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A Hell of a Life
Summary Ranma has finally returned after having "a hell of a life," in which he's been to Hell, Heaven, and number of Universes inbetween and now, he's back.
Status Main Section: Parts 7
Side Stories:
  • "Second Chances" Working Title
  • "Way of the Warrior" Working Title
  • "Way of Silence" Working Title

Bonds of Magic
Summary Summary: Some of the definitions of bond are:
noun: a connection that fastens things together
noun: a restraint that confines or restricts freedom
noun: a connection based on kinship or marriage or common interest
noun: the property of sticking together or the joining of surfaces of different composition
verb: bring together in a common cause or emotion
verb: stick to firmly
verb: create social or emotional ties
adjective: held in slavery
As we go through life, we gather various types of bonds: bonds of blood, bonds of family, bonds of friends, bonds of duty, bonds of comradery, and many others. For muggles, these bonds are things of honor, social conscious and intelligentual concepts, but for Wizards and Witches these bonds are also have magical components and magical consequences.
Status Posted: 3 Chapters
Draft: 3 Chapters

Change, Grow, To Live
Summary Ranma has learned the Truth, now, he must change in order to grow and he must grow if he is to live....
Status Prequel: One (Complete)
Main Section: Parts 6

Fusion Tokyo
Summary A series of interconnecting crossover stories involving:
  • 'Ranma 1/2'
  • 'Sailor Moon'
  • 'Bubblegum Crisis'
  • 'Ah My Goddess'
  • 'Devil Hunter Yohko'
  • 'El-Hazard: The Magnificent World'
  • "Adventures of Zaxxon Hunter"
Status Story 1: Awakening of the Dragon Parts 3
Story 2: Legacies Parts <none>
Story 3: The Hazards of Bubblegum Parts <none>

In the Shadow of the Phoenix Moon
Status Main Section, Parts 2

A Finale, Of Sorts
Summary My take on what the final show-down with Kalas might be like (if the writing team were creative).
Status Main Section, Parts 4

Call of the Dragon
Summary Kwai Chang Caine was a half-Chinese, half-American allowed to become a Shaolin monk, his son, a Temple Master, his grandson, a Shambalha Master...
Each generation going further then the last...
Now, it is time for the great-grandson of Kwai Chang Caine, will he answer the call of the Dragon?
Status Main Section, Parts 4

Days of Future and Past
Summary If Marvel can have a Star Trek/X-Men crossover, then I can have a Babylon 5/X-Men fic...
So, here it is...
The Askani'son comes to Babylon 5...
Status Main Section, Parts 10

Summary Babylon 5 Fic...
Before you can build, you need to clear out the foundation...
Status Main Section: Chapters 2
Chapter One: Parts 5
Chapter Two: Parts 1

Can't Go Back
Summary Ranma/Fist of the North Star Crossover
To protect his family and friends from Shin, the Nanto Lone Eagle Fist Successor, Ranma became the Hokuto Shin Ken Successor...
How will this affect Ranma, the rest of his life, and everyone?
Status: Main Section: Parts 4

The Travelers
Summary Ranma/Multiple Crossover
Ranma is sent on a training trip by Happosai, but not just any training trip, but one that goes to other Worlds.
Bored and in love with him, Nabiki joins Ranma on his trip.
Status: Travelers' Return: Parts 26
Travelers' Journey: Parts 1

Senshi Civil War
Summary Ranma/Sailor Moon
What is the role that lone sentinel Sailor Pluto play at the Gates of Time and Space?
And what is the fall-out that will occur when it's revealed?
Note This is a lemon fic. To access you need to make a statement of "IAmOver18" without the quotation marks, with that capitalization, as the username and password.
Status: Chapters: 5
Harry Potter, Agent of SPEAR
Summary Harry Potter/Magic Girl Control Act (MGCA)
In 1984, the Magic Girl Control Act is passed world-wide in the Non-Wizard World.
The Durleys see this is an excellent opportunity to get rid of Harry Potter.
Thus, Harry becomes an Agent of Special Power Enforcement And Research (SPEAR).
Status: Chapters: 2
Collection of One-Shots/Scenes
Summary A collection of one-shots/scenes I've posted.
Currently, most at Harry Potter-centric.
Status: Chapters: 10

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