Norn Urd(a).
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White Magic:
Definition: Spells drawing their power from the power of holiness, such as godlings and spirits of Light.
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Wild Magic:
Definition: Magic, for various reasons, that is hard to control or Magical Energies that are not bound to anything else, free floating.
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World Ward:
Definition: World wards are a special set of wards that are woven directly into the very fabric of magic and the world itself. These sets of magic are among the oldest and most powerful of magic spells known. These world wards have been used for communication, defense, offense, and many other uses.
Those of Atlantean origin are over 10,000 years old, and yet are still as powerful today as in Roman or Egyptian times. The Atlantean World Wards are largely unknown, but believed to be liked to every magical races, allowing cross-species magical oaths and the enforcement of any oath.
Next oldest are the world wards of Qin Kingdom (of Ancient China), the Ancient Egyptian Kingdom, and the Asgard Kingdom. Only those of Qin and Asgard world wards remain, and were of national defensive nature. While records exist stating that the Ancient Egyptian world wards were almost if not as strong Atlantean, no trace of those world wards can be found by Greek wizards.

After those, the last of those to put up World Wards were the kingdoms of Avalon, Roman, and Mayan.
Contrary to the wishes of the current Ministries, none have true access to any of the World Wards. A few of the older Ministries can receive basic magic-usage reports within the boundaries of the old kingdoms, but nothing else.
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X-Factor(Marvel)/ Metagene(DC Comics):
Note: Concept of X-Factor comes from Marvel Comics
Note: Concept of Metagene comes from DC Comics

Definition: Additional genetic code that gives a mutant their abilities.

Theory: Leading theory on the origin of the X-Factor in human DNA is that it was inserted by the Celestial Hosts.
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