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Eternal Lost Lurker

If you have any questions or comments regarding this document, or would like the latest updated version, please E-mail any of the addresses above.

In particular, please report any sites or series that you think should be added, or any sites in the guide that are not working. If you would like your own site added, please give a title and a short description of what's on your site in addition to the URL.

This guide can be found at the following websites:

The FFML FAQ can be found at the following websites: (HTML) (Text)


Currently there is no official FFML archive. The following sites are provided unofficially by subscribers.

Holds a month's worth of posts to the FFML. A single gzipped file holds all the posts for any given day.

This moderated newsgroup serves as a place for the posting of anime or manga related fan work, including stories, parodies, scripts, poems, song lyrics, and original artwork. Welcoming information on the group is posted monthly to it, and is available on the web at

Post to rec.arts.anime.creative as you would any other Usenet group. If you do not know how to do this, consult your internet provider. If your provider does not facilitate posting to Usenet groups, then you may instead E-mail your submissions to

Only actual fan works may be posted to RAAC - any discussion regarding such works should be posted to rec.arts.anime.fandom or elsewhere. Note also that RAAC is for finished works (or sections thereof), not drafts that you are expecting to revise based on reader comments.

All fan works posted to RAAC are (eventually) archived at

There are also several mirror sites, including the following:

Any inquiries, comments or suggestions regarding RAAC should be sent to group coordinator Brian Edmonds at <>.

Comment Patrol
A group currently comprised of seven authors. If you post a fic to FFML and receive no response within 24 hours, E-mail them using the links on the page and they will review your fic.

Fanfic Synopses Lists
Collects weekly authors' synopses of fics posted to FFML. A valuable resource to help readers sort through the large volume of fics posted each week. The lists will be periodically posted to FFML along with instructions on how to submit your own synopses. For more info E-mail <>.

Fanfic Synopses List Maintainers
Sean Connor,
Florencio B. de la Merced, Jr., Michael Chen,
Switch of the Zu Crew,

Meets every Sunday afternoon on IRC, server channel #fanfic. For more information, visit <>.

FFML Fun Critiques: Home & Misc. Reviews
Various critiques that are just as fun as reading the fanfic itself.

FFML Map Shows where in the world some of the people on the FFML live. Useful if you would like to get together with fellow fanfiction enthusiasts in your area, or in an area you will be visiting.

FFML Unofficial Home Page
Offers an HTML archive of recent posts; also maintains an automated database of the email addresses for authors of most of the recently posted fanfics, and HTML versions of the FFML FAQ and this document.

The Spam List
An auxiliary mailing list (not officially associated with the FFML) for discussion of topics that fall outside the normal discussion of the FFML, not including flames. This would include character debates, chatter, etc., that have been banned on the FFML by the moderators. It is maintained by Thomas C Kinnen - <> or <>.
To subscribe, send email to:

<> -or- <> with the following in the body:

subscribe anime

Sorted alphabetically by series. Only a few basic pages are listed for each of them; these pages generally contain links to more specialized pages, such as sites devoted to a particular character, that are not listed here.

The Relief Goddess Office

Payndz's Bubblegum Crisis Pages

Raven's Garage: The Technology of BGC

The Gundam Project

Inuyasha - Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi

Key the Metal Idol

Legend of the Galactic Heroes WWW Info Center

The Macross Compendium

Shinseiki Evangelion

Nightfall's Ninja Scroll

Promotion of Really Interesting but Seldom seen Manga Series

The goal of this site is to provide the download link for the latest text-version of the Ultimate Manga Guide, to provide a home for the html-ized and enriched version of the manga guide and a home for the supplement to the Webguide containing extensive booksynopses.

Henry Cobb's Project A-ko Page Fanfics, links and a Project A-ko mailing list.

The West of Tokyo Club's Ranma 1/2 FAQ
Detailed information on the series.

The Ranma 1/2 Universe Lots of info and links.

The Ranma 1/2 Project Translations of the series.

