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Guidelines to be follow for Beta Reading for
"Zaxxon" or Shaule Sachs
<zaxxon [at]> <zaxxon [at]>

  1. FanFics that need to be beta-read or pre-read or proof-read will be sent through These emails should be easily identifiable through the subject field with the tag [zbrl].

    This is a Yahoo Group, so you need a Yahoo ID.
    Once you have a Yahoo ID, you can go to
    Post message:
    List owner:

  2. Include the original text, on a separate line write from the correction, and if not obvious like a typo (dei instead of die) please state reason. I love learning new things.

    For example:
    > This original statement was in the present tense.

    was --> is
    reason: Tense should be present tense to fit within the paragraph.

  3. Please let me know me if you will take a few to get back to me. All of times, I will be posting that part that I sent out to pre-readers as soon as I make the corrections and and additions I need to make.

  4. A glossary of terms I use and their "meanings" are available at

  5. Regarding the, if I don't receive any response from someone, I will remove that person from the list since zbrl is for comments and criticisms.
Conventions I try to use:
Words between '*' (asterick) are bold face and meant for emphasis.

Words between '//' (two forward slashes) are italic and meant to show thoughts or telepathy.

Words between '[' and ']' (braces) are author's comments, such as time stamps or comments I want you, the pre-reader, to see.

A field of '*' like '* * * * *' are scene separators while a line of equal signs and dashs (=-=-=-=-=-=) is the separator ebtween story text and message text. This is vary, although, I try not to.

I will have a comment at the end of the file, noting the end of the file. Make sure it's there.

I've try, but not always likely, to include line numbers to help identify lines. There should be little to no linewrapping.

For reference, I use vim and ispell to write my fics and webpages by 'hand.' I work full-time (40 hours a week), and have Linux at home. I use the mutt (email program: and vim (text editor: to write my fics.

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