that I have toyed with but do not have the time to write
I have not developed enough for a fic in and of themselves.

I might use these in part in my existing fics, though.
Number Series Idea
01 Ranma 1/2 Ranko Saotome, Bitch Queen of Nerima
Ranma is tired of everyone blaming him for everything and abusing him. Now, Ranma's not taking it anymore and it's payback time!
02 Ranma 1/2 The Amazons finally get what's coming to them
03 Ranma 1/2 Ranma actually finds a girl who can trust, love, honor, loyal, faithful, and understand him regardless of the "apparent" situation...
ShortYes-1 Ranma 1/2 What happened if Akane got a wish but wished wrong and Ranma disappeared and years later Akane has a son that grows up to be very similar to Ranma
04 Bubblegum Crisis Playing the Odds
What if, knowing that teenage, hormone-fill Mackie could be a liability, Sylia's selection for the Knight Sabers was in part to ensure to keep Mackie's "attention" in-house.
i.e. Priss/adventurous, Linna/experienced, Nene/passive
05 Ranma 1/2 What happened if the Ranma that came to the Tendo Dojo was a seasoned/blooded warrior, whose not impress with Akane and annoyed with her ignorance of true way of a martial artists.
Dragonbard-1 Ranma 1/2 What if Nabiki or Ranma were a descendent of one of the shapeshifter/trickster gods? Or an avatar of them? Could be Coyote, Mercury/Hermes, or Loki to name a few of the better known ones.
Dragonbard-2 Ranma 1/2 What if, in one of the fics where one or the other of Ranma's parents is a supernatural being, Ranma was 'raised' as one, and had to pretend to be a mortal (a very powerful one, but still a mortal) when he shows up at the Tendos.
06 Ranma 1/2 and Rifts What if Ranma had the power(s) of (1) Mind-Melter, (2) Psi-Stalker, or (3) Phase Powers from the Rifts World(s), and he finally manages to return "home".
07 Ranma 1/2 and Rifts/RPG/Fantasy What if Ranma had found himself on a Rifts/RPG/Fantasy world? What would he do if he found he was stuck there? Would he join the military? Would he come an officer? Become a Mage? a monk?
08 Bubblegum Crisis and Rifts/RPG/Fantasy How would the high-tech Knight Sabers deal with being within a magical/fantasy (low-tech) world?
09 Bubblegum Crisis How would the high-tech Knight Sabers members deal with one of their own has been hiding the fact that she is a magic-user.
10 Ranma 1/2 What if Genma and Soun gave their children potion(s) that were to increase a man's physical and ki strength, thus the potion(s) work (correctly) on Ranma, being a guy. But the potion(s) only work partially on the Tendo Sisters, in fact, as a side-effect, the potion(s) has sterilized the Tendo Sisters and is partially responsible for Akane's temper.
11 Ranma 1/2 What if Genma, Soun and Happosai had based their "schools" of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryuu on a single, ancient Chinese scroll and yet, not one of them knows ancient Chinese language of the scroll.
They based their schools on their understanding / interpretation of the charts and drawings on the scroll.
Now, Ranma finds this powerful scroll and he understands the ancient Chinese language of the scroll...
12 Ranma 1/2 Ranma learned early on to hide any skill/talent/interest from his father that wasn't martial arts related. Thus, "Ranma Saotome" is nothing more than a mask just like "Ranko Tendo" is to hide from his mother, Nodoka, because of the seppuku compact to be a 'man among men.'
What would the true Ranma be like?
Whom upon the Ranma 1/2 cast would suspect this?
And what would their reactions be if they found out about the real Ranma?
Dragonbard-3 Ranma 1/2 Shortly after the beginnings of the infamous training journey, Ranma does something nice for a fairy noble/god/djinn/whatever. When the being asks Ranma what he wants, Ranma says to be the best martial artist in the world. So the being causes Ranma and Genma to begin shifting from dimension to dimension, each time running across powerful/skilled martial arts teachers who see Ranma as a prized student, and Genma as something they just have to deal with. By the time Ranma has reached the age of 16, he has learned the skills of Ken and Ryu's school (Street Fighters), Terry Bogard's school (Fatal Fury) as well as dozens of others, when he finally reaches the Tendo household.
Dragonbard-4 Ranma 1/2 What if Genma's training methods were even 'worse' than canon? Such as putting Ranma through the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken and Baksai Tenketsu training as a boy (after all, don't these sound like training methods Genma would have used?). Ranma survives, barely, and is forced to levels that in canon he wouldn't achieve until late in the manga. However, Ranma must sacrifice his brashness, and ego, becoming a very powerful, focused warrior. Someone that even Akane is wary of.
Dragonbard-5 Ranma 1/2 What if all the various anime characters from the main series were reincarnations of mythological or legendary figures?
Ranma= Slepniarr (son of Loki, horse of Odin) Brahma (dual gendered Hindu god of existence)
Nabiki= Loki, Puck, Coyote, the Crone
Kasumi= Vesta, the Mother
Akane= Shiva, the Maiden
Tenchi= King Arthur, (any other great heros, or gods of light)
You would have to come up with ones for the other characters you would use.
13 Bubblegum Crisis and SilverHawks How would the cast of Bubblegum Crisis (cybernetics are bad) deal with the SilverHawks (partial metal, partial real). Two opposites views...
SilverHawks are human volunteers that have placed their human-minds into super-tech android-bodies in order to survive in space for a prolong time frame very far away from Earth as peacekeepers.

Link to V.P.Griffen's Ultimate SilverHawks Webpage
14 Robotech: Macross with Robotech II: The Sentinels What if Lisa Hayes-Hunter from the "future" (say around the end of the proposed Robotech II: The Sentinel series) was transported somehow back to the beginning of the Robotech: Macross story line.
Would Lisa
disrupt the timeline?
Would Lisa pursue Rick Hunter
How would the first Robotech War go if the crew of SDF-1 was
armed with the Robotechnological Knowledge that the Sentinels know?
Dragonbard-6 Ranma 1/2 When Ranma shows up, it is discovered that, because of a mistake in the contract Genma and Soun made, and because of a newly passed law, Ranma is married to all three Tendo sisters. Legally.
What will everyones reaction to this be?
15 Ranma 1/2 What if while under the influence of the Neko-Ken, neko-Ranma killed someone?
What if that someone was Mrs. Tendo?
What if the only one who knew was Genma?
16 Sailor Moon What if some of the Silver Millennium's most powerful objects:
     the Deep Aqua Mirror,
     the Ginzuishou,
     the Key to the Timegate (Garnet's Orb),
     the Space Sword,
     the Silence Glaive,
     the Timegate
were gifts given to to the Senshi to assist them in their duties by some Ally(-ies)...

What if that Ally(-ies) now believes that the Senshi have proven themselves unworthy of those gifts and wishes them returned?
With that Ally(-ies) gone, those objects lose their powers?
17 Ranma 1/2 Why me?
Magic in most of its forms had been the bane of Ranma's happiness.
So what if Ranma was destined to wield a vastly powerful magical artifact? Considering Ranma's past with magic, I don't think he would like that...
Too bad, too much depends on Ranma and this artifact, that doesn't come with instructions on how to go it properly.
Dragonbard-7 _Wheel of Time_ series plus multiple anime series Somehow, possibly an accident involving the Horn, another artifact of power, divine intervention, something, cause a number of heros from various anime to appear in Randland.
I figure minimum, Ranma post manga, Kenshiro, Kenshin, the Senshi and Mamoru, Parn and Deelit, the Magic Knights, possible the Slayers and Bastard characters, maybe the Silent Mobius bunch, as well as any other anime or fantasy characters you can think of. Think what the presence of these people, some of whom are equal to an army of blademasters (I'm thinking Sailor Moon, Hikaru, Saturn, and Kenshiro) going to affect destiny? Especially when the Aes Sedai realize that the magic the female mages are using isn't the One Power?
Other series that might be included are Devil Hunter Yohko, Maze, Iczer, Devil Man, A-ko, Tenchi (can't you just see the Aes Sedai trying to confiscate the 'ter'angreal or sa'angreal' they have [namely the Master Key, Devil Hunter ring, and Silver Imperium Crystal]) Or what about the sense the Aes Sedai would get from Devil Man (since Aes Sedai have some ability to sense the shadow)
Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin), Kenshiro(Fist of the North Star), and/or Ranma (Ranma 1/2) might start teaching Rand martial arts, and the mages teaching him magic.
18 Sailor Moon In Mixx Pocket Manga, Sailor Moon Volume 5, Act 19, King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo says about Sailor Pluto,
"She has the blood of the god of Time, Chronos in her veins... The beautiful solitary guardian of the gates of the underworld, she lives between one time and another."
If Sailor Pluto has the blood of Chronos in her veins as King Endymion stated above, doesn't that mean that Chronos has, at least, one offspring...
If so, might there not be other offsprings of Chronos? And if so, where are they? What are they doing?

For the record, where is Chronos now?
Since Chronos is a
member of the Greek Mythology, where are the rest of the Greek Pantheon?
19 Sailor Moon Note: Can be related to Idea #18, or not.

Since we do not know Sailor Pluto's origin. It would seem that she is a self-proclaimed guardian of Time.
What if there is/are a person or agency who is/are the legitimate Guardian(s) of Time?
What if he/she/they don't like what Sailor Pluto has done as the Senshi of Time?

20 Sailor Moon Note: Can be related to Idea #18, Idea #19, both, or not.

Suppose Fate/Destiny/Kami-sama/etc decreed that the Silver Millennium was to Fall and none of the Senshi or Negaverse where to survive.
But also suppose Sailor Pluto let slip what was going to happen to Queen Serenity. Thus giving her time to prepare a spell to send her daughter and her court into the Future.
Thus, the Senshi themselves are Temporal Anomalies...
How would Sailor Pluto as the Guardian of Time deal with this situation? And how would the Senshi themselves know they were not suppose to survive deal with this situation?

