Under Construction Still Under Construction Under Construction
The Tower An archive of my posted fics
The Works An place to display fics that are works in progress
The Library The Library is a storage place of my definitions and other information/research material for my fics.
Idea Webpage A webpage of ideas that I have toyed with but do not have the time to write or I have not developed enough for a fic.
ZBRL Zaxxon's Beta Reader List
Other Section devoted to other authors' works...
FFML Resources
Reference Material
  • 100 Most Essential Words In Anime(by David Soler)
  • My List of Japanese Terms Used in Anime/Manga
  • Martial Arts Styles in Anime/FanFic/Manga
  • Compass Directions Associations
  • FanFic Mailing List (FFML)
  • FFML FAQ Supplement: What is C&C
  • FFML Resource Guide
  • Various Anime Character's Height
  • Sorted by Tallest to Smallest, grouped Alphabetically
  • Sorted by Character Name, alphabetically
  • Sorted by Series, grouped alphabetically

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