Wheel of Time Series summary

by Shaule Sachs

     The Wheel of Time series is a collection of books that so far only seven books have been written by the author Robert Jordan. The books so far are:

  1. the Eye of the World,
  2. the Great Hunt,
  3. the Dragon Reborn,
  4. the Shadow Rising,
  5. the Fires of Heaven,
  6. Lord of Chaos,
  7. A Crown of Swords,
  8. Path of Daggers, and
  9. (forthcoming)Winter's Heart.

     "Fantasy adventure in the grand tradition -
The Dark One was convinced that his age-old enemy has been reborn as a villager named Rand al'Thor, and he meant to destory the young man - or seduce him away from the Light. But as Rand took up the battle against the Shadow, he was not alone. There were Aes Sedai -- women who could channel the One Power -- determine to thwarting the Dark, as well as Rand's own life-long friends who, as it turned out, had their own strands of the Pattern to weave ..."

-- Science Fiction Book Club advertizement

     The series is about a world exists in a closed universe that has circular time. There are seven Ages to the Wheel of Time. The series begins with Eye of the World which takes place about 3,000 years after the Ending of the Second Age (Age of Legends), which was ended by the Breaking of the World. Within the Wheel of Time series the the Magic-Users are called Aes Sedai, which in the Language of the Age of Legends (the Old Tongue) means 'Servants of All'. The second Age ended by the War of the Shadow in which the Forces of Light led by the Dragon (Lews Therin Telamon) with the Hundred Companions (male Aes Sedai) against the Forces of Darkness led by the Dark One (Shai'tan) with the Forsaken (thirteen of the most powerful Aes Sedai who defected to the Dark) with their Shadowspawn (Trollocs, Fades, and other nasty). The War of the Shadow was ended with the Hundred Companions and the Dragon re-sealing the Dark One back into his Creator-made prison with the Forsaken trapped in the Seals. As a counterstroke the Dark One taints the male half of Magic-Users source (Saidin) which causes any male who touchs it to go Mad. The Madness of the taint caused the the male Aes Sedai to break the World in which civilation as they know it was destroyed. About thousand years after the last mad, male Aes Sedai had died civilization was again threatened by Shadowspawn in the Trolloc Wars which was ended by Artur Hawkwing, who defected the Trollocs by uniting the various spinter nations of the world into a single Empire under him. The surviving female Aes Sedai (only type now that men who use Saidin go mad) have gathered in Tar Valon in the White Tower. Autur's Empire did not survive his death which caused the Hundred Year War to be fought over the piece of his Empire. The current time of the books is about a thousand years after the Hundred Years War. Things have settle down a bit from the Hundred Years War, with most people believing that Shadowspawn are just myths to frighten children.

Summaries of the Books follow ...
Book Title

  1. Eye of the World Complete
  2. Great Hunt
  3. Dragon Reborn
  4. Shadow Rising
  5. Fires of Heaven
  6. Lord of Chaos
  7. A Crown of Swords
  8. Path of Daggers
  9. Winter's Night

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