Record of Lodoss War Homepage

The Utena Encyclopedia

Kenshin's Rurouni Resource Center

Maigo-chan's Ruroken Translations

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Slayers Universe 4.1

Trevor's Tenchi Page


Vampire Miyu Home Page

The Escaflowne Compendium

Sach's HTML table of various anime characters' physical attributes (height, eye/hair color, etc)

Literal Translation Project Homepage Synopses of Vampire Princess Miyu TV, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gunbuster, Plastic Little, Fairy Princess Reine, La Fillette Revolutionaire UTENA

The OTHER Anime Review One of many anime critic sites on the web. Also contain Ben's short-fics.

Not specifically anime-related, the site has a large amount of general information on fanfic writing.

Anime Companion Supplement

Basic Terms of Shinto

Cha No Yu (Japanese Tea Ceremony)

The Japan File

Japanese School System Information (2)

Sailor Suits Contains a uniform photo gallery, articles on daily school life and other relavent links.

Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School Contains information on how to enroll, school curriculum, maps and events.

Names for Japanese A guide to understanding Japanese names.

Stanford Guide to Japanese Information Resources

Tokyo Food Page

The White Path Temple: A Virtual Shin Buddhist Temple

These pages contain large collections of links to fanfiction and/or animanga pages. If you have an appropriate site of your own, you will probably want to get it added; consult each specific link site for information on how to do this.

A Long Strange Website: The FFML Authors Encyclopedia:
The Official FFML Hall of Fame and Writer's Workshop website.

Anime Web Turnpike

Asagiri Kendai's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction Site

Fan Fiction on the Net

Links to Webpages of FFML Members

Ranma 1/2 Superhighway
An ever-growing link listing of Ranma 1/2 fanfics and fanfic sites.

Rui's Anime Fan Fiction Link List From Hell

Unofficial FFML Web Ring

These are fanfiction pages that have been submitted by FFML members. They are sorted alphabetically by author. Any descriptions given here have been supplied by the submitters, and do NOT necessarily reflect the opinions of the FAQ maintainers.

Ajax' Site It contains first of all my fanfics, and also anime and manga reviews.

Ammadeau's Fanfiction
Home to No Need for Ranma!, Neon Knight Sabers, Will You Be My Fiance?, and several other crossovers / alternate histories by Ammadeau.

Lucres Annuiteas A place where I archive all the fanfiction written by me. It's mostly Ranma 1/2 now, but other series are bound to show up.

The Anime Fan Works A complete archive of all the stories posted to RAAC.

Asoyogure (3)
Webmaster of Asayogure's Definitive Ranma 1/2 Page.

Friendly Ringmaster of the Elite Ranma 1/2 Gold Ring Site I am the Ring Master for the Elite Ranma 1/2 Gold ring, gaining membership is not an easy thing and you should be quite proud if you make it in.

Author of the "Ranma Gets A Clue" series: Fanfiction wherein Ranma suddenly has a brain. Fall in love with Ranma all over again as you watch Ranma struggle with his toughest battle yet, love."

Christopher "God-Boy" Angel's Fanfic Page
Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo!, Sailor Moon, Oh My Goddess!, Neon Genesis Evangelion and other Fanfiction

Rob Barba's Sites (2)
The California Cat Cafe Online:
The home of The Tales of Shampoo series

A Long Strange Webpage

Lara's Fanfics Fanfiction by Lara Bartram

Aldrich Bautista's Site
The Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive

Mizuno Productions Richard Beaubien's Page.

Barry's Anime Sites (2) Comprising fanfiction by Ed Becerra, Jussi Nickander, Richard Douglas Drysdale, David Row and myself, many links...

The Unofficial Revenges End page Episode 6 of Revenges End, lots of datafiles.

Jed M. Bidwell's Site
The home of my Anime/Manga fanfics. Also, I'd like to host the works of others. If you'd like to see your fic on my site, send it over! Just make sure it's Anime/Manga related. =)

Bombadil Goh's Sites (2)
Bombadil's DQR Site
Dark Queen's Reign - A lemon that is plot driven!

The Other GSMIT site The Great Sailor Moon Insanity Thread
GSMIT is a group self-insert in the style of GRIT, only instead of ranma 1/2, it utilizes elements of Sailor Moon S & Power Rangers...

Donny Cheng Mostly Ranma stories and crossovers.

Lawrence Chu

Sparky Clarkson's Site
Heaven's Gate Heaven's Gate is a website devoted to fanfiction based on Neon Genesis Evangelion. It has an archive of Sparky Clarkson's fanfiction (best known are "Ascent of the Fallen" and "Project: Proteus") and a small archive of works by other authors. Sparky has also assembled an extensive list of links to websites containing Evangelion fanfiction and given them general ratings.

Chess Combites' Page Main project Dogs of the Saotome
A Crossover fusion with Ranma 1/2, Hakkenden, and the Wheel of Time. Also contains Tournament of Fear - Ranma 1/2, X, Batman the Animated Series. Lost Time - Ranma 1/2, X, Dai Un Do Kai OAV, Bastard Next - Bastard X Slayers.

Steven Cornett's Site A page containing fanfic I have done over the past year, including the Seven Samurai of Anime and my controversial SM fic, "Last Tour Before the Last Battle". An MST page is also included.

Daemon Fics Demonsword's personal fanfic site with some old classics and several newer works.

Dagmar-chan's Page Crystal Castle Fanfiction is home to fanfiction and fanart by the Crystal Castle Crew and several guest writers. Most of the fanworks are Ranma 1/2 related, although there is a variety of crossovers and other anime fics as well.

Peter "Petes-kun" Detenbeck's Sites (2) RPML-2025 The homepage for the original/x-over series of RPML-2025, includes the series and it's side stories, pics and profiles of the cast, small info on the writers, and any misc' artwork we can't fit anywhere else ^_^

Petes-kun's Fanfic Vault A small page of other fics (mostly one shots, jokefics and spamfics) by Peter "Petes-kun" Detenbeck.

Disruptor's Homepage A place where most of my fanfics are stored.

Jade Dixon's Site
Jade-chan's Cubby-Hole
It currently holds my Ranma 1/2- Final Fantasy III crossover fanfic and will contain any other fanfiction I might write as I write it.

Doug's Page
An anime archive and I am willing to host any work on my pages.

Dave Eddy's Fanfiction Page

Duc The Truong's Site
D's Writing Corner
The main attraction is a story page, featuring my fantasy work, several anime fan fiction works (most notably a finished _Street Fighter_ piece) and some general fiction, too.

Arthur Edwards' Sites (5)
The official site for Mark Ferrer's 'A Different Brand of Mousse': (Cap Sensative)

The FSP Special Development Triad homepage The final(?) repository of ideas my two friends and I come up with. Currently home to one complete fanfic and the skeletons of several more.

The Mikado Ichiban Supplement Yes, a Ranma-universe fic with rare mention of the pigtailed wonder. This is the supplement detailing the darker side of this world. Aside from a link to the actual repository of episodes, this site is home to the timeline and even a fictional Ani-Mayhem expansion set.

Unconventional Warfare (Ani-Mayhem dream cards):

Shermie-chan Theme Pack site:

Kyle Emmerson's Page aka
TydRipper's Fanfiction Emporium

Larry F. (3)
The main site is Larry F's Home Page:

Fan Fiction page:
synopsis: this page has fan fiction links and anime fan fiction by Christina Walters, D. B. Sommer, Larry F and Pia Ulloa.

Anime page:
list of hosted authors is:

Fabian's Site
Welcome to the Rhialto
I have a 'Ranma Dictionary' giving the kanji names for most major items. Website is currently being redesigned.

Freemage's Site Includes my fanfiction as well as two other stories I am "hosting" (Threads and Missy Foxglove). Also includes links to the Univ. of Chicago's Japanese Animation Society and their newsletter, an excellent piece of work.

Stiffany Flores' Page
Ranma Fanfiction by Stiffanie! My fanfics and links to the best works I've read: my personal tribute to the best anime couple of all time, Ranma and Akane!

Sean Gaffney's Fanfics A little bit of everything, including R 1/2, AMG, UY, DP, SM...

Kita Gekijou's Page
Sailor Moon: The Missing Truth A funny fanfic rewrite of the entire Sailor Moon series by Kita Gekijou!

Adrian Gemini's Page
Jimmx169 It currently holds a page of links, my sisters and mine own fanfiction, an idea's page, and a series of brief teasers on many of the RAAC archives stories.

June Geraci's Page
KaraOhki's Pagoda
Home of my Ranma 1/2 Fanfic library, and just a few non-Ranma fics.

Louis-Philippe Giroux's Page
Phoenix's Picture and Fanfiction Gallery.

Josh Green's Anime Fanfiction Site
Hosting my humorous (and sometimes just plain silly) creative works.

Alex Grey's Site
Alex's Fanfic Archive This frame-based archive website is dedicated to a number of fanfics that take extreme liberities with the worlds of Bubblegum Crisis, Silent Mobius and Evangelion. The majority of the fics available are long running series but a few one-shots are available.

Raymond Haney's page
Ray's Room O' Junk Raymond Haney's fanfics (Hidden Talents series, plus a few others)

Kevin D. Hammel's Fan Fiction Pages, Currently Ranma, but with a twist.. Mostly Crossovers (even between two fanfiction stories) and Alternate Histories. There are some follow-ups to other author's works as well.

Ronny Hedin's page
Ronny's Fanfics
Fanfiction by Ronny Hedin.

Andrew Huang's Anime Fanfic Pages Collection of anime fanfics, links to other fanfic sites, and my own stories.

Eric James' Page
Azhrael's Domain
The site is and archive of links to various fanfiction site, sorted by story title and author, and a listing of other archive and resource sites.

SKJAM!'s Fanfic Page Scott K. Jamison's fan fiction is stored here...

Jerry's Site
My page has Ranma's stories ideas, from crossovers to fusions; mostly featuring Ranma's female form.

Erik Jessup My fanfic (Ranma and the Defender of the Light) is archived here. I also have links to the homepages of some other Ranma fanfics.

Chris Jones' Webpage

Jusenkyo Guide's Homepage
'Fic's, Link's, Misc. I think, it's Jusenkyo.

Jim Kahle, the Player To Be Named Later O&O of the Quick & Dirty Fanfic Links site at A list of most of the writers' webpages on the list, in alphabetical order with both real names (if available) and FFML handles.

Kimagure Productions Kimagure Orange College and Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Ranma Fanfictions, articles about how we made doujinshi (fan-manga), samples of our doujinshi artwork, a review of KOR, an article on the making of BSSR, and various anime links.

Thomas C. Kinnen's USA Anime Archive

Gary Kleppe's Manga Fanfiction Page Fanfics from the serious to the silly; almost all Ranma 1/2.

Mike Koos' Page
Studio Mako-chan

Kus Kus' Page
Kus Kus' Fanfiqs Archive! Taking submissions of all fanfiction genres to be mirrored on this site. Includes customized author index pages. Also houses Kus Kus' Fanfics: Never Forgotten (Escaflowne), Back in the Day (Blue Seed).

Lady Cailin's Site
Ranma 1/2 Romance A site dedicated to the would be couples of Ranma 1/2. Fanfictions located in subsection: Fanfictions by Lady Cailin

Lady Ice's Page:
This site contains all of my fanfiction, info on my Japanese drama mailing list, and lots and lots of links.

Douglas Larke's Site
The Onnama Saotome Hibiki Homepage A series by Douglas Larke.

Jim Lazar's Anime Fanfiction

Nightelf's Elysium Nick Leifker's fanfiction site.

LeeKing Works Anime Fanfiction
We have lots of different types of fanfics, from funny fusions to ridiculous gagfests and even depressing oneshots. We may not be the best writers in the world, but we hope we can still entertain you.... So why no come in to take a look? Home site of the fanfic series, Tales of Macross City, Neon Ranma Evangelion, Not So Fatal Fury and Into The Shadows.

Liz MUN's Site
The Lost Gallery: A site full of Images, Sounds, Fanfics and others-stuffs dedicated to Ranma 1/2's Eternally Lost Boy: Ryouga Hibiki.. Oh.. and there's some other Ranma Characters here too. O_~

LunaHNeko's Page's

-M- Productions Anime Fan Fiction
RpM's fanfic page, housing works from himself, Nigel M. and others. Includes resource links and fan art as well as fiction.

Angus Macspon's Sites (2)

Philip C. Mak's Sites (3)
AAAnime Net Ranma 1/2 - General information, fanfiction resources, videos, manga, CDs, videogames, links, online shopping.

Philip Mak's Ranma and Ukyou Webpage
A shrine dedicated to the Ranma and Ukyou pairing. Has a large collection of fanfics showing the two getting together.

Philip Mak's Ranma and Shampoo Webpage
A shrine dedicated to the Ranma and Shampoo pairing. Has a large collection of fanfics showing the two getting together.

M.A. MacKinnon's page
The Shadow Chronicles M.A. MacKinnon's fanfic page, containing all of his stories: mainly Ranma stories for now.

MadamHydra's Lair
Home of Madamhydra's fanfics such as Ranma 1/2: Tiger Claw, Final Fantasy VII: Conflicts of Interest, and Rurouni Kenshin: That Which Lingers. Also contains "The Darker Side of Duo Maxwell" which houses a collection of Gundam Wing fics.

MC B.I.L.E. Productions Will eventually contain fanfics, massive amounts of anime links and a good number of ones for tech and just plain odd things.

Jason L. McClaskey's Site
RyoSoft HomePage Home to RyoSoft, creators of fanfics, poetry, graphics, and QBasic programming. Featured are several major projects in QB, and several story lines, some of which were seen on the FFML. Contains archives for most of my fanfics/poetry, and programs.

Lord Joseph McKenzie's Sites (8)
The R&C Books International Fan Fiction Company
One of the most comprehensive fan fiction archives for writers of the FFML.

Psychedelic Software The place where writers become programmers and turn their works into games!

Chi-Ohki's Carrot Beer Reviews UNDER CONSTRUCTION, to be opened soon!
Chi-Ohki, the master cabbit of Fan Fiction archiving has decided to take out his tack hammer of good fan fiction and do some reviewing!

The Fan Fiction Mailing List II FFML2, when problems arise on the FFML, there's always some place incase to recover from the fire.

The Anime Fan Fiction Ring The Biggest Anime Fan Fiction webring on the internet, 528 sites and growing!

The International House of Fan Fiction Ring Where fanfiction sites join to have breakfast, at the IHOFF.

R&C Books Fan Fiction E-mail Free e-mail accounts for fan fiction writers! 3 megs storage space, and ICQ e-mail notification.

The Fan Fiction Archive Network A free banner exchange network for Fan Arts sites!

Miashara's Site
Thats where I have all my stuff.

Bert Miller's Website Ranma 1/2 original flavor, the Much Ado series and the two "Yet" stories.

Morpheus the Shaper
The majority of them are Ranma Fanfiction while the rest are original fiction. Of the Ranma fics, all have a heavy Ranma-Akane bias, and most are ongoing series. Only a few of them have been released to the FFML so far, so this is the only source for them currently.

The Nikholas F. Toledo Zu Homepage

The New Luna and Artemis Central Command

Michael Noakes' page A collection of my writings, fanfiction (Choices, etc.) and otherwise.

Kiwi Noriega's page
The Anything Goes Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Page Kiwi Noriega and sister's fanfic site. It contains a lot of WAFF fics and a few cross-overs of other series with Ranma.

Andrew Norris' Site

Brenden O'Donnoll's Fanfic Site Mostly Ranma and crossovers. The fics include-Time of Changes (Ranma/Gargoyles), Surreal Genius(Ranma alterverse), 3 and a Half Eyes(Ranma/3x3 eyes), and a few others.

Pat Olsen's Site Home of "A Different Viewpoint"

Jon Osborne's
This is a small page with only my fics on it. Mostly Ranma with a couple Tenchi Muyo and OMG fics as well.

P-R-P-Chan's Sites
The Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction Archive

PakMan's Fanfic Page

Joseph Palmer's Homepage
Romantic Ranma Fanficts, "Seasons" "Colors" and a few others.

Stephen Pardue's Page,
My personal Ranma and Evangelion fics:
"The Death of Love", "Scream!" and "Misato's Christmas Party"

Brian Payne's Site
Sofaspud's Couch
Anime news and fanfiction archive - submissions welcome!

Krista Perry's Home Page Krista's fanfiction, with some pictures and links.

SBM's Anime fan-fiction archive
Fan fiction written by Andrew Petalik and a couple of friends. No particular series or genre preferred.

Phil's Sites (3) Vincent Seifert has kindly created a webpage to host most of my fics. Yoshiro_san has kindly created a webpage to host my Ranma/Slayers spamfic series, Mother.
David Pascal has kindly placed my sole SMJ fanfic on his page.

Pippin Took's Page
I have a collection of fanfiction and drawings for my favorite anime titles... Sailormoon, Ranma 1/2, Please Save My Earth and El Hazard. Warning... Most of my fanfiction are lemons, so take heed.

Quicksilver's Labyrinth Contains Quicksilver's entire works; Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, Ranma, Escaflowne, plus non-anime fan fiction.

Douglas A. Reeves
Tempest - Fanfiction Archive and Revenge Wars
Ranma and Bubblegum Crisis fanfiction by Douglas A. Reeves (formerly known as Stormwalker). Also includes his revengefic and Revenge Wars pieces, plus a small archive of Nicholas "Nightelf" Leifker's writings.

Sebastien RENON's Page There is my long delayed X/DBZ crossover fanfic: "Power isn't all", and my slowly advancing Eva one: "Healer".

D. F. Roeder's Site
There's No Hot Water? Imagine That... The anime-manga fanfiction website of D.F. Roeder, concentrating on Ranma 1/2, Aa! Megami-sama, and Tenchi Muyo! Most of the works are crossovers with Ranma 1/2, with some stand-alone Ranma and Tenchi fics. There are both humorous and dramatic fanfictions, with the occasional dash of citrus.

Sachs' Fanfic Website (2)
Ranma fanfics and crossover stories. An HTML table of various anime characters' physical attributes (height, eye/hair color, etc)...

Sakura's Lemon Fan-Fiction Archive

Ace Sanchez' Site
Just my main page indexing my anime fanfiction, mostly Ranma 1/2 and Pokemon.

The Great American Outback Fiction Page
Fanfiction by G.L. Sandborn (AKA 'Uncle Fester')

Thomas Schmidt's Fanfiction

Bob Schroek
My miscellanea page, which is entire fanfiction at this point. In addition to being the top page for my rather large BGC pseudo-insert fic Drunkard's Walk II, it also has my few short fics for Ranma, BGC, and Dirty Pair.

The Scriviner's Vault The numerous stories by the Scriviner (few of them finished)...

Vincent Seifert's Site
The Taming of the Horse Taming, Centaur and other stories by Vince Seifert.

Toshiro Seiji's Sites (2)
Sailor Moon-An Alternate Moon homepage Contains Character Discriptions and Story Archives for the fanfic series by Toshiro Seiji.

Mousse's Flip Side Contains the stories for Mousse's Flip Side by Toshiro Seiji.

Karsten's Favorite Fanfics
Archives of and links to Karsten Sethre's favorite fanfics, with descriptions.

Talia Shimae's page
Auntie Aqua's Library A site for Slayers fanfiction where my stories are posted and other stories are welcomed to be archived.

Shinji's Vault of Anime MSTings

Shunsuke's Sites (3)
Shunsuke's Anime Page

Josei Ni: A Resource And Guide To Homosexuality, Bisexuality, And Transgenderism In Anime

Shunsuke's Monthly Anime Themes
A monthly collection of recommended anime to watch, fanfics to read, pictures to see, and links to explore for each monthly theme

Silphion Mana Shintiyo
You can see I'm heavily into Role-playing. It's not MY website... more like Silphion's (the character I roleplay), but it's good.

Andy Skuse's Fanfics (BubbleGum Cross & Others)

Star Ranger HQ Home of my Fanfiction Series "Tales of the Wanderer" and links to other SM related sites.

Art Steiger's Page - Fanfiction and Fan Art. The Anime Hideaway.

Studio YOGIPIGS (2)
The World of Studio YOGIPIGS:
Studio YOGIPIGS' central website

Sailor Moon AX:
Home of the Sailor Moon AX series

Suds-kun's Fanfics Ranma Fanfics, slightly dark with a dash of real life situations

Tannim Umoren
Ranchan & Co. Crossing Bridges
A Ranma crossover/fusion fanfiction site. Holds stories that range from Ranma as the next Mega-Playboy/girl to Akane and Nabiki being marionettes with maiden chips. Submissions welcome!

TimeRunner Chaos Industrie Fanfics and Other Stuff

E. L. Toh's Page
The Toad-Stone
Archive for my own (predominantly EVA) fanfiction as well as EVA fanfic links and mini-shrines for my personal favourite anime babes: Ayanami Rei, Kuonji Ukyou, Shayla Shayla etc.

TrboTurtle's Site
Home of BubbleGum Crucible fanfic series, Several Battletech stories, and Several Sailor Moon stories (most connected to the Sailor Moon Expanded Project in one form or another)

Yoiko's Fanfic Page Fanfiction by Cindy Toler

Trom's Site There is only fanfiction on my webpage, mine that is.

Tannim Umoren's Site
Ranchan & Co. Crossing Bridges
Hosting fanfiction that features crossovers or fusions of anything with Takahashi Rumiko's Ranma Nibbunnoichi. Taking submissions at all times.

Urusei Yatsura: The Senior Year

Vegeta-sama's Palace
Fanfic and fan art.

Dot's Fiction Corner (mirror) Dot Warner's site. Mostly Dragon Ball-based fan fiction, but also houses other series, fan art of all kinds, and lots of silliness.

Halfway There Anime Links Warr's collection of anime related links, many of which are FFML related. Added to on an irregular basis.

WebDragon's Fanfic Lair Ranma fanfics of various genres

The Official Homepage of Jeffrey "Oneshot" Wong

Zen's Fanfiction Page Page where can be found Zen's Fanfics, and a few links (but no sausage)

Zushi's Sites (2)
Devil Hunter Yohko Nocturne Saga
Continuing Saga of Yohko, Azusa, Azusa-ni, Ayako and Chikako.
Wonderful World of Zushi
Image galleries of Battle Athletes, Evangelion, Rayearth, Slayers, Utena and Video Girl Ai.

Lyn Daniel's Artwork Original drawings of characters from Ranma and other series.

Xeth's page About 300-350 Megs of pictures, mostly anime related.

There are polls set up for readers to vote on their favorite stories. Only fics posted to RAAC are eligible. At present the only awards are for Ranma 1/2 fics.

Monthly Voting The monthly and annual awards for Ranma 1/2 fanfiction for continuing series, mini-series, and oneshot stories.

The Annual Chicken Ball Awards
The best, worst and weirdest of anime fanfiction.

Book of Five Rings

The Church of All Worlds Homepage:

Anime Marriage Prospects



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