21 Sailor Moon Note: Can be related to Idea #18, Idea #19, Idea #20, all, part, or none.

Suppose Crystal Tokyo was but one of several possible Futures, but the only Future in which the Senshi could rule and supposedly re-create their beloved Silver Millennium.
Not that we have anything to say that the Silver Millennium was truly good or bad. Only that the Senshi were all Princesses of the planets of the Silver Millennium and that Queen Beryl and Metallia brought it down.
What if those other possibilities had Guardians of their own? How would the Senshi deal with person(s) who are simply doing what they themselves are doing, fighting for what they believe is the Betterment of Humanity?
What if Crystal Tokyo is not the best possibility for Humanity as a whole? But Sailor Pluto presents it as the only one or the only clear one?
What if the creation of Crystal Tokyo requires a blood sacrifice of Innocents?

22 Ranma 1/2 The Way of Ice
Suppose Ranma takes the "Soul of Ice," technique that he learned from Cologne to perform the Hiryuu Shouten Ha, to the next logical step, to become emotionless all the time.
How would all of Nerima deal with a "new" cold, emotionless Ranma?
A Ranma that could have ice powers similar to Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero...
23 Sailor Moon possible crossover with Ranma 1/2 Heart Strings
Sailor Uranus, Haruka Tenoh, acts very masculine. It seems to me, that Haruka has gone out of her way to bury her femininity.
But suppose that some guy could (un/knowingly) reach out to Haruka's femininity and cause it to blossom.
No cop out with this guy being evil!
This guy can be a "normal" person or a (former) lover from the Silver Millennium.
How would the other Senshi react to this "new" feminine Haruka/Sailor Uranus?
How would Michiru/Sailor Neptune, her lover, react?
What if Michiru/Sailor Neptune was interested in this guy too? Would she be willing to share or would she fight her lover?
Possible idea would be Ranma Saotome in order to deal with his emotions plays some soulful music (related to idea #12) and Haruka overhears this...
24 Sailor Moon with possible crossover with other anime/manga series What Is in a Names?
The Moon Kingdom and the Planets (minus Earth) were called the "Silver Millennium".
"Silver" usually denotes second <whatever>...
"Millennium" usually denotes a thousand years...
So what came before the Silver Millennium?
Did anything survive from before the Silver Millennium? And what would the Senshi and others reaction to these survivors be? Would these survivors be friends or foe? Weak or strong?
25 Ranma 1/2 Can be related to idea #22.
Suppose Ranma learns a new technique which is more than a punch/kick/move... but a difference outlook and/or expands his senses and consciousness...
Whether this is a positive thing or not...
How will everyone deal with this new Ranma?
How will Ranma deal with everyone else?
BGCrisis-1 Ranma 1/2 What if, one day, Ranma finally lost his refined control of his emotions. So, now he no longer just takes all the shit that people throw at him, but gets angry about it.
What would his anger lead to?
Would it be the end of the Ranma-World as we know it?
26 Ranma 1/2 Master, So What?
How would things change in the Ranma Universe, if Ranma challenges Happosai for the Grandmastery of the Founding School of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryuu and he won?
Grandmaster Ranma would have be as powerful as, if not more powerful than, Happosai in order to take over the school...
How would Cologne, for example, deal with a Ranma who was her equal or superior in the Arts?
How would Genma deal with what would be technically the lost of his heir to his school?
How would Grandmaster Ranma look upon the two daughter schools of the Founding School of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryuu, the Saotome and Tendo Ryuus? After all, Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo had basically created their own schools, after assumingly they failed to master the Founding school.
Besides, what styles/techniques does the Tendo Ryuu have? The Saotome Ryuu, at least, has two "unique-to-it" sets of Forbidden Techniques.
What purpose is there in having, the Founding School, the Saotome School, and the Tendo School?
27 Sailor Moon
could be crossovered with Ranma 1/2 or any other series
Sailormoon is lost in a dimensional anomaly or goes off to face the main bad girl alone...
Either way, the Senshi are left alone... things go bad for them until Endymion starts using the Golden Crystal like Serenity used the Silver Crystal... The Senshi learn that Endymion's Golden Millennium includes not only the Earth, but the fairy realm, dragon realm, animal realm, and spirit realm.
The Senshi have to tell Usagi's parents what happened.

Year(s) later, Sailormoon returns older, wiser, no longer innocent, with a face scar, and a level of martial arts of a Ranma 1/2 cast member...
Dragonbard-8 Multiple Anime Series There are a number of anime where the characters have access to a universal power (Aho in Photon, Phantom Light in Maze, Jurai Power in Tenchi) What if all these powers are somehow related, and what if somehow the greatest wielders of these powers are brought together (Tenchi, Photon, and Maze?)
Dragonbard-9 Maze, Futaba-chan Change, and Ranma 1/2 In the universe of Maze, someone who can wield Phantom Light is called n Illuminator, and someone can can use all manifestations of Phantom Light s called a Master Illuminator. Now, the only two known Master lluminators both have the ability to switch from male to female. So, what happens hen someone else shows up in the Maze world, and they 'too' can switch enders such as Futaba and Ranma?
Dragonbard-10 Various Series What if, the greatest/most famous ships in anime/manga were drawn together to protect their worlds from destruction. It would involve
SDF-1 from Robotech,
Argo from Starblazers,
and those are the only ones I really know of from earth.
28 Ranma 1/2 To everyone in the Ranma 1/2 Cast, Ranma Saotome is just a thing... to be used, abused, and misused... and everyone just accepts this including Ranma himself...

Suppose that Ranma, who everyone treats like a thing, gets his own "thing"... an actual slave who accepts being Ranma's "things". This person can be a person that Ranma saved her life, a magical djinn, and something...
How would Ranma treat this person? Especially since he knows what its like to be treated as a thing not as a person...
How would Ranma deal with this person, especially if this person is a djinn, magical bound to serve Ranma literally as a slave and has serve her master(s) faithfully for thousands of years... And if it is a djinn, she might think of Ranma as her sultan, and everyone knows that sultans are suppose to have harems...
Cyclone-1 Ranma 1/2 Rich Kids--
the story of Kodachi and Tatewaki Kunou as they actually work together in an attempt to play matchmaker for their old friends, Shutaro Mendou and Biiko Daitokuji.
29 Ranma 1/2 Turnabout is Fair Play
Everyone in Ranma 1/2 are trying, to various degrees, to make Ranma their slave, suppose Ranma turned the tables on them, instead, made them his slave?

For example: Just off the top of my head.
  • Kodachi Kuno needs someone to to take care of her, tell her what she can and can not do, and disciple her when she does something wrong.
  • Akane Tendo needs someone to help disciple her and her temper.
  • Nabiki Tendo needs someone to reign in her mercenary ways.
  • Shampoo could use some disciple and humility.
  • Ukyou could use some disciple and someone to take care of her needs.
  • Kasumi needs someone to take care of her needs and give her purpose.
Ranma could be forced into this by circumstance, or he could feel justified that he is properly punishing the guilty party.
30 Sailor Moon Basically, the World/Universe revolves around Serenity, Queen Serenity/the Silver Millennium and Neo-Queen Serenity/Crystal Tokyo. It would seem that Usagi/Serenity is the focus point of Destiny (after all, she is the title character of the show), and thus entitled to rule the World.
But suppose, all the Senshi are wrong!
Suppose, that someone else is the true focus point of Destiny.
Where would that put the Senshi and all their plans?
31 Sailor Moon Equality for All

According to the Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Handbook, only females can be Senshi/Scouts and males can be either a (male) Knight or a female Senshi/Scout, and that a Level 6 (of 6) Knight attack does 30 points of damage, which is the same as a Level 3 (of 6) Negaverse attack and the same amount of damage as a Level 2 (of 6) Senshi/Scout attack. For the record, a Level 6 (of 6) Senshi/Scout attack does 150 damage points and a Level 6 (of 6) Negaverse attack does 60 damage point.
So that's
At Level 6, Knight:Senshi::30:150 (1 to 5)
At Level 6, Knight:Negaverse::30:60 (1 to 2)

My questions are:
Yes, I know it's a girl's show, but still....
Why are Knights so weak?
Why haven't we heard of Princess Serenity's Father?
Why haven't we heard of any King, save King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo?
Why is Mamoru/Endymion bound by a geas to serve Usagi/Serenity?

SM RPG Damage Points Table
BGCrisis-2 Ranma 1/2 Tentative Title: The Mushrooms That Broke The Saotome's Back

When Ranma was under the effects of Shampoo's hypnotic mushrooms, he's was under the compulsion to hug Akane. When he did Akane tried to turn him into a pin cushion with a bow and arrows. Everything went back to "normal" after that right? Not this time.

Ranma has always dealt with Akane hitting him, but this time she actually made an attempt to outright kill him. What if this time he didn't just shrug it off, and she made absolutely no move to recognize or apologize for what she'd done? Because of this he confronts Soun and demands he do something about his daughter, and if he doesn't he'll take matters into his own hands.

Now, I [BGCrisis] can see two ways things can progress from here.
  1. Soun blows it off and does nothing. Because Ranma *always* keeps his word he does something about it, he goes to the police. He charges his psychotic "fiancee" with slander, assault, battery, assault with deadly intent, and attempted murder. After that, the police come to arrest Akane. Personally, I [BGCrisis] can't see her going quietly, so you can add resisting arrest, and quite possibly assaulting an officer of the law.
  2. Soun takes Ranma's words to heart, and for once gets off his lazy keister and does something about his daughter's violent behavior: he makes her start seeing a counselour/psychiatrist. Now, I [BGCrisis] can't see her going quietly with this either, but after trying to beat her father for trying to make her go and Ranma for putting him to it she would be forced to. And I [BGCrisis] don't see her taking the doctor's advise, she'd probably be insulted, and quite likely make a scene out of it, which could get her arrested if she starts getting really violent (like physically threatening her doctor).

What would happen after that? Well, it's kind of up to the author after that, but I [BGCrisis] can imagine how some of the crew might react.
  • Akane - She would definitely put sole blame for this whole thing on Ranma.
  • Ryouga - He'd definitely blame Ranma for this, he does for *every*thing else. I [BGCrisis] don't think Ranma would just take his behavior as nicely anymore, though.
  • Shampoo - She'd be delighted that the "Violent Kitchen Destroyer" is out of the way. But as we all know, Ranma wouldn't be happy about what she had done and forced him to do; as such he would be treating he less than kindly.
  • Soun - He definitely wouldn't be happy, but if he has any real honor at all he would accept that it was his daughter's fault, and she has to take responsibility for her actions.
  • Kasumi - She wouldn't like what happened, but I [BGCrisis] think she would accept it in her own way (especially since it would help with the harmony of the home). And being who she is, she'd eventually probably try and comfort Ranma, make him feel he'd done the right thing (which I [BGCrisis] can honestly say he did, for himself and anyone else Akane might ever get mad at).
  • Nabiki - Hopefully, Nabiki would see that after what she did, this best for Akane. If she tried killing Ranma for hugging her, imagine if he had tried to kiss her (on the cheek even!).
  • Genma - He would be bitching about the engagement being kept. But after what just happened, I [BGCrisis] don't think Ranma would put up with him; period.
  • Ranma - I [BGCrisis] can honestly say that Ranma wouldn't be to happy about what he'd had to do. After that, I [BGCrisis] don't think he'd be quite that willing to open up to anyone. Akane was the first person to offer him friendship in ages, but she turned around and called him names, insulted him, threatened him, beat him, and even tried to kill him. Anyone would be reluctant after that.
32 Ranma 1/2 I've seen a few mentions of a Saotome Charm factor as a reason why Ranma has some much girl troubles...
Suppose, that the Saotome line actually had been blessed/cursed so that no one of the opposite sex could truly resist a Saotome...
Even someone with a strong will and knew about the Charm could not resist...
What if, Ranma realize this and took advantage of it?
Or made a technique or a set of techniques out of it?

Could be serious or humorous, although, I think serious/drama would be interesting.
This idea can be related to any other idea as well.
33 Ranma 1/2 Canon-ly, what do we know of Kasumi Tendo?
The Ranma 1/2 FAQ entry on Kasumi Tendo states:
The eldest of the Tendö daughters, she takes care of the everyday household chores likes cooking and cleaning, and is a quiet and peaceful young lady.

How much of that is that real Kasumi and how much of that is what Kasumi thinking the family needs?

Also, it stands to reason, that as the Eldest of the Tendo offsprings, that originally, Kasumi should have been the Tendo School's Heir, not Akane...
So what happened? Did her mother's death affected that much?
Or did something else happen?
34 Ranma 1/2 Can be combined/related to ideas #22, 25, 29, 32, and/or 33
What if Ranma truly notices Kasumi and decides to handle the "situation" like a martial arts challenge?
I mean, that Ranma doesn't rush into anything... That he actually observes Kasumi for several days without her knowing of it... and a bit later continues to observe Kasumi but letting "slip" occasionally that he is observing her...
What would Ranma learn of Kasumi?
How would Kasumi deal with Ranma's attention?

Admenment to idea: (emphasizing idea #29)
What if because of Ranma's observations, he decides to make Kasumi his?
To this end, he secretly started helping out with the chores and meals, preparing intimate baths for Kasumi, picking out what clothes and underwear she's to wear (and hiding her other clothes so she doesn't have a choice in the matter), and helping/forcing her to resume her martial arts training?
35 Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Under New Management
Can be tied into ideas #16, 23, 24, 27, 30 and/or 31

Suppose that something happened to Sailormoon, for whatever reason, and the Ginzuishou/Silver Crystal must select a new person to fulfill the role that Sailormoon was suppose to do? Suppose that the Ginzuishou chose (male) Ranma?
Or that Sailormoon, and the rest of the Senshi, must obey a higher power chosen/represented by (male) Ranma?

How would the Senshi react to Ranma? How would a formerly all-girl group (regardless of what happened in the Silver Millennium) deal with a guy? Not only a guy, but one that's suppose to lead them? That they are suppose to protect and follow?
How would Ranma deal with an all-girl group, which he must lead?
Both have to depend on the other.
Would the Senshi seize upon Ranma's curse and insist that Ranma is in fact a girl (to maintain the all-girl idea)? How would Ranma deal with all that magic, given his history with magic?
36 Ranma 1/2 Can be used in a crossover...
Suppose Ranma had a secret life that he keeps from everyone... especially his father?
Maybe Ranma's a super-hero...
Maybe Ranma's mage...
Maybe Ranma is a member of a Time Enforcement Agency...

Whatever the secret is, Ranma must protect it so that innocent people will not be hurt.
If that's the case, what would Ranma do if
one of the fiancees,
found out?
37 Ranma 1/2 Can be used in a crossover...
Ranma (somehow) gained Cosmic Awareness...

Most of Ranma's problems are because of his ignorance and naivete. So what if Ranma knew the consequences of all his actions and he knew what going to happen before it happens?
38 Ranma 1/2 Suppose that Nodoka or Genma are blood-relatives to the Kunous?
How would Ranma, Tatewaki, and Kodachi deal with learning that they are all close relatives? First-Cousins, even...
How would everyone else deal with it? After all, it seems like insanity is inherited by each Kuno member...
Plus, Ranma should have his share in the Kuno Fortunes.

How would the fact that Ranma is related to the Kunous come up?
Maybe Tatewaki tries to use a magical sword that only a Kuno can safely touch, and Ranma can safely touch it?
Or Tatewaki researches the Saotome line for something, anything, to discredit Ranma?
39 Sailor Moon Might be related to idea #21

Suppose that Crystal Tokyo was a lie...

Either Crystal Tokyo is a trap for the unaware Senshi or a trick to corrupt the Senshi.
Sailor Pluto has either already been corrupted, replaced by an evil clone, or has been doped up/under mind-control.
40 Sailor Moon Related to idea #16
What if some or all the Senshi lost their powers?
What would happen to the Senshi?
What would about the
current enemy they were facing at the time they lost their powers?
Why did the lose their powers?
If the Senshi lost their powers, did they go to someone else? How would the reborn Silver Millennium Senshi deal with the newly-appointed Senshi?
41 Ranma 1/2 Can be used in a crossover...
What if Ranma heard Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" song and took it to heart?
We all know how Ranma does in a fight? <eg>
42 Sailor Moon (mainly) Pluto's Mother comes and bugsvisits her daughter on a "why-haven't-you-had-any-kids-yet?-I'm-not-getting-any-younger" champaign... Pluto's mother sticks around for a while to the embarrassment of her daughter and the delight of the Senshi...
Pluto's mother would also inform her daughter that her father, Chronos, Kami of Time, isn't happy with her "guiding" the Timeline to Crystal Tokyo...
(Note: It is popular fanon that Sailor Pluto manipulates the Timestream, with no support in canon for that.)

A Ranma 1/2 Add-on:
Pluto's mother in an effort to ensure grandchildren has engaged her daughter to Ranma (and took steps to ensure that Genma wouldn't weasel out of it)...
I could see Pluto knows something about Ranma and calling him "Chaos-spawn", to which Pluto's mother informs her that she, herself, and Usagi are "Chaos"-spawned too...
Plus, that Ranma is the next New-Dragon to be born...
Dragons would be very powerful, very important beings like Merlin, Confucius, the Tentei, the Fist of the North Star, etc...

An Ah! Megami-sama Add-on:
Pluto's mother could be Urd, Norn of the Past, or any other Destiny/Fate/Time-related goddess...
That the Senshi, themselves, minus Usagi, are demi-goddess.... Usagi would be an actual goddess, 3 class, limited or some such...
43 Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon (Lemon) Mamoru is killed in some battle (not sure of the time(line))...
Remembering that Princess Serenity had killed herself over that back in the Silver Millennium (which makes you wonder what would have happened had Princess Serenity didn't do that), the Senshi are rightfully worried about Usagi...
A little time later, Queen Serenity "visits" her daughter's dreams in which she instructs her on how to use the Crystal to summon a powerful warrior to her side (just as the Serenity line had done to get fathers for their children in the Past)...
After a week of wondering, Usagi feels she has nothing to lose... So she uses the Crystal as she learned in her dreams... Flash of silver light... and a buised and cut Ranma appears in torn clothes... (Ranma was in a fight with the Nerima Wrecking Crew.) Usagi attends to Ranma's injuries during which time, Ranma's clothes literally fall apart leaving him nude... Usagi is curious and examines Ranma's nude form in detail, "ending" with her performing oral sex on him...
In taking in Ranma's seed (sex magic), Usagi binds herself to Ranma and learns the highs and lows of Ranma's life...
Ranma is from a different Universe, with a lower Magic/Ki rate...
Usagi's Healing removed Ranma's Jusenkyou's curse, which is good since the higher magic rate of Usagi's world would have caused the curse to be trgigered at room temperture water and reversed with boiling water.... Ranma's Ki is tripled making him Saiyan-like...
So basically, Ranma "replaces" Endymion, only Ranma is Usagi's Lord and Master and she's zealious that others understand that... Usagi is more than willing to kill Haruka for some of her comments about Ranma.... Only Ranma was able to contain Usagi's anger...
44 Sailor Moon Canon states that Princess Serenity killed herself in her despair over her lover Prince Endymion's death and an attempt to join him in the afterlife...
Suppose, the Inner Senshi or someone/something prevents Princess Serenity from committing suicide...
What effect, if any, would the continuation of Princess Serenity's life have on the Timeline?
45 Ranma 1/2 Suppose the Neko-ken affected Ranma more profoundly then what's stated in canon...
One possible effect:
-       Maybe Ranma's mind got fragmented and Ranma's past lives were given voice in Ranma's mind...
-       Maybe Ranma subconsciously acts like a cat... In other words, subtle, quiet, mischievously, etc...
46 Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon The entire Nerima Wrecking Crew are reborn Moon Royal Guardmen with Akane (Eris of Mars) as their Captain. Also, Nabiki was a Silver Millennium War-Mage and Kasumi was a Silver Millennium Healer-Mage...
KEY PLOT POINT: Ranma is NOT from the Silver Millennium... Either:
-     Ranma is something/one new (Gaea's response to the influx of Sil.Mill. Energy)
-     Ranma is something/one from even older than the Silver Millennium...

Other plot points:
  • The Moon Royal Guard's sword-style is the Founding style of all sword-styles... and extremely powerful.
  • Captain Eris was the best swords-person in the entire Silver Millennium, only Sailor Uranus with her Senshi enhancements and Space Sword came close to her...
  • Also, relationships from the Silver Millennium start to affect the Present:
    • Akane/Eris was in love with her lieutenant, who was reborn as Tatewaki Kuno...
    • Ryouga and Nabiki were an item back in the Silver Millennium
    • Kasumi was a tomboy back then and loved then-gentle Mousse...
    • Ukyou and Kodachi Kuno were lovers like Sailors Uranus and Neptune.
  • Nerima Wrecking Crew, Nabiki, and Kasumi now have ties/loyalties to the Senshi... but Ranma doesn't...
  • That Akane and Kuno had some "justification" for their "attitude".. but they went over-board...

The idea is that Nerima Wrecking Crew get Power-Ups but Ranma doesn't...
Of course, Ranma is a major power in his own right...
He can/will point out that the Moon Kingdom is gone... That they and the Senshi are rurouni of a Past Age that's been laid to rest...
I read somewhere that "rurouni" literally means "ghost"... implying haunting of the Living and the like...
So Ranma would be a champion of the Present Age....
However, this would not be a Senshi+NWC Versus Ranma fic, since Ranma could be very important to the Senshi...
Plus, Cologne and the parents would want their children back and to be cured from their possessions...
As well as the Japanese attitude towards rurouni and ghosts would come into play as well...
47 Sailor Moon Can be used in a crossover... What if Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity wasn't actually human/oid? What if Queen/Princess Serenity were either weapon platforms given human form (a la Ifurita of El Hazard), humanoid forms of a powerful weapon, or even magical androids... and this would be carried over to Usagi...
Obvious issues that might arise:
  • Usagi can not have children the conventional way...
  • Queen/Princess Serenity have a loyalty/obendience circuit similar to what Ifurita had...
  • Who built Queen/Princess Serenity in the first and why...
  • What if Usagi was majorly damaged... could someone repair her?
  • How would the Senshi and Usagi react to the knowledge that Usagi is a technically a robot?
  • How would everyone react to meeting another Serenity-series android?
  • How would everyone react is the power that Usagi has shown with the Silver Crystal was in fact only a faction of Usagi's true power? That the Silver Crystal is only a powerless, focal point for android-Usagi's power...

What if Princess Serenity's owner(s)/creator(s) survived the Fall of the Silver Millennium... and wanted their Serenity-series Android back?
What if Princess Serenity's circuit required her to find her owner/creator?
48 Ranma 1/2 and El Hazard Suppose that Ranma ends up in Ancient El Hazard and it is Ranma that creates the Demongod Androids...
Ifurita could be Ranma's prototype and greatest creation. Who unlike the other Demongods has a copy of Ranma's memories within her database.
After creating the Demongods, there is an accident with the Eye that send Ranma back to Nerima, in the Past...
So Ifurita goes to Nerima to get her Father/Creator... Of course, everyone mistakes Ifurita for Ranma's future biological daughter... Worse, Ifurita states that Ranma gave birth to her, when makes everyone conclude that Ranma-kun got onna-Ranma pregnent...
49 Ranma 1/2 with element from Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series Can be used in a crossover...
Someone said, "from the greatest kindness comes the greatest cruelity"...
So suppose...
What if someone manages to kidnap Kasumi and turned her into Mord-Sith-type character...
And to add to things, she bound to Ranma...


Kasumi was a Mord-Sith-like character in a past live... and she remembers it all in her present live... and the Lord she served in her past live was Ranma in his past life...

50 Sailor Moon with element from Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series Can be used in a crossover...
What if someone manages to kidnap Usagi, Hotaru, and Setsuna and turns them into Mord-Sith-type characters to be used against the Senshi...

They could be bound to Ranma.... <evil grin>
51 Sailor Moon Crystal Tokyo seems to be the "Happily Ever After" after of all of Usagi/Sailor Moon's "work"...
Also, the lack of outside elements interferring...
Why doesn't the Police/Army get involved?
Why doesn't any mystic, martial artist, demonslayer, devil hunter, etc show up? (In other words, why don't the Senshi have any competition?)

So suppose that everything that does happen within Sailor Moon Universe is a fairy tale!
In other words, the Silver Millennium, Crystal Tokyo, Chibi-Usa, Time Travel, etc are all part of the fairy tale...
The fairy tale is created by Usagi who found the Ginzuishou and wished/dreaned of being a true princess of some magical, romantic kingdom...
The Senshi are either Usagi/Ginzuishou's creations or innocent girls sucked into the fairy tale...
The various Enemies are truly Usagi/Ginzuishou's creations and serve as adventure/milestones in Usagi's fairy tale.

Crossover "key" would be that outside of the Ginzuishou's range, everything in normal...
For example, if the Senshi and their enemies ended up destroying a building repeatedly, only the Senshi would see any sign of their past battle... as far as Reality and other not affected by the Ginzuishou would see a normal building with no ill-effects...
Think about the Senshi's reaction to someone being immune to the Ginzuishou's fairy tale effects...
52 Ranma 1/2 and Dragonball Z Ranma + Android #18 fic...
Alternate Universe fic...
Not sure if Kirillin exists in this Universe
Ranma's reputation comes to the attention of Dr. Gero, who added him to Android #21/Cell's matrix in addition to Androids #17 and #18 for Cell to be complete.
Either Ranma is kidnapped as the "base" for Cell, or Cell threaten Ranma's loved ones in order to get him to "join" with him. Regardless of the way, Ranma becomes a part of Cell's matrix, reducing Ranma to a pure mind/ki state within Cell. Thus, Cell gains all of Ranma's knowledge of martial arts techniques and has some access to Ranma's skills and talents...
Cell-Ranma looks like a cross between canon Prefect Cell and a Saiyan with no hair.
So Cell-Ranma easily beats the Z Senshi and Androids #17 and #18... Android #18 joins with Ranma to fight Cell from within.
Android #18's mind touches Ranma's, learning about Humanity and Ranma...
Cell-Ranma-17-18 is more powerful than SSJ2 Gohan, but thanks to Ranma+#18's figthing from within, SSJ2 Gohan can stand against Cell-Ranma-17-18, barely... SSJ2 Gohan kicks/injuries Cell-Ranma-17-18 enough that Android #18 is "released"...
Once "freed" Android #18 starts fighting Cell-Ranma-17 to the surprise of the watching Z Senshi. Even more amazing Android #18 is holding her own against Cell-Ranma-17, much better than SSJ2 Gohan was. The Z Senshi are confused when Android #18 starts demanding that Cell should release "him"... At first, the Z Senshi think that Android #18 is referring to Android #17, but she is in fact referring to Ranma...
Android #18 and Ranma, working together, are able to force Cell to create an Namek-egg, which Ranma commandeers. Cell-17 is reduce to canon Cell-17 form, while Android #18 whose to secure the Namek-egg Ranma. With the loss of Ranma, Cell-17 loses Ranma's skills and talents and is no longer a match for the Z Senshi...
During to their time together, Android #18 has fallen in love with Ranma and they have shared memories, dreams, and hopes... So with Ranma's memories, Android #18 takes the Namek-egg Ranma to Ryugenzawa to bath the Namek-egg Ranma in the Waters of Life... There, Ranma is reborn in a body made from Cell-Ranma-17-18, thus Ranma looks as if he was a Saiyan, with a Saiyan-like tail, but with a rubber tip with a needle sticking out like Cell's tail... With Ranma's ki/Will and the Waters of Life, Ranma is able to accerelate his aging from a new-born to late teenager's body.
53 Ranma 1/2 and Gold Digger Suppose Ranma hears about the Legendary Library of Time that house the knowledge of everything...
Ranma arrives just in time to be banished to the Astral Rifts with Empress Lynn by Gryphon...
There in the Astral Rifts, Ranma finds Subtracto, who tells him about his Masters/Creates the Astral Rift Nomads...
Seeing this as a chance for the ultimate Training Trip, Ranma takes up the life and style of an Astral Rift Nomad... He promises to help Empress Lynn to return to her home...
Since Empress Lynn is so fixated on Head Librian Kahn, she and Ranma should get along relatively well...
One in the Library, Ranma would have access to forgotten techniques, books on magic, and actual cures for his Jusenkyo curse...
Ranma could then get involved with the Digger Family via Empress Lynn and Head Librian Kahn...
54 Ranma 1/2 and Tenchi Muyo In the OVAs, Washuu states that one of the reasons why she prefers her child-form, is because that because of political reasons, her husband and her son were taken away from her...

Suppose, this son of Washuu (who needs a name) misses his mother and when he's old enough, decides to go looking for his mother...

Side note: Kagato could have imprisoned Washuu by tempting her with information on her son...

In time, Washuu's son hears about Ryoko (and Yosho) and heads for Earth... Unable to find Ryoko, he does find happiness and love on Earth.... He marries into his wife's Clan and they have a daughter, Nodoka...

Therefore, Ranma is Washuu's great-grandson... and such, he would have all the powers that Washuu and Ryoko have without the gems...

Side Note 2: I think it was a fanfic by Chris Angel, in which, when Washuu was bored one day, she encoded all her DNA with "Washuu was here." Using this idea, when Washuu scans Ranma, "Washuu was here" DNA code would appear... and make an interesting scene or two...
55 Ranma 1/2 "Legend of the Sorrowful Nightengale"

Can be used in a crossover...
And could be related to Ideas #12 and #23...

After being in Nerima for six months, the "legend" of the "Sorrowful Nightengale" is born...
The "Sorrowful Nightengale" is Ranma playing his flute in secret...
Playing out his sorrow, sadness, and hope for the future...
This is how Ranma deals with his life...

When Ranma first came to the Tendo Dojo, he plays only for himself and makes sure that the sound of his flute does not leave him...
Many have looked for the "Sorrowful Nightengale," but none have found him and none suspect it's actually Ranma...
What Ranma does not know that as his ki grows through the series, his music is ki-carried outside of the Dojo... No one in the house can hear him...
After being there for six months, Ranma's music can be hear for several miles away following the wind patterns and ley lines... Post-manga Ranma's music can be hear for over twenty miles away along the ley lines and wind patterns...
56 Sailor Moon Could be used in crossover...

Suppose while Queen Beryl had Endymion in her control she, either,
  • casts a spell that changes Endymion/Mamoru's genetic coding such that Endymion/Mamoru could only impregnate her and no one else
  • binds Endymion's life-force with her own
  • boobytraps the spells that brainwash Endymion so that if the spells are removed, something bad (like sterilization) happens to him
Either way, Endymion can not father Chibi-Usa...
No Chibi-Usa, No Crystal Tokyo...

What is Usagi going to do now to fulfill her dream of Crystal Tokyo?
57 Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon "Nine is Enough" (working title)

Inspired by the various Ranma(+Fiancee)'s child from the Future comes back in Time to get his/her parents together or save Ranma(+Fiancee) from some danger from the Future...

Only this time, not one, two, or even three of Ranma's Future children show up... but NINE children show up at the Tendo Dojo. All stating the obvious, that their father is Ranma...

The mother of Ranma's children?
Usagi and the Sailor Senshi!
One child per Senshi: Moon, Inner (4), and Outer (4), that total of nine.
The children's age could be grouped together or spread out. Although, it might be interesting, if all the children were born very close to each other... Meaning that they were concieved around the same time... For example, while drunk, Usagi decides to "share" Ranma with her lonely friends. To get Ranma to agree would involve a lot of alcohol-consumption... Nine months later, Ranma is a father, several times over...

And NO Ranma can only have daugthers nonsense!
Where did that come from anyway?

Of course, if Usagi is with Ranma... then something (Idea #56, maybe) has/had happened to Mamoru/Endymion...
Maybe, Mamoru wasn't meant to survive the automobile accident that killed his parents...

Addendum: Ranma and Setsuna's son is Knight Pluto, Guardian of the Gates of Time and Space, who has been spent back by his seven times removed grandfather Chronos to fix the mess that Setsuna has made of the Timelines. And Rini, Ranma and Usagi's daughter, talked him and the others into all of them going together.
Each child inherits their mother's magic and Ranma's martial arts abilities as well as being trained by him.
58 Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon The Chinese Amazons are the descendents of the the Survivors of the Fall of the Silver Millennium...

How would the Amazons react to the Senshi and Usagi/Serenity?

What if Usagi-Serenity/Senshi do not like the way that the Amazons live? And wish for them to change?

Worse, what if Usagi/Senshi want Ranma for her/themselves? Would Cologne and Shampoo stand aside and let legends take Ranma after all their "work" they have put into getting him?

What legends/myths of the Silver Millennium have survived the Fall of the Silver Millennium? After so long, the chances that the Legends/Myths have been corrupted to fit the Time period of the Amazons...
For example, maybe the Chinese Amazons think that Queen Beryl was a tyrant of a man, Queen Serenity a freedom fighter, and Prince Endymion a villian or brother to tyrant-Beryl who looked to atone for tyrant-Beryl's evil... And the Chinese Amazon's society is based on these corrupt legends... And now, those Legends are walking the World once more, but it is obvious that the only thing the legends got right were the names...
59 Ranma 1/2 The Truth and Nothing But the Truth
To get revenge on Ranma and prove once and for all that Ranam is a coward and all, Ryouga uses a magic device that cause a person only to speak the truth, and nothing but the truth...
Of course, Ryouga has no idea how to use it and it explodes, infecting everyone present has to speak the Truth...
Now, Ryouga, Ranma, and others present have to tell the truth... How will everyone react?
Ryouga would have to admit that everything is not Ranma's fault, that he is P-Chan, etc...

How about Kasumi, Nabiki, and Cologne? For example, what lies have they been keeping? Maybe, Kasumi and Nabiki are in love with Ranma, but wish to give Akane a chance... Maybe, there is a way out of the Amazon Engagement that Cologne knows of but has lied about not existing...

There would be no difference in Ranma, since he speaks the Truth most of the time...
60 Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Child of Darkness, Child of Light, and Other Assumptions
The Prophecies/Legends of the Child of Darkness and the Child of Light are as old as the Silver Millennium...

Many have their own interpretation to these Legends...

All agree that:
  • Prometheus, Last of the Titans, would father two children,
  • The Titans were a race of god-like beings who lived in the Age before the Silver Millennium,
  • Prometheus's two children would battle each other and the Victor would either bring a New Golden Age or an Age of Silence...

It was rumored that Prometheus fathered his two legendary children through Serenity of the Moon and Beryl of the Earth.
The child of Serenity of the Moon is called Princess Serenity, and is assumed to be the Child of Light and
Good, while the child of Beryl of the Earth is called Prince Ra, and he is assumed to be the Child of Darkness and Evil.
Prince Ra and Princess Serenity's power levels are the highest in the Kingdom. Princess Serenity is the stronger without the Ginzuishou than her strongest ancestor with the Ginzuishou. Prince Ra is more powerful than Queen Serenity with the Ginzuishou and all eight Senshi in Eternal-form adding their power in.
Prince Ra lead the assault on the Moon for Metallia, and Prince Ra went through the Silver Millennium defenses, defenders, and all eight Senshi in Eternal-form as if they were nothing. Queen Serenity killed herself in attempting to over-power Prince Ra. Prince Ra claimed the Ginzuishou while Metallia's forces over-ran the Moon Kingdom.
It was actually Prince Ra that used the Ginzuishou to send the Fallen to the Future... Everyone assumed it was Queen Serenity since the Ginzuishou was involved.

Events in the Modern-Day bring into question the Senshi's
understanding of the Child of Light/Darkness prophecies...
In actuality, it's not the Child of Light and
Good but the Child of Light and Chaos, and not the Child of Darkness and Evil but the Child of Darkness and Order.
In other words, Prince Serenity/Usagi is not the Child of Light and Good, but she is the Child of Darkness and Order, who is destinied to bring the Age of Silence to Earth!
And the true Child of Light and Chaos, Prince Ra?
Prince Ra was reborn as... Ranma Saotome... Too bad for the World, Ranma has no intention of fulfilling his destiny to bring a new Golden Age...
61 Ranma 1/2 Could be used in a crossover or with other ideas...

Suppose Ranma was in love with an older woman...
And this older woman has a Dark Past or even still does questionable things, like being a Yakuza Hitokiri or a corporate Ninja Master...
Ranma would have first met her when he was around 10 years old or so, while she would be around 20 years or so (There would be around 10 year difference or so between their ages).

One scenario could be that this woman's boss(es)/master(s) have/had an interesting in Genma Saotome and his Forbidden Techniques... Unable to directly get them, the boss(es)/master(s) decide to take to seduce his Heir, Ranma, to their side... only as along the way, the woman falls in love with Ranma...

Another scenario, the woman is a Yakuza Hitokiri and 10 year old Ranma stumbles upon her after a hit. According to the
Code of the Hirokiri there can't be any witnesses... So she tries to kill Ranma, but Ranma makes it too difficult to do so and still get away (being caught is also against the Code). Not wishing to leave a potential problem behind her, this woman investigates Ranma's life and observes him, learning that he has lead a life very similiar to her own... Since she couldn't save herself, she vows to prevent Ranma from becoming the cold-blooded killer that she is. Over time, the two become friends and fall in love...

Regardless of how it happens, the point is Ranma is in love with an older woman, who can deal with most of Ranma's
problems in a permanent way and has a Dark past...
How will everyone else deal with a Yakuza Hitokiri or a Corporate Ninja Master, especially one that kills and has Ranma's heart?
62 Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon As shown in the manga, Usagi is the driving force behind Crystal Tokyo... and CT is more of a happily-ever-after then anything else... A few things about CT make Setsuna/Pluto cursious about CT so she goes to CT via Timegate... She looks around and she notes the absence of the Outers in CT... She goes another 1000 years ahead and CT is gone and the Senshi are dead... She goes another 9000 years ahead and Neo-Queen Serenity is remember as a myth and liken to Beryl... While 10000 years in the Future, Pluto notes the level of spiritual/mysticial energy of the average person and the World is very high... Back tracking, Pluto discovers Ranma's Destiny...

Ranma's Destiny is the raise the Arts to new heights for all Humanity... Ranma is the new Buddha... who has gotten Enlightenment through the Arts and who shares it with others... Ranma's Destiny is "hidden" and covers 10,000+ years while Usagi's Destiny is very bright and covers only 1000 years... In other words, Usagi is a decoy to protect Ranma... Usagi is a candle that burns brightly and quickly attracting notice while Ranma is a slow/dim burn that everyone over looks..

Setsuna/Pluto realize: Humanity's fate is in Ranma's hands, not Usagi, Usagi is a pawn, Ranma is a Rook, CT is a pipe dream that goes nowhere, CT is flawed and doomed to the Silver Millennium's fate, and that the Outers don't have a place in CT

Knowing all this, Setsuna starts researching Ranma... She wonders if she should do anything or not

Haruka and Michiru discover Setsuna's research..

They are not happy at not being included in CT, and they had followed Usagi on the idea that she was the Chosen of Kami-sama, that she isn't, makes the Outers wonder what they should do..

CT will rise and fall without Ranma's involvement... By CT, Ranma is an immortal "Mysterious" Master like Master Roshi in DBZ although he doesn't show his age, he looks like he's still in his prime (mid-20s)..

Basically, over the next 10000 years only Ranma's students will survive, simply because they're stronger, better, enlightened, etc... Those that are directly trained by Ranma are his disciples, who in turn train others...

After much debating the Outers decide to "join" with Ranma and become his disciples..

The Outers also wonder if they should share their finding with Usagi and the Inners... But all Usagi's has is CT, so she won't be open to what the Outers have to say... and the Inners blindly follow Usagi... Rei seems to be USagi's high priestess... Minako spent sometime apart and has her own "advisor" so she may not follow Usagi completely blindly... she may go off on her own going back to being just Sailor V... Ami is smart enough that she may not fall of it, but it would take time..

Of course, Ranma is clueless about his Destiny..

People like Happosai and Cologne have some inkling about Ranma's Destiny, hence their interesting in him.
63 Sailor Moon Can be related to Idea #51...

As shown in the manga and anime during the Black Moon Family storyline, there are six "Crystal Points" which Crystal Tokyo is based or supported upon...

Suppose these Crystal Points define the area of the Ginzuishou's influence which has been limiting the Negaverse and the others to just Juuban and keeping other Devil Hunter or Slayers out of the Senshi's way...

Now, suppose something would happen to weaken or remove those Crystal Points...
Not only would Crystal Tokyo not be possilbe, but the Senshi would be open to realistic antagonistic responses, such as that most of the Senshi are gaijins, in fact they're rurouni gaijins...
Plus, the Senshi would have competition from the other Devil Hunters and Slayers, whose power and experience would differ from the Senshi's...
64 Ranma 1/2 What if Kiima, or someone else that fell into the Jusenkyo Spring of Almost Drown Akane, successfully replace canon-Akane... and slowly replace Akane's persona with their own...
Dragonbard-11 Fusion: The One and The Highlander (The Movies or Television Series) Basically an evil immortal discovers the secret of dimensional travel, and finds out that if he kills his 'alternate' selves, he will gain their abilities/power.

Possibly this immortal either already 'has' the Prize, or wants the power so that he can become strong enough that it is impossible for another immortal to kill him. The fact that it would basically multiply the amount of Quickening he has, would be basically a bonus.
Dragonbard-11 Slayers This is centuries after the end of Slayers Try. All of the humans from the original series are dead, with the exception of Lina, who has either become a demigoddess because of her using of both the Creation Force spell which defeated Darkstar and the Gigaslave, or her magical abilities have grown to the point of giving her a superhuman lifespan (much as Rezo's apparently did.)

Anyway, Lina has married Val (who is a much nicer person than he was as Valgaav.) Lina gets pregnant, and gives birth to their first child. Somehow, the child is not only part ancient dragon and human, but also Mazuoka. This scares everyone, because this means that the child would have the magical potential/abilities of all three races, not to mention humans ability to combine Holy and Black magic.

Well, Lina, Val, and their child go into hiding. That is, until another one of Ruby Eye's pieces shows up. A piece which the child destroys as easily as its mother would throw a fireball.

What is discovered, is that the child is the reincarnation of Darkstar, with all of the combined powers of the Flare Dragon Volfied, and the Darklord, Darkstar. The child's power is such that it is the most powerful being in the Slayers multiverse, second only to L-sama itself.
And with the child's human blood, it can combine Holy and Black magic to neutralise any magic. It could also recreate the five Weapons of Light, to create the Creation Force spell.

Where this goes from there is up to the author.
65 Ranma 1/2 and Dragonball Z Can be used with other ideas...

According to the Red Ribbon Army Story Arc in the original Dragonball, that Pirate Base (Which looks to be filled with 20th Century Technology) is hundreds of years old...

If so, that's places the original Dragonball in late 21st to 22rd Century or more time frame...

Throw in an immortal Ranma or one that ages slowly...

So, Ranma could be Kamesenin/Master Roshi's sensei...
Without constant training, Kamesenin/Jackie Chun could blow up the Moon... Now, Ranma, being Ranma, would never stop training... ^_^
Ranma would have a regeneration technique and a way to move around the Universe to learn more martial arts from other races and all...

Now imagine such a Ranma showing up to show up at the beginning of Dragonball Z (with the powerlevel of Maijin Buu).
Dragonbard-12 Fist of the North Star and Sailormoon A female HnK master, is given a magic Crystal. It is the Star Seed/Sailor Crystal for Polaris, making them not only the 'Fist' of the Northstar, but effectively making them the 'actual' Northstar.

Note from me: The actual manga, the Fist (not a real title) actually represents the Hokuto Shichisei Constellation or the Greek Constellation of Ursa Major.
It is unknown if a Sailor Senshi could represent an entire Constellation, but then you do have Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Cosmos, so I don't see a problem with that.
66 Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon
(Possible Lemon)
Setsuna/Sailor Pluto is referred to as the Senshi of Change as well as the Senshi of Time...
Setsuna's duty to guard the Timegate is a lonely and unfulfilling one...

Suppose, someone, maybe Chronos, her father, sees this and decides to do something about it...

Thus, Setsuna is shown via the Timegate (or even manga) of the Life and Time of one Ranma Saotome, another Warrior of Change... in another Timeline/Reality...

How far will Setsuna for True Love and Destiny?
Would she take up Martial Arts?
Might she leave her Timeline/Reality for Ranma's?
Or try to convince Ranma to come to her's? What powers might Setsuna have in Ranma's Timeline/Reality?
What powers might Ranma have in Setsuna's Timeline/Reality?
67 Sailor Moon Setsuna/Sailor Pluto's Duty is to guard the Timegate...

Yet, the Timegate is circumspected almost at every opportunity... and Neo-Queen Serenity and Chibi-Usa/Rini seem to break the Laws of Time Travel that Setsuna is to prevent...

It would seem to be that all of the time and energy that Setsuna spent in guarding the Timegate is/was wasted...
Might not Setsuna grow to resent that her sacrifice and all were wasted with Neo-Queen Serenity, Chibi-Usa/Rini, and others making end-runs around her and the Timegate...
68 Ranma 1/2 and La Blue Girl (and others)
(Possible Lemon)
In La Blue Girl, you have sexcraft
Sexcraft is the Art of Sex, Magic, and Martial Arts (As I understand it.) combined into one.
Imagine, if you wish, Ranma, a master of sexcraft...
Prior to his arrival in Nerima (Pre-Manga)
During his stay in Nerima (Manga)
After his stay in Nerima(Post-Manga)

How would the cast (and others) deal with such a Ranma?
69 Original RPG (to be used in an Anime Crossover) People have always wondered if we were alone in the Universe...
Now, we know...
Huge spaceships appear over each major part of the World, dropping mysterious objects. These objects cause massive destruction upon impact, and then expand into complex, mysterious constructions of unknown purpose.
Each construction is, on average, spans the size of a large modern city, and are immune to all terrestrial weapons, hand-held to nuclear. The Constructions are warm, soft, and flexible to the touch, organic in feel and texture. The Constructions are automatic, organic, nano-technology factories.

Robotic alien spaceships return once every year, landed on top of the constructions for a day, and then leave. The entire process is mechnical, no conscious thought involved by the Alien Creators of the spaceships and constructions. Earth was selected for its resources and lack of similiarities to the Alien concept of civilization.

Live continues on Earth, adjusting to the invasion, since there isn't anything anyone can do.

Finally, several years pass and no spaceships appear... after several more years, the constructions stop expanding. Breachs in the constructions' surface allows human access within. Very slowly, hundreds of years, Humanity asbords the alien technology into its own.
After several thousands years, Humanity has mastered the alien technology of the constructions, taking it in directions that the Aliens never thought of.
Humanity develops its own faster-than-light propulsion system (since they weren't needed by the construction factories). When Humanity meets the Aliens, the Aliens are surprised and change their robotic spaceship AI's to recognize lifeforms instead of similiar Alien civilizations.
Dragonbard-13 Ranma 1/2 and DC Comics In DC Comics, Hawk I and Dove II are/were human-form Lords of Chaos and Order, and part of an experiment to show that the two fundamental forces of the DC Universe could co-exist. It was implied, since Dove II was female, over Dove I (male, and Hawk I's brother), that part of the experiment would be an offspring of Hawk and Dove's...
(pre-Zero Hour/Monarch non-sense)
Suppose, Ranma was the offspring of the Hawk and Dove experient... hidden away from those like Kestrel that wish the experient to fail.
Zsych - 1 Fist of the North Star and Wheel of Times Zsynch writes: IMO the WOT world is overly womanized. Women in dominant positions an to the point that the basic order of things(at least ofor the dark/middles ages WOT runs in). Basically, everywhere women are dominant... Not neccessarily a bad thing, women prefer stability and that's sorta what you getcompared to men, more, aren't as aggressive, and don't take risks as often etc.
So even the men seem to...
Insert into this world Raoh from Fist of the North Star (FOTNS), from a world destroyed by aggression, and living in a world where ere women are definitely not dominant.
As there is the case with the Ayyad, using men is only breeding material, the Shura, in FOTNS do the opposite
So if a link were created between the worlds, or even if Raoh came alone, things could become interesting.
And assuming that the channels the body uses to conduct ki, are thae assame as those for the One Power, then Raoh would be a long idistance above Rand al'Thor in power.
So link the worlds, or just bring Raoh (not Ken, he won't change much's not the type to change much), preferably well before Rand's birth, and watch the fireworks :)
Incidentally Raoh should be able to find a way to deal with the taint ofn Saidin, or at least adapt to it, assuming he's particularly interested in channeling to begin with)...
Maybe through accelerated healing., or knowledge of some past self.
Final point Raoh's strength in the the OP might well make him immortal.
Zsych - 2 Wheel of Times and Shadow Skills Zsynch writes: Rand through some magical interference ends up with Elle of shadow skill around the time he's born. So naturally Tam doesn't get him. And he gorws up with Elle instead of or perhaps with Gau (or maybe after Gau leaves)
He returns around 16, possibly with Elle, to find out about his world and family. Journies for a time, learning the world, and then stays at the Two Rivers for a while, making friends(because the Pattern obviously intends for him to be with the other Ta'veren).
Elle could turn out to be a channeler in such a story though that's not neccessary. It would still add something to the overall story, with Elle describing the wonder of Saidar, and similarities with how it feels during battle etc. Though Elle would likely stay with Rand instead of going to the Tower.

Plus such a Rand might be more respected by people in general, from earlier on, even before people know that he's the Dragon.
Zsych - 3 Wheel of Times and Sword of Truth series Zsynch writes: Simple enough theory.

Pick up Richard, the Seeker of Truth and all around genius, possibly around the time he dies(he'll be a full wizard by then, having read all of Kolo's Journals etc... at least prophecies suggest that he's gonna do amazing things). He'll have experience with a major war also. Have him sent into Rand's body, during Rand's childhood. Naturally Kahlan will be dead. Might as well leave her that way. She's too far superior to the Randland clowns. Then he could grow up(already having his skills, if not his magic(depends on the author). He wouldn't really know that he's the Dragon Reborn, though his mind might be better able to handle Lews Therin and more easily absorb him. Of course, even as a child, with his sword skill etc, he'll be super-hero material, especially from the village's POV. Then the whole trek across the world. Preferably not making Rand's blunders, and acting like an idiot.. gaining respect that a leader should have... Finding Randlanders to be under-evolved Neanderthals... Coping with the love of Min, Elayne etc, being forced on him by the pattern... Maybe saving Logain...etc.
On the whole, having an intelligent person fall into Randland could be very interesting. Incidentally Egwene seems to me to be equivalent to Nadine, in the lack of honor sector. Complete wannabe.
70 Sailor Moon and Stargate SG-1 The Stargate has nine chevrons... Six to establish a three-dimensional point, and one to establish a point of origin of the vector.
Chevron Eight has been used to access intergalatical Gates...
Chevron Nine's function is unknown, although, probably linked to Time

The full name for the Timegate is Gate of Time and Space...
Suppose, that the Timegate was a prototype Stargate... one that could successfully transfer Time and did not require an terminal gate...

How would SG-1 and SGC deal with a Sailor Pluto coming through their Stargate? Or Sailor Pluto deal with SG-1 coming out of the Timegate?

What if Sailor Moon is a manga series in the SG's Universe, with Major Samantha "Sam" Carter as a SM fan... and Sailor Pluto walks out of the Stargate.
Zsych - 4 Ranma 1/2 and Peter Pan Zsynch writes:
Ranma has in all his life, been fighting for honor, fighting to reach a goal, and then in Nerima, forced to be a man among men or suffer the consequences. Not often has he had the chance to be a child. Yet perhaps that child lives within him. Perhaps it wishes a place where it can live free... like Neverland.

Ranma does not act as a grown up because he has never been a child. Thus to grow up and find his path, he must first find that part of him that is missing:

Enter the story... Through use of some magical artifact, Ranma ends up in the Cavern Whereever, where all lost things go... to find his lost childhood, and perhaps from there he will get to meet Peter Pan and Wendy, and join the lost boys in their adventures... on a path where he can find peace, and then grow up(possibly after a few centuries :) ) into the man that he was meant to be.

... Ranma could also enter Neverland, after Peter has left to grow up, and take Peter's place among the lost boys, fighting Captain Hook, and becoming friends with Tinkerbell... and maybe some day he could go and bring Peter back(when he's older).

Basically, it should be a nice/light story, and that's all i have to say here.
71 Ranma 1/2 and Harry Potter/RPG (Yes, I've gotten caught up in the Harry Potter mania, a bit)

Strange occurances happens around Nodoka and her son, Ranma. Thus to protect Ranma and to teach him the Art to protect himself, Genma takes him on an extended training trip (canon's ten year trip). During which, Ranma excounters various beings of Oriental Mythology/Legend, whom secretly and no so secretly add to Ranma's training and education.
From the tengu, martial arts and trickery
From the kappa, setting bones and medicineA
from the dragons, ki techniques and chi magic

With a more arcanic knowledge and social interaction, how would such a Ranma grow up?
72 Ranma 1/2 and Harry Potter (Can be used with Idea 71)
Genma/Ranma's training trip takes them to London, England, in time to save young Harry Potter from an attack of Death-eaters upon himself and the Dursleys.
Using either the element of surprise, high-level martial arts, or the Forbidden Techniques, Genma is able to kill/eliminate the threat of the Death-eaters, securing Harry's safety and Ranma's respect for his father.
Ranma takes Harry under his wing and assumes the role of Harry's older brother, guardian, and sensei.

Some Story-Points:
  • Seem Genma has regained Ranma's respect and such, he should be very reluctant to loss it again, even trying to make sure nothing from his past comes to disrupt the new present.
  • In training Harry, Ranma should improve his own social skills and skills in the Arts.
  • Magic should be more prevelant in this fic
  • Ranma would be protect of Harry, not allowing the chaos that his own life has to hurt/injury him. Say, Ranma might allow Akane to hit him, he would defend Harry from her.
  • Harry, being a gaijin, wouldn't go over well with the traditionalists, Nodoka, Kasumi, the Kunos, etc.
  • Ranma should have a magical potential, and possibly with a Destiny, apart or with Harry's.
73 Harry Potter What if Lily Potter wasn't a muggleborn witch, but a goddess-possing-as-mortal to be with her lover, James Potter?
Thus, Harry is a demigod, or more...
Who comes into his heritage upon his thirteenth birthday... and whom only his mother can guide him...

How will Harry and others deal with the
return of Lily Potter? Especially the Dursleys, who are first to discover the truth when Lily comes to take her son back?
74 Harry Potter What if Harry was actually, the Merlin of Avalon and King Arthur's Court?
Some story points:
  • Harry has a swiss-cheese memory from whatever sends him back in time so he isn't influenced too heavily by History.
  • Harry goes back without his wand
  • harry learns pre-authurian magic
  • Harry is given a name like Myrddin or such that's "changed" over a bit of time into Merlin...
  • Harry, knowing of other places from the Future, travels all over the world learning the magic of other places and making friends/enemines international... Even exploring the non-human magics and worlds as well
    Spends several centuries or more doing this
  • Harry returns to Britian in time to see the Fall of the High King Uther Pendragon, and the chaos that insues.
    Harry raises and trains the young Authur Pendragon to stablize his homeland.
  • Harry creates Excalibur as a magical artifact to unite Britain and protect Arthur
  • Not until towards the Fall of Camelot does Harry realize that he's actually Merlin of Avalon/Legend.

How will Harry's friends and Hogwarts Staff deal with a Harry who is Merlin, the Greatest Wizard of All Time?
75 Harry Potter Harry, Ron and Hermione start to study the Dark Arts, Harry and Hermione to counter Voldemort's magic, but Ron finds he has a "talent" for it.
Ron finds power, fame, and fortune in the Dark Arts, and is seduced by it, unknown to Harry and Hermione.
Upon discovery, Harry and Ron battle it out, during which Hermione is killed. Although, Harry overpowers Ron, it is Ron's "version" of events that are believed, since Harry is in shock at Ron's betrayal and Hermione's death.
Harry is sent to Azkaban Fortress for using Dark Magic to kill Hermione and to prevent him from joining Voldemort's forces.
Several years go by during which Harry in Azkaban prison learns to Astral Project himself, as he does when Voldemort is anger and other places, allowing him to escape (temporarialy) the Dementors affects on him and to learn more magic, both from Voldemort and those that battle him.
In time, the truth is exposed, and Harry is freed.
Harry confronts Voldemort, and kills him.
Hurt and no longer having a reason to remain, Harry leaves the Wizard World for good.
In the muggle world, Harry starts a new life and, in time, a family of his own. Being a wizard, his children are wizards/witches as well. And are invited to Hogswarts to learn magic.
Ron, meanwhile, goes on to become the next Dark Lord.
During a family-outing at Hogsmeade, (parents are invited to spend time with their children), Dark Lord Ron attacks with Dementors and his followers. Harry and his wife use powerful ancient magic (of their love) to destory the Dementors and defeat Dark Lord Ron. A side-effect of the magic is that Harry's wife can now do magic like a witch.
76 Harry Potter and Sword of Truth Harry Potter isn't normal by even Wizard standard... For Harry, is a War Wizard, a group of ancient Magic-User who are One with Magic, using both sides of it.
77 Harry Potter What if Lily Evans/Potter is a Time Witch (female Time Wizard)
At the age of 12, she has visions of the Past and Future, as if she was there
At the age of 15 or so, she can actual travel and interact with other time frames

She uses this ability to learn of her future... that she marries James, give birth to Harry, dies protecting him and Harry is raises (poorly) by her sister (all of which shocks the young Lily)
She is not all-knowing: she thinking at first Sirus does betray them, as everyone else... (only later learns the truth)

Lily has been manipulation her timeline (and others, indirectly) as to give her son the best future she can

It through this ability that she comes to learn the true James Potter, not the mask he shows to everyone, even Sirus (although, Sirus sees a half-mask)... and that brings them together....
Lily, of course, as Harry's mother, passes this trait to Harry, making him a Time Wizard... Since he's a boy, his powers develop slower (females develop faster then males)...
78 Harry Potter (Possible Lemon)One of the witches at Hogwarts practices sexcraft/sex-magic, both because it's pleasurable and to increase her magical power(s)
(Possibly, a Slytherin Girl)

Harry learns of this... and figures out/is told that if he has sex (bonds) with X number of girls, he will have the raw power to destroy Voldemort, once and for all.
78 Harry Potter Alternate Universe
What if the Sorting Hat could NOT sort Harry into one of the Hogwarts Houses?
And such occurance was forsaw by them, so they set up some way for them to appear and decide matters themselves.

What they decide is...

First year, Harry would be in Gryffindor House, second year, in Ravenclaw House, third year, in Hufflepuff House, and fourth year in Slytherin House, each year, guided and trained by the House's Founder.

How would the staff and student body deal with one (or more) of the Legendary Founders there for an entire year... And having a student move from House to House each year?
79 Harry Potter and (elements of) _Sword of Truth_ Series Warning: Adult, Darkish Idea

What if the Mord-Sith-type of Dark Witches existed in the Harry Potter Universe?

Mord-Sith would be a sisterhood of dark witches (witches-only), who exist in secret and specialize in information gathering and assassinations.

Possible Organization: "Mother" is the leader of the Mord-Sith, "Big (Older) Sisters" are the leuitenents, and regular members are "(Younger) Sisters". Members are either born into the Sisterhood or kidnapped as children. Training is in keeping with the SoT books. Mord-Sith can control a Wizard through their own magic. Wizards are kidnapped by the Sisterhood, either to be used as tools/weapons, or for "pets/boy-toys/sex slaves".

A "Big Sister" takes an interest into Harry Potter, post-GoF/OotP, and wanting/takes him for her own. Harry is trained in magic, sex, and physically conditioned to be pleasuing to his Mistress. Harry wears only a collar (physical and emotional control) and a cockring (sexual and emotional control), so he's tanned practically all over as well as as very physically fit.

After Harry has been missing for six weeks or so, Voldemort starts to think that Grindelwald is still around and has Harry. After three months, Voldemort, himself, begins to search for Harry.

School starts without Harry, whose still missing. From Voldemort's attacks and statements, it's obvious that he doesn't know where Harry is either. One or two female staff member, as well as the new DADA teachers are part of the Sisterhood, but may not know of Harry's predicatement.

Slowly Harry learns to out-mordsith his Mistress, as well as learning all he can from them, in order to escape.

It will take a long time (nine months, a year, or more) for Harry to overcome/to dominate his Mistress, to make her his slave (turnabout)... and is confronted by the other "Big Sisters" and "Mother".
In the confrontation, he either slayes them all or manages to dominate them as well, possible even bonding them to him (Lord Rahl scenario) and unknowningly bonds Mother as his slave, which causes all the Sisterhood to be bonded to him. Immedidately after this confrontation, he escapes to Hogwarts, by apparation/teleport.
Harry's apparation/teleport to Hogswart either drops him in the Great Hall or the Hospital Wing, either way, he is still completley nude, collared, and cockringed (which forces him to have a permanent erection. He is a boy-toy and sets the "mood"). If it's the Great Hall, Harry won't be lacking female companionship, since he has been "dressed" and "conditioned" to be pleasing to females.

Key points:
  • Harry will now have an unconscious distrust and suscipion of anything female being Evil and wishing to control and/or hurt him.
  • Madam Poppy Pomfrey, the Hogwarts Nurse, is unfamiliar with "treating" rape victims, since such does not occur very often at Hogwarts. Growing up, Poppy heard tales of this "Sisterhood." Also as a female, Harry will subconscious distrust her.
  • Sisterhood, using potions, used the forms of various female classmates and instructors in their methods of breaking Harry.
  • Voldemort has no knowledge of the Sisterhood.
  • Voldemort believes that Harry/the Potters have a link to Grindelwald, which is in part, why he chose the Potters over the Longbottoms.
  • Optional: Being bonded to Harry, the Sisterhood is now compelled to obey him and protect him. Some of the "newer" recruits, see this as an opputunity to improve the Sisterhood into something more positive.
80 Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Tied into Idea #28
One (or more) of the Sailor Senshi is kidnapped to another world, there she (they) are enslaved (purpose various: pleasure, domestic, battle, etc).
She (they) will be there for some time. Time enough to go 'native'

Enter: Ranma, Dimensional Traveler/Plainwalker.
Ranma is banished to this world as well.

Either way...

Ranma wins/buys the slave Senshi(s), and she (they) are bound to serve him by her (their) very Sailor Crystal(s).
Ranma and the slave Senshi(s) are together for some time before returning home...

How will the Nermian Wrecking Crew and "adults" react to Ranma having a magic-girl(s) for a wife/s|servant(s)?
How will the other (free) Senshi react to their fellow Senshi(s) being enslaved and freely servicing Ranma? Especially, if the enslaved Senshi is Sailor Moon/Usagi?
81 Harry Potter Tied into Idea #79

At Hogwarts (or elsewhere), there are witches who believe that in similiar concepts to the Amazons of Legends, that only those that defeat them may take them.
Those only strong(er) males will breed with strong Amazons, or strong slaves, since they are
taken, which for an Amazon is a great lost of honor and standing.

What if one such Warrior-Witch saw Harry as a possible mate for her to take or as a threat that he might wish to take her.

I envision such a Warrior-Witch would be sorted in Slytherin... or maybe Gryffindor.
82 Harry Potter and He-Man What if Harry Potter was actually the biological son of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn of Eternia?

Evil-Lyn knowing that Skeletor is actual the lost Prince Keldor, knows that her son could be used by both sides for their respective
gains, decides to send her son back to her homeworld, Earth.
Here, Evil-Lyn was NOT Evelyn Power, but Evelyn Potter, a dark witch of Magical Britain. Possibly even a Dark Queen who was banished, unknowningly, to Eternia.
83 Harry Potter and Anime Addventure thread "MGCA" MGCA stands for "Magic Girl Control Act".
The premise of which is that the American learned of Hitler's interest in atomics and the occult, giving birth to the Manhattan Project and the Merlin Project.
In "this world," the Merlin Project was "ready" to go first, and used "mage-bombs," which release massive amounts of magic destroying everything within a five-mile radius.

After the war, Magic is the new cold-war weapon race, much as nuclear power is/was in our world, and has it's reputation as well. Limits into magical research are made and ignored, again, much like nuclear research.

A side-effect of the release of magic from mage-bombs (and testing) results in a boom of magic girls (and magic boys) and furries. Usually those born just after and near the mage-bomb target/testing sites. Another effect is that more girls are born then boys, almost a 100 girls to 1 boy.

Some villians decided to "discredit" the magic-girls with publicity about the damage the magic girl (fights) cause, and end up succeeding beyond their expectations.

In 1984, two groups of evil magic girls' fight caused such an uproar that the Japanese Government was forced to create the Magic Girl Control Act, declaring "the legal status all girls changed by magic to be property", subject to control devices and the (Japanese) Government.

And I was thinking, how would this affect the Wizard World in Harry Potter?

Voldemort's first raise would coincided with the magic rise in mainstream muggle life, much like Nuclear energy did. Not only would the Wizard World have to deal with Voldemort, but a muggle world that has learned of magic on its own, and using it as weapons. Plus, there is a huge influx of basically muggle-born witches out there, many of whom are under the control of the Government and their "owners". Magic is seen by muggles as a weapon and something/someone to control.

Muggle-borns and muggles would have darker view of magic... Especially of Witches having grown up with the MGCA around. Could even the muggle-raised/muggle-born wizards even respect any witch, knowing legally she is property and subjected to government regulations?

Would the Wizard World try to "fight" this?

Knowning or not, they would be out-numbered by magic girl armies of the muggle governments/private sectors. Not to mention the hidden "magic boys" (that learned from the "mistakes" of the magic girls) working to hide or adapt to the situation.

I can't see Witches like McGonngel standing for it, but I can't see them being able to do anything but being enslaved as well. For that matter, the Wizard World wouldn't be able to hide for long, as muggle-magic being cold-war oriented would focus on locating the hidden and "protecting" from other magics.

Would Hermione Granger try to escape to the Wizard World to remain free or might a Wizard purchase her to "blend" in?

I'm sure the Durleys would try to get rid of Harry to the Government via the MGCA, so might Harry be trained to be a magic girl handler/gatekeeper/tamer?

How would the Death Eater fare against an Army of Magic Girls, and agents of magic boys wanting to keep things "quiet?"

Also, with the increase of girl to boy ratio, most of Harry's classmates, before his year and after, will be female. If Hogwarts has 300 students, with a ratio of 100 girls to 1 boy, it could be that of the Hogwarts population, there are only three wizards (one of whom is Harry), with the rest being witches.
84 Naruto The Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, after waking from her coma finds a way to travel back in time when Naruto is a young child to take care of him and give him a better life.
85 Star Trek/Fantasy An "actual" Elf finds himself in the Star Trek Universe, and decides to pass himself off as a Vulcan.